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  1. Well, the only thing that I expect about the eventual tracklist is FINALLY some good Ray of Light track, at least two or three, since 2018 was its 20th birthday and, considered her best work, it's one of the less performed (except the title track of course)
  2. Evita promotion: Testino's shoot outtake ... ... and two beautiful rare set pics
  3. Yeah, that's what I meant @Liam, I'm sure something's happening soon (in a month or two), not necessarily on friday
  4. I see, thank you @Enrico. I'm also sure something's gonna happen, no doubt about it. Last week she wrote "coming soon" under a Beautiful game fanmade artwork, presented 50 seconds of the song at the Met Ball (quite useless otherwise) and shot a new video. So it's definitely happening. Just, if the album is scheduled for the end of summer/early autumn, she could more likely release the new song around the half of June, for example, to avoid such a long period between the two things. Unless she is thinking of a summer release wich will be an absolute innovation in her career (not excluded). Anyway I hope for a cohesive, contemporary and experimental work and I'm extremely curious about the announced fado inspiration and the political issues I'm sure she is going to touch this time. In this sense, starting with the new track, I feel like a continuity with the RH attitude.
  5. Do you really believe the new song is coming out on friday just for the rumours or is there anything new I didn't heard about?
  6. @RotzheimbergI don't know honestly. I just read it on a fan group on Fb, copied and pasted it. They talked about an app, but other posts talked about the 28th. I usually don't give much credit to these rumours, I share and read them mostly for fun. I mean, now or next month for me it's the same. The point is the time's arrived and all my wishes are for some elegance, contemporaneity and research. Here is the post anyway
  7. RUMOUR REPORT (quite probably fake): According to the app "Genius" Beautiful Game will be launched next Friday May 25, 2018 on digital platforms. Sorry guys, I don't know why I can't see the Instagram links @groovyguy is posting since yesterday. What does the "fake but exciting" one was about? (and is there anything I can do to solve the problem?) Thanx
  8. I also think she won't repeat RH mistakes this time, if she says "soon" (and not just hashtagging it: "That I never Learned.............Coming Soon!" seems a proper announcement), I think we can also expect a late spring/early summer single and a late summer album release (wasn't Mirways's Music released at the end of september?) I have to say I'm not that excited at the possibility the album could be called Magic, I'd prefer Beautiful Game instead. Especially intended with bitter irony, as clear from the few lines heard at the Met Ball, I find it very fascinating. Said that: I'M MADLY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Very dramatic and theatrical
  10. Yesterday in NY with her friend jerrod blandino
  11. YEAAAH, NOTHING CAN STOP FRANK, right? Thank you mate, this is an incredible news !!!
  12. Two more good pics ...
  13. Is there any feeling about these early 50 seconds of her possible next single "Beautiful Game"? Of course it's really a small thing to comment, but it's a hint anyway, an evocation of it in the meanwhile. I liked the way the lyrics were taking I have to say, wich I felt connected to the women issue, as the very dark mood of the production, even if I think it could quite probably evolve (the melody at the moment is almost reduced to one single line repeated eight times: it's got to grow ... and very dramatically I hope)