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  1. Well, it was just about her look honestly, her style. Maybe my mistake was to use the word "expose" wich can easily be connected with boobs or body showing (sorry, english is not my primary language so I can be wrong about the undertone of words sometimes). Anyway to clarify my point, I think that the third set of the MDNA tour was strong and on point about both, meaning and style, in representing a mature, classy woman's sensuality. About the difference between Sex and Justify My Love @brazilfan, for me Sex was just much more explicit, but -you know- they were very different times and, yeah, it fucking DID have a meaning then ... still my favourite era! Oh I just saw the Hayworth, Davis and the Vogue video examples you added and they fit very well my idea, of course in a more contemporary way ... I mean, c'me on, who's more unapologetic than Mrs Bette Davis?!
  2. I'm not a fan of gratuitous boobs exposure actually... but I'm a strange dude, when gratuitous I feel it desperate at any age
  3. Yeah @Liam, but I don't think that being mature and glamourus would hide her sex appeal at all, it's just a different way to expose her beauty and temper.
  4. About looks, my dream is to see her clearly 60, a mature and glamourus lady, with contemporary sounding solid and strong songs. I hope for EVOLUTION this time.
  5. Madonna's 'Ray of Light' at 20: Her Collaborators Look Back on the Electronic Pop Milestone
  6. thanx @baymad4her
  7. Could anybody just describe the differences between Arioso version 1 and 2, indicating the respective running times please?
  8. I thought the same: I WANNA HEAR SOMETHING NEEEWWWW!!!
  9. what's up? where is she going? I like her look for once, by the way
  10. ... oh my, something's got to happen guys! I don't remember such a boring time in M career, honestly. At least we had a pair of unreleased leaks a year, till the 2014 megashit!t

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    2. stefo


      Absoutely, I neither heard the 2014 leaks until the official release came out... it took me 3 days to hear them all. But she should really release something in any way while she's working on her album, I mean till november like this?

    3. stormbringer


      the leaks ruined Rebel Heart

    4. Liam


      I don't really find it "boring".  It's only been three years since Rebel Heart.  We've waited longer for new music.  That said, I believe she's in the studio doing more than we think.  She's already hinted she's been in the studio, but everything has been vague. I thought that's what most fans wanted, while she was creating this new record?  Personally, I don't care if she shouts out to the world, every time she walks into the studio.  Yet, at the same time, it would be nice that in a few months, all of a sudden we get news she's finished with her album and soon to release it.  For me, I enjoy the downtime.  I enjoy her more personal postings (family, tit shots, Skin care adverts, and showing awareness of current issues).  In time, we're going to be engulfed with her music wise and excited to be seeing her on the road again.  Meanwhile, I have 35 years of Madonna music to enjoy until the new is released.  And honestly, she's not getting any younger.  Her career is winding down whether we want it to or not.  I don't want to rush it along because before we know it, it will all become history.

  11. please, a darker layout now
  12. From the Oh Father video
  13. Honestly at this point these twins posts are soooo boring
  14. I just wanna thank you @Fighter and whoever worked on this brand new version... need to study now