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  6. Signing up for every madonna forum finding out which is the best one.


  7. New Madonna Material 

    I have created a discord channel for rare madonna music, requests and outtakes
    please could you share:




    Thank you for everything !

  8. cant believe this site is shutting down :( Are you on facebook?

  9. Let´s make another forum or group in facebook!

  10. Does anyone know about another forum to we can move? This can not be the end!


  11. I am going to miss this forum even though it had it's low points. I thought we would be able to discuss everything until the end of this era. It's sad that we couldn't talk about the upcoming tour. Well I guess it had to end this way. Thank You. :Madonna030:

  12. I'm going to miss this forum 😭

    i've been part of this forum for about 2 years now and i am pretty sad that this forum is closing. I've learned so much and met so many awesome people here. 😞❤️

    Thanks @Fighter for making this forum possible and for creating a huge family here. 

    My time here was incredibly awesome, some positive and negative energy, love and hate, but so much support and love from other fellow members. ❤️

  13. The forum will be deleted because some persons are talking shit? ooh dear, shame, shame... 

  14. Going to really miss this forum. Hope to see many of you elsewhere. big hugs to all .. and especially to Fighter

  15. Where's everyone moving?

  16. This is my twitter in case anyone finds this, follow me on there if you wanna keep in touch 


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    2. DavidLaw


      I'm truly sad about this, i litterally second what Dru110 said. This board was THE one and only Madonna site.
      I'm kinda crying for this decision.. Hope someone, if not you, will rebuild this big family.

      Thanks for everything you (and the saff) gave us in these years. Really THANK YOU!

    3. milotjuh


      Very sad to see, indeed. I never checked any other M forums, so this will be missed. Hope to see people... elsewhere?

    4. dav_fer


      This makes me very, very sad. I know I wasn't a very excited fan during the first days of this era, but I'm still a fan, and I loved this site so much. I feel a void now... Remembering the great time I had here during the RH days. It's so sad that it had to end. Wishing the best for you!

  17. Fighter

    I don't wanna make a big statement, but I want to thank all the users that have contributed to this forum in the least 5 years. The first 3 were a wonderful experience and I know that having this forum was a joy for me. Unfortunately things began to change at one point and the least year has been very toxic, but what our good users have done here is incredible and something that I could've never expected when this forum started, your help, contributions and friendship were something that I'll always appreciate, even our past users who no longer visit or post as often. I wanna thank the moderators and our other admin meeshell because they have done SO MUCH WORK that you guys don't even imagine, they have put so much effort to continue with this site and I'm sorry that I couldn't do it any longer. This ending would've happened way sooner without them. Thank you so much for everything. Now matter if it sucks to have to move on, I will miss the good times we had. Love Fighter xxxx
  18. cherry

  19. The Artful Dodger

    I love the fact Madonna performed American Life. This song fits the current zeitgeist perfectly! We should appreciate the message Madonna is trying to convey instead of focusing on her dancing skills.
  20. o_g_c_x

    Some comments are disgusting
  21. ScottyX

    She looks like she is in great shape. I thought her legs looked amazing. Why is it that people expect Madonna to always do back flips and contort? When she isnt sweating her arse off some of y'all are not satisfied. What she presents in a performance is more than plenty for any of us to be happy with. Grow up.
  22. The Same Parts

    Well I, for one, salute the heroes, nay, saints, whom without any shred of information about her health and the recommendations of her doctors dare to speak truth to power and tell her to lose weight and work out more.
  23. Rupert76

    I partly agree with you. I am sorry, even though I am aware that by saying this it will generate a swarm of hostile comments and I will be even more disliked. Limited movements due to normal age-related degeneration are absolutely normal, you can't go against the laws of nature ... And it is also right and sacrosanct not to give up the pleasures of life forever, like food ... But fuck, after 4 years away from the scene, in which she could enjoy life eating whatever she wanted, she could do at least a bit of healthy diet to get back in shape before returning to the stage with the next tour.... Another small note: someone please tell her that with those braids she used on several performances (not on this, thank God) and interviews, she looks like a silly idiot child, and that eye patch at every performance starts to be a bit annoying too ... Instead, a complete change of look , as it could be if he chose to wear a dark wig, would be really appreciated.
  24. Illuminati

    God Control is sooo good live. I'm obsessed with it. Vogue was meh, there wasn't dancing.
  25. ScottyX

    Call her up. Go for coffee. Say these things to her face. I dare anyone lol
  26. o_g_c_x

    She was flawless
  27. o_g_c_x

    It's a total shame some of the comments and members here...
  28. robder

    Glad she nailed it - looks like a great performance. However - these aren't "live" vocals. It's an overdub (necessary for frenetic dancing - but still).
  29. Eyzonme

    Kinda hard peripherally wearing an eye patch too. As for bending knee issues, she is not wearing sensible footwear to be going all crazy. I disagree the last time she moved well was MDNA. I was blown away in RH tour with her mobility.
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