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    I don't wanna make a big statement, but I want to thank all the users that have contributed to this forum in the least 5 years. The first 3 were a wonderful experience and I know that having this forum was a joy for me. Unfortunately things began to change at one point and the least year has been very toxic, but what our good users have done here is incredible and something that I could've never expected when this forum started, your help, contributions and friendship were something that I'll always appreciate, even our past users who no longer visit or post as often. I wanna thank the moderators and our other admin meeshell because they have done SO MUCH WORK that you guys don't even imagine, they have put so much effort to continue with this site and I'm sorry that I couldn't do it any longer. This ending would've happened way sooner without them. Thank you so much for everything. Now matter if it sucks to have to move on, I will miss the good times we had. Love Fighter xxxx
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