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  1. This is my twitter in case anyone finds this, follow me on there if you wanna keep in touch 


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    2. DavidLaw


      I'm truly sad about this, i litterally second what Dru110 said. This board was THE one and only Madonna site.
      I'm kinda crying for this decision.. Hope someone, if not you, will rebuild this big family.

      Thanks for everything you (and the saff) gave us in these years. Really THANK YOU!

    3. milotjuh


      Very sad to see, indeed. I never checked any other M forums, so this will be missed. Hope to see people... elsewhere?

    4. dav_fer


      This makes me very, very sad. I know I wasn't a very excited fan during the first days of this era, but I'm still a fan, and I loved this site so much. I feel a void now... Remembering the great time I had here during the RH days. It's so sad that it had to end. Wishing the best for you!

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