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  1. This is my twitter in case anyone finds this, follow me on there if you wanna keep in touch 


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    2. DavidLaw


      I'm truly sad about this, i litterally second what Dru110 said. This board was THE one and only Madonna site.
      I'm kinda crying for this decision.. Hope someone, if not you, will rebuild this big family.

      Thanks for everything you (and the saff) gave us in these years. Really THANK YOU!

    3. milotjuh


      Very sad to see, indeed. I never checked any other M forums, so this will be missed. Hope to see people... elsewhere?

    4. dav_fer


      This makes me very, very sad. I know I wasn't a very excited fan during the first days of this era, but I'm still a fan, and I loved this site so much. I feel a void now... Remembering the great time I had here during the RH days. It's so sad that it had to end. Wishing the best for you!

  2. Fighter

    I don't wanna make a big statement, but I want to thank all the users that have contributed to this forum in the least 5 years. The first 3 were a wonderful experience and I know that having this forum was a joy for me. Unfortunately things began to change at one point and the least year has been very toxic, but what our good users have done here is incredible and something that I could've never expected when this forum started, your help, contributions and friendship were something that I'll always appreciate, even our past users who no longer visit or post as often. I wanna thank the moderators and our other admin meeshell because they have done SO MUCH WORK that you guys don't even imagine, they have put so much effort to continue with this site and I'm sorry that I couldn't do it any longer. This ending would've happened way sooner without them. Thank you so much for everything. Now matter if it sucks to have to move on, I will miss the good times we had. Love Fighter xxxx
  3. Madonna's official store is a disaster. I'm sorry to our giveaway winners that we couldn't do better, we should've ordered elsewhere. Thankfully the boxset was ordered on Amazon and the winner got it. We're still working on the rest. 

  4. "God Control" theme now available :dance:

  5. I totally forgot she was gonna be on jimmy falon yesterday i think? Was it good

    1. The Same Parts

      The Same Parts

      Having only skimmed it, the one good thing I have to say is that it's amazing how she gives 0 fucks and can demand to be on a show to promote an album without singing a single note. Madame X is a badass. 

  6. Guys please don't post hidden download links on discussion threads, also I already shared it but thanks for posting it.
  7. does madonna's official uk store give tracking numbers? They haven't given me anything, they only told me it was shipped by email and the order page is not even updated. why is this so messy. 

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    2. Fighter


      no, it's the cassette, i have other orders that aren't even fulfilled since they were late orders and her shop seems to be really slow. 

    3. Ryder


      No idea about cassettes but I'll ask my friends as didn't order one myself... 

    4. Fighter


      Thank you ☺️ 

  8. I thought she was joking about taking medication but yeh shes often visibly uncomfortable on camera in recent years
  9. Fighter

    Maybe we should attempt crowdfunding it and guilt her into making it
  10. Fighter

    Im waiting for tracking numbers???????
  11. Fighter

    The lyrics are great and convey the confusion.
  12. Fighter

    Well maybe, maybe not. We know she never denies any rumour to not disappoint anyone but then it doesn't happen
  13. Fighter

    maluma is cute leave him alone
  14. We need god control #GodControlNow

  15. Fighter

    interview meh more ass kissing from jimmy fellon while he pretends not to be a robot
  16. I watched it (without paying much attention tbh) and she wasn't rude. However I do remember her being quite impolite to those guys with the dolls all those years ago in the show. but let's not rehash something so old.
  17. oh so it's one of those appearances...
  18. Fighter

    The only real album cover, bitches. Deal with it. Madame X. Here we go... Medellin [8/10] Not the strongest song on the album but a very good and fun lead single. I remember how much I enjoyed it when it came out and how much renewed love I felt for her after so many years. This song gave me that magical but fleeting moment. Dark Ballet [9/10] I love this experiment. It's crazy and ridiculous but it all works. This is her at her most adventurous and I love it. God Control [10/10] Another crazy song. The intro makes you think, I'm about to listen to a song like American Life, but then it just completely surprises you. I absolutely love the "People think that I'm insane" part. The lyrics are poignant but never stop being fun and funny and odd. This is quintessential Madonna yet feels totally new. Can't wait for that supposed video. Future [8/10] Fun but with a great message. Not sure if I fully believe it coming from her but hopefully over time I'll be proven wrong. Batuka [8/10] I absolutely love this track. It's not for everyone and not for every mood but it's full of life. Killers Who Are Partying [5/10] - Very hard to digest. The production is top notch and it is musically beautiful, but to me it comes across narcissistic. If it wasn't for the lyrics, i would give this a 10. Shame that this was the music I was looking forward to the most from all the teasers, that bit from the "Welcome To The World of Madame X" video sounded amazing, and it still does, but here it's sped up and it doesn't sound as interesting. A beautiful clunker. Crave [9/10] I love this song as a single. I love Swae Lee and I'm glad they collabed. The production is great and so is her vocal performance. Crazy [8/10] - The production is great, her vocal performance is awesome and really fits the vintage vibe of the song. It's a very unpretentious album track and very enjoyable. Come Alive [6/10] This one is the weakest for me musically, it feels like a Rebel Heart track. I like the choir, but other than that I feel like the production could be better, even for a melody that isn't that great. Her voice is very nasal like on many RH tracks. Honestly I can see myself skipping this one a lot. :/ Extreme Occident [10/10] The lyrics are very interesting. Musically it is top notch as well. We needed this type of song, this is the music people should be able to find on a Madonna album. Melodic, dramatic, poignant and a bit unpredictable. Her vocals are beautiful. That piano performance. Those background vocals. The melody. Faz Gostoso [9/10] This song is pure fun. Really glad she recorded this and put it in the album!!! Very new for her but it fits her like a glove. Her vocals also sound very good. Bitch I'm Loca [8/10] Another extremely fun track. I Don't Search I Find [7/10] This is kind of a simple track, and a nostalgia experiment, but it could've ended up being much more pretentious or obvious, instead it's very relaxing. It's like a song straight from the early 90s. I guess it's just Madonna making the music she likes without overthinking it and i'm here for it. Looking For Mercy [9/10] This one feels like it's not gonna be all that at first, but quickly becomes powerful. I really love the lyrics, the melody and her vocal performance. it's perfectly placed towards the end of the album. I Rise [7/10] I loved it at first when it was released, and it's still a great track but in the context of the album, it's not among the very best. However, it's a solid closing track. //Bonus Tracks --------------- Funana [6/10] I love this little weird oddity. It's bonus track material but I like it. I'm thankful she didn't mention that one highly talented but highly troubled artist. Back That Up To The Beat [6/10] It's a bit overproduced like many Rebel Heart tracks. But it's not bad. Not essential but it's ok. Ciao Bella [5/10] - Love her voice in this. Totally bonus track material tho. Not really essential. -----------------------------------------------/ Conclusion: A return to form musically after 3 albums. It feels like the music is truly alive again. I don't speak portuguese but I love the parts she sings in portuguese, they add a lot to the songs. I'm glad this album wasn't the "loungey" album that I feared it could end up being, while still incorporating a lot of acoustic instruments. The electronic elements fit fantastically. It feels like there's less duality than in American Life, everything blends better. It's eclectic without feeling pretentious or try hard. On the last few albums there were touches of genius but it felt like her confidence wasn't that strong, but on this album she goes all the way, almost always in the right direction. Album rating: 8.5/10
  19. Happy belated 5th anniversary to our forum. [June 9] I forgot. :yarn: Thank you guys for being a part of this forum and constantly helping us by contributing in any way you can, with files, information, or keeping the peace. It is very appreciated. 🤗💋

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    2. devilpray


      Yassssssssss! Love this forum, thank u sm ♥♥♥

    3. The Artful Dodger

      The Artful Dodger

      Thank YOU for this forum, Fighter, Infinity is a wonderful place for us Madonna fans.

    4. somethingscomingover


      This forum is amazing! Happy Anniversary! :heart::dance:

  20. Fighter

    @LindebergBoythis is not a forum dedicated to you. Everyone please just stop turning the attention to these 'insiders'. Its annoying to everyone else. Focus on M and the album. Thats what this forum is for.
  21. Fighter

    the lyrics are interesting and not comparable at all to an old gaga track. also shes not singing through grillz. I also think it makes sense to talk about sanity, it's an album that reflects the times and our reactions to it.
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