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  1. Where's everyone moving?

  2. The Same Parts

    Well I, for one, salute the heroes, nay, saints, whom without any shred of information about her health and the recommendations of her doctors dare to speak truth to power and tell her to lose weight and work out more.
  3. The Same Parts

  4. The Same Parts

    Well, she trolled Eurovision just like it deserved to be trolled, by being a huge bummer and focusing on an important message. What Israel is doing in Palestine is somewhere between not OK and genocide, depending on who you ask. And since she always had ties with it, I'm super happy that she went there to raise the alarm in her own way. If she had done "this" at Eurovision, she would have been complicit in the Israeli crimes/occupation/expansion. The competitors are there to represent their countries and have to suck it up and be all "happy happy joy joy" no matter what. (Well, Iceland didn't and they rocked!) But she's been around for almost 40 years. Who better to speak truth to power than someone who has nothing to prove?
  5. The Same Parts

    Any fuzzy dreams?
  6. The Same Parts

    Finally enough puss!
  7. The Same Parts

    I heard this interesting observation on Tom and Lorenzo's Pop Style Opinion Fest podcast. I've not seen any of season 2 yet, but they claim there really isn't a plot to either the second season of Pose or Big Little Lies. I have to say, I'm not a big fan of shows spinning their wheels. If you don't have an overarching theme to a season beyond "spend some more time with these characters", why even make it?
  8. The Same Parts

    If she gave us the Met Gala performance, she'll probably have this pro-shot too. I just hope she releases it sooner rather than later. Although her birthday isn't that far off.
  9. The Same Parts

    Get ready for a cabaret segment!
  10. The Same Parts

    I do love their deep house playlists.
  11. The Same Parts

    After swearing up and down that I'll never get into streaming, I got a deal on spotify (1 euro for first three months) just to have something in the background for people who visit my place. And now that I'm working at home for a few days at the PC, I'm playing Madame X on Spotify instead of my purchased files in Foobar2000. #progress #youcanalwayschange #madamexisastreamer
  12. The Same Parts

    Justin Bartha? Yeah, I'd rim.
  13. The Same Parts

    He's more than a set of abs! He's also a bottomy nasal voice!
  14. The Same Parts

    Cool. Thank you for the info. If I ever order vinyl, it'll be useful. The only big items I've ever ordered online from a different country are some pics of Benjamin Godfre and his gorgeous albeit circumcised dick. Luckily, pics and posters come rolled up in those nice tubes. Maybe they should make vinyl softer so it can also be rolled during delivery. I mean it's 2019 ffs.
  15. The Same Parts

    That only covers the actual vinyl, not the packaging. And it sounds like the vinyl itself arrived undamaged. It's a very unpleasant situation, which is why (if I ever purchased vinyl), I'd order it through a brick and mortar store, where they wouldn't dream of selling you one with a damaged cover. A lot of music stores (out of the few that are still left) have this service where they order stuff for you. It can be cheaper or a bit more expensive than ordering it yourself, but you'll get it undamaged.
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