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  1. Hello, please reup! Thanks babe!


  2. Beto

    1. Medellin 2. Dark Ballet 3. God Control 4. Future 5. Batuka 6. Killers Who Are Partying 7. Crave 8. Crazy 9. Come Alive 10. Extreme Occident 11. Faz Gostoso 12. Bitch I'm Loca 13. I Don't Search I Find 14. Looking For Mercy 15. I Rise 16. Human Nature 17. Fan Request (a fan asks for Bad Girl but she not remember that song so she sings Jimmy Jimmy) 18. Candy Shop *She just sings above the studio tracks*
  3. Medellin: I like some reggeaton songs, but I'm just not in this one... is so fresh and innovate anyway. 7/10 Dark Ballet: Is the kind of song you just love or hate.... extremely experimental and risky, I thinks it works like a opening to the real Madame X even better than Medellin. The piano is amazing. 10/10 God Control: A piece of art, works perfectly next to Dark Ballet and before Future.... I feel it like a Like a prayer sequel. 10/10 Future: Interesting lyrics, even with the autotune her vocals sound a little raw, but after 1:30 minutes the sound is boring. 6/10 Batuka: Is not my kind of song... so repetitive, but like the others is innovate. The end is good. 7/10 Killers Who Are Partyng: I get the thing, but something in the music sounds unfinished, and this is not necessary bad. But especially this song would sound so much better without the autotune. 9/10 Crave: The most pop-friendly song with Crazy. The album needs some break from the political and experimental sounds. Even this song is a little bit experimental. 8/10 Crazy: I love the chorus. I feel the song have a "christmas" vibe haha. Remind me to the vibe of her first album. 9/10 Come Alive: Yeah, is like a Body shop 2.0 but is better. 7/10 Extreme Occident: This song don't have a coherent estructure, even some parts sound out of place. Like some text turn into a song, but it makes it a more real lyrics, and I love that. 9/10 Faz Gostoso: I just not in this one. 6/10 Bitch I'm Loca: I feel this song totally off of the album concept. This should be a bonus track or in the Maluma album. I just don't get it. Repetitive, and the less experimental song (with the music trend, even this is experimental for Madonna) 5/10 I Don't Search I Find I like the 90's vibe, but is not my favorite. The lyrics are a bit repetitive and without much new things. Musically is good. 9/10 Looking for Mercy: The ballad every album needs. I wish it had less autotune, but I think it works with the music. A beautiful cover of a beautiful song. 10/10 I Rise: A excellent closer. The lyrics of the song are beautiful. At the end of the travel she reminds what really matters. The metaphore of death works perfectly. (I get it like a double metaphore, like a rise above the government, and all this shit but a the same time like a soul going up, in some part she mentioned guns, I feel it like a standing up for your rights even at the death.) 10/10
  4. I'm in the 3rd track and is a masterpiece.... I think she had not been so risky and experimental since Bedtime Stories (I think even ROL, American Life and Music don't are experimental at this level)
  5. OMG I had never felt so excited listening to Medellin
  6. I Fucked Up is a beautiful song
  7. When you search for a leak and you only found fake files
  8. She should put at least one new song available now.
  9. Beto

    (No joke) I think Madame X is supposed to be a no-human or a metaphorical presence out of time, so, she can be in Rome at the Inquisition, in New York at the 80's and still have the time to go in a cha-cha-cha class with Maluma. She even can be on the future. I don't believe she is telling a totally cohesive historical line but definitely she is giving us a message with all the videos. Anyway, ignoring the non-sense timeline, the Dark Ballet video give sense to the Medellin intro at the church.
  10. You are taking all this very seriously
  11. It is like when the Rebel Heart Tour was broadcasted in repeat 3 times and for days no one have the record.
  12. In "Life is a mistery.." is obvious the double voice, they just do a fade in/out to the MET Gala Audio. I would have preferred a rehearsal record or something new. Edit: I compared and is not the MET Gala vocals (at least not in full)
  13. Yes, she is off key. She can't dance/sing like before. But if you think she is over bc this you don't understand anything. The reason why I became a Madonna fan is her soul, perseverance and his courage. Yeah, his courage. Probably the people who criticize her never could mantain their position in front of 10 people. People think that what she does is easy. This presentation was already criticized before being made (like the Prince's tribute). And yeah, she is off key and all that shit (and she has not change a single semitone of the original song - that she record 30 years ago!) but she has the eggs to put her message to one of the parts of the world that need it most. And what I love the most is that she know all this, and anyway she do it.
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