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  1. societysboy

    I paid £125 a ticket for Manchester lower tier, block on the side closest to the stage. I'm pretty sure floor tickets were £175.
  2. societysboy

    They never want the title of the Bond films to leak, so they used Cant You See My Mind as a fake title.
  3. http://www.facebook.com/events/583339551871032
  4. I can't believe, in 2016, nobody recorded the tv airing of something we've been waiting a year for

  5. societysboy

    When i scroll down the page it moves extremely slow, always has done, on multiple computers
  6. societysboy

    Is any of this going to improve the scroll lag on the forum?
  7. 'I never followed the rules. Don't expect me to start now' - Madonna, 2015

  8. A ban threat for asking a question? A bit strong, no? Let's be real, ALL the files posted on here would be considered illegal sharing in the eyes of Madonna, her label and the police. I just find it odd that exceptions are made for certain files to give the impression of legality of others. You think Madonna would let it go if you said 'oh but its a fade edit version that cuts the last 10 seconds off, so surely that means we can share it all we like'?
  9. Recently this forum has been swamped with post after post of officially released material, under the guise of 'oh i'm just sharing my own rips'. That's fine. I have no problem with that. Build/share your collection of stuff thats fully available to purchase on iTunes/Amazon/your local record store. But I think its ridiculous that the Rebel Heart demos are STILL banned from being posted, almost a year and a half after they leaked elsewhere. These demos are all over the internet, but as there are multiple versions of each demo, each in varying quality and some altered by fans, finding all of them is near impossible. But you want to download Holiday/Like A Prayer/Fever etc - take your pick, it's all here freely available to download! Discuss. Also, if anyone knows of anywhere the full demo set is available to download, PM me.
  10. Well aren't you just lovely
  11. I'm so angry. I spent a fortune on this: high priced tickets, travel, accommodation. They were handing out leaflets with an email address to write to if you want a refund as I left.
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