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  1. Going to really miss this forum. Hope to see many of you elsewhere. big hugs to all .. and especially to Fighter

  2. ScottyX

    She looks like she is in great shape. I thought her legs looked amazing. Why is it that people expect Madonna to always do back flips and contort? When she isnt sweating her arse off some of y'all are not satisfied. What she presents in a performance is more than plenty for any of us to be happy with. Grow up.
  3. ScottyX

    Call her up. Go for coffee. Say these things to her face. I dare anyone lol
  4. ScottyX

    Cant download by the way
  5. ScottyX

    True blue was on the radio. My attempt at humor - failed.
  6. ScottyX

    Guarantees album sales. Numbers numbers numbers
  7. ScottyX

    Omg I just heard a song on the radio with "..true blue baby I love you" in it. Can someone leak this pleasssseeee
  8. ScottyX

    Just got an email saying they are getting my order ready to ship. Wonder how many weeks from now it will arrive lol
  9. ScottyX

    I love Madonna but theres things that are insanely priced. New items shouldnt be so expensive. I can understand high prices for rarities from years gone by
  10. I'd say that's estimating. Billboard Hasnt announced it yet. Hoping so
  11. bare in mind most people are not watching every interview she is in, or reading every article so of course people like us lunatics are going to hear the stories over and over. The general public will prob only hear it once or not at all.
  12. ScottyX

    Yes PLEASE! Thanks, enjoy your holiday!
  13. Maybe it's your player lol Arent the tapes so boring looking? I wasnt impressed with any of mine
  14. ScottyX

    My cats names lol B eautiful Stranger I nside Of Me T rue Blue S urvival Y ou'll See ----- M edellin A ddicted C iao Bella K eep It Together I saac E verybody
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