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  1. julia425646

    January 18
  2. julia425646

    Happy Birthday @IgnaNoblega!
  3. julia425646

    Will be this photo a album cover....
  4. julia425646

    I don't think so collectors just have a 80-90s demos, because we have the internet (meanwhile we have a demos in internet)
  5. But we don't have a CT in HD on Blu-ray or DVD
  6. Well we have CT in HD on Youtube i'm seriously
  7. Waiting Madonna's birthday 


    1. wtg1987


      Wouldn it be great if she surprised us with 60 unheard demos :))

    2. julia425646
    3. poserdemadonna


      I can't make it on the 16th, can she change it to the 18th this year?

  8. julia425646

    Well, Madonna in birthday have a beautiful and sexy look
  9. julia425646

    Rebel Heart - Iconic Ray of Light - Ray of Light/Frozen/Drowned World Music - Music / Impressive Instant American Life - American Life Confessions on a dance floor - Hung up/Sorry Hard Candy - Give it 2 Me /Heartbeat MDNA - Girl Gone Wild Madonna - Lucky Star/ Borderline True Blue - True Blue Like a Prayer - Like a Prayer
  10. I guess ROL is a really masterpiece! Ghosttown is a beautiful
  11. julia425646

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Hello guys, well summer, how you are doing?

  13. julia425646

    Hello. My name is Julia. I am 15 years old. I love English and i am big Madonna fan since 2005.
  14. This commercial is beautiful and amazing. And I feel like just a home oh yeah i'm singing
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