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  1. Someone from Argentina/Chile knows if there will be a physical release (standard)? And if the store send it to Brazil? 

    1. madgefan


      In Chile, Rebel Heart standard edition carried the Made in Chile trademark; however, I was told the manufacturer closed down recently. On the other side, the MDNA CDs distributed in Chile were Argentinian imports so I guess there's a chance we get Madame X made in Argentina this time. 

  2. RebelMe

    Do you guys possibly know where can I find the Tracking Code for my delivery? (I bought the Deluxe in her oficial UK online store) edit: found it
  3. RebelMe

    I totally noticed it. If it is a visual album, I'm going nuts!
  4. RebelMe

    It’s her UK Official Store. shopuk.madonna.com
  5. RebelMe

    The deluxe 2 CD edition that I ordered on the UK Store has been despatched! Now let’s hope that it arrives #soon
  6. RebelMe

    Madame X fear no leaks
  7. RebelMe

    Please, we survived the #soon and one year of teasing, rumours and the Snow White theory, we can wait and deal with one more week.
  8. RebelMe

    You are sick, M doesn’t deserve fans like you.
  9. RebelMe

    The video is EVERYTHING and it's so important in a range of ways, that's unbelievable. Her appearance once made it even more powerful. If you don't understand the concept or diminish it just because she wasn't on every shot, you're just a blind.
  10. RebelMe

    I can't thank enough to all M is doing in this era. Dark Ballet is brilliant! BRILLIANT! Wen her face appears, it's so powerful. Her eyes, her expression. She's so amazing. A M A Z I N G! It's brilliant. I can't find one complain about the whole thing.
  11. RebelMe

    The only personal attack that she did on us was when she released B-Day Song. And that’s a fact 🤣
  12. RebelMe

    Dark Ballet is brilliant, heavy and hard to swallow. I really love it. It’s so strong. But I’m glad that it wasn’t the first single. It’s really different and the general public would find it difficult to enjoy or appreciate its brilliance
  13. RebelMe

    are you out of your mind?
  14. RebelMe

    I'm so excited for killers who are partying. I want it all!
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