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  1. rymc730

    She looked sooo good! Loved the performance.
  2. rymc730

    Couldn’t agree more. Music has gone wayyy down since the 2000s. I honestly am bored to tears with this. I can’t wait to switch this shit off after Madonna and Maluma’s performance.
  3. rymc730

    And the reason I'm asking is because I've been downloading a lot of files in this forum lately. A lot.
  4. rymc730

    I was just curious. Can you get "in trouble" for downloading files through Mega, mediafire, google drive etc? I know you can downloading torrents as your IP is visible and you are uploading content while downloading, but what about direct downloads?
  5. rymc730

    Madonna: Physical Attraction Like A Virgin: Stay True Blue: Where’s The Party Like A Prayer: Promise To Try Erotica: Thief Of Hearts Bedtime Stories: Don't Stop Ray of Light: To Have And Not To Hold Music: I Deserve It American Life: Intervention Confessions On A Dance Floor: Like It Or Not Hard Candy: Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA: Gang Bang Rebel Heart: Rebel Heart
  6. This is going to be hard because I love so many, but let me try: 1: Like A Prayer - "Like A Prayer" 2: Erotica - "Thief of Hearts" 3: Confessions On A Dance Floor - "Like It Or Not' 4: Ray Of Light - "Ray Of Light" 5: American Life - "X-Static Process" 6: True Blue - "Open Your Heart" 7: Music - "I Deserve It" 8: Rebel Heart - "Rebel Heart" 9: Like A Virgin - "Dress You Up" 10: Madonna - "Holiday" 11: Hard Candy - "Across The Sky" (I know it wasn't officially released, but it's my favorite from that era) 12: MDNA - "Gang Bang" 13: Bedtime Stories - "Human Nature"
  7. Do you know where I can find the JML TV track?
  8. rymc730

    Is there a version of "Erotica" where she actually says "I'll teach you how to f*ck" instead of moaning. Just curious.
  9. A fart is a chemical substance, it comes from a place called 'bum', it penetrates through trousers and lands on everyone

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    2. manoba


      A fart is an unwanted gift. For most people anyway.

    3. stormbringer


      It's "lands an amusable hum" I think

    4. Andymad


      I always thought it was "lands in a musical hum"

  10. rymc730

    I still can't find the vocal ending :(
  11. Curious on everyone's thoughts. The pop world is full of illuminati imagery, including Madonna. Do you think there is any truth to the illuminati? Do you think they are they evil?
  12. rymc730

    Madonna: 'Physical Attraction' Like A Virgin: 'Stay' True Blue: 'Love Makes The World Go Round' Like a Prayer: 'Spanish Eyes' I'm Breathless: 'Something To Remember' Erotica: 'Thief of Hearts' Bedtime Stories: 'Don't Stop' Ray of Light: 'Sky Fits Heaven' Music: 'I Deserve It' American Life: 'Intervention' Confessions on a Dance Floor: 'Forbidden Love' Hard Candy: 'Devil Wouldn't Recognize You' MDNA: 'Gang Bang' Rebel Heart: Either 'Rebel Heart' or 'Devil Pray'
  13. rymc730

    Can someone upload the vocal ending version?? I don't have that version!
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