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  1. diesel6888

    lol, hardly a celebration of madame X with only three songs, we already know the tour set list be most of the album with a few oldies thrown in. I would ignore this its nothing.
  2. diesel6888

    Its a known fact you cant really film in the theaters in London. At the audience with the audience were specifically asked not to film during the conversation. Plus they will have staff/ushers in the aisles stopping people running forward as its unfair on those who paid top dollar for front row. The seats are really close together. It will be a very different experience but one I'm looking forward to. I'm sure the younger fans will all have a heart attack at the thought of that lol. I never watched Madonna live through my phone screen! When I first saw he is 87 and then at the BA shows in the UK they didn't exist and I had the best time.
  3. diesel6888

    Most of the theatres ban you from using them plus the palladium has also stated there will be no dancing in the aisles , plus the seats are so close together you cant stand lol!
  4. diesel6888

    I got everything of mine from Madonna.com on the day of release.
  5. diesel6888

    This is a joke right? Let me guess you are twenty something? wow just wow.
  6. diesel6888

    Hi Frank, she recorded the Graham Norton Chat show first in one location. That wrapped up about 21.15. This is his standard show but this time she is appearing alongside other guests. This airs Friday night on BBC One. Then herself and Graham are traveling to North London to the Alexandra Palace Theater to record "An Audience with Madonna". This is just her talking to Graham about the Madame X Release and recording process. About 45 mins. It is a recorded event that will probably be broadcast or streamed at a later date once the album has some traction. Hope this helps! Madonna on the Graham Norton Chat show couch: Madonna at Alexandra Palace Theater at "An Audience with Madonna" hosted by Graham Norton:
  7. diesel6888

    Exactly, the press said the same thing, during her Erotica Phase, the Girlies show and the sex book. I expect the article was written but a silly millennial who has no idea of her legacy. Lets see if they are still writing articles in 3o years! NEXT!!!
  8. So It would seem there are two Graham Norton Shows!? I have just watched this weeks episode of his show and he has announced his guests for next weeks show. As already mentioned she will be appearing on his show with his other guests (this is normally filmed on Thursday evenings) Yet Madonna.com have announced on the 13th of June An Audience with Madonna hosted by Graham Norton on the 13th. So I can only assume this is a totally different gig with just her, anybody know if this is going to be broadcast on the BBC or is it purely for fans?
  9. diesel6888

  10. diesel6888

    Anyone know if the US pressings of the vinyls will have alternate cat numbers to to those in the UK and Europe this time?
  11. As much as I love her that was not great for me at all and it got a very moderate response from the live audience.... M could do with more vocal training now her voice has matured as she has got older, she still puts on a great visual show as ever however...
  12. diesel6888

    Yes I am ! Just hoping it may give me a chance of getting tickets!
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