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  1. Lucky Star

    This has to be fake. Based on what she's posted on Instagram either for her tour or the Pride event, she has definitely rehearsed: - Batuka - Human Nature - Like a Prayer - Future - Frozen - Vogue - I Rise She may be also performing Medellin (makes sense), God Control, and Crave.
  2. Lucky Star

  3. Lucky Star

    Just purchased the deluxe version with the booklet moments ago! I love what I'm hearing!
  4. Lucky Star

    It's like a combination between Vogue with something from Music and then with the spoken bits reminding me of Future Lovers and Erotica. 4 different eras in 1 song? I stan!
  5. Lucky Star

    Cool, but I'm making a generalized comment. There is an illustration that explains them: In her case, I think someone hacked into her stuff last time, and her "fan" got sentenced, right? It's true that some people are not the best fans because they trade and leak for their own personal gains.
  6. Lucky Star

    I wasn't exaggerating. I'm just simply saying.
  7. Lucky Star

    Yeah, we have 5 more days. It's worth the wait. Also, even mentioning links alone puts the forum in jeopardy. Her team goes here from what I recall. Even if it's for listening, it's still sharing unreleased music. You can look elsewhere, but it's not gonna be here.
  8. Lucky Star

    Here is a clip from YouTube. I like it! Sounds like the original version! Honestly, leaks are inevitable. It's common for albums to get in the hands of people who work in record stores because they usually receive the shipped albums a week before the official release date. That's why they typically leak a week before. I will be getting my standard version from my purchased ticket. I want to buy the deluxe edition with the 3 bonus tracks (blue cover with the guitar). This is far better controlled than the Rebel Heart era, so it could have gone the same route, but it didn't.
  9. Lucky Star

    I mean, it was just something I noticed. I'm not bothered at all. She's not fooling me with her vocals. I went to her Chicago show (mic feed was leaked online), so I know how she sounds like live in comparison to her edited vocals on the Showtime special. haha I love her, and I can't wait for the DVD/album. I personally liked the Showtime special, since it was an upgrade from the MDNA Tour DVD. I have nothing to complain about. Y'all will be saving up those coins anyway to buy it, though.
  10. Lucky Star

    I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt this time around. She did have a lot of stress that year because she was also crafting the Superbowl halftime show. I think even that delayed her tour. The era was sped up a bit, since GMAYL leaked. I do remember them having to change the tracklist even after the halftime scenario with M.I.A. I do think she learned a lot from that era. I could only imagine her pretending it never existed because sis did not even perform a single song from that era on her RHT. If anything, sis needs to secure her music, so she doesn't rush with her music. Her shit keeps leaking. As long as they don't leak, she doesn't have to worry about the creative process and take as much time as she needs. That happened to this era, too.
  11. Well, Rebel Heart came out in 2015, MDNA came out in 2012, Hard Candy came out in 2008, and Confessions on a Dance Floor came out in 2005. She usually releases albums 3 years after her previous release. The Rebel Heart Tour is yet to be released, but within a few days, thankfully. She might have someone create the score for her movie. Guy Oseary convinced her to write Masterpiece, so who knows? Given that the end of the year is near, we could possibly have a song/single released by the end of 2018 and an album in early 2019? She is probably in the earliest stages, so she might not even have a theme or a sound in mind just yet. I would personally love for her to create a grungy, synthpop, electronic album. Something like Music 2.0 meets Goldfrapp's Black Cherry/Silver Moon. I always loved her collaborations with William Orbit and Mirwais. I understand she doesn't like to repeat herself, but she could collaborate with badass women in the electronic music scene, like Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Grimes (was in a commercial with Lourdes), Peaches, MIA (was in MDNA), and more. I'm done with the trap music and anything done by Diplo. The music scene needs a revival. Her film might come first or at the same time as her new album. I don't have a problem. I do think it happened during MDNA, but she was also stressed over the MDNA Tour and the Superbowl. The Superbowl delayed a lot of her stuff, and she had to rush-release her stuff after Give Me All Your Luvin leaked. The same happened with Rebel Heart. She might be able to pull it together. She might make it similar to Rebel Heart and American Life, seeing how shitty the political climate is in the US. That's why it would be badass to collaborate with women this time around.
  12. Lucky Star

    Yeah, in the DVD for her Buenos Aires concert, she sang that because a fan requested it during S&S. She used the same performance for the audio in the RHT special on Showtime. You can hear the same vocals in the RHT performance during the chorus.
  13. Lucky Star

    Speaking of S&S, if you listen carefully to her performance of Like a Virgin on the RHT from Showtime, she uses the same vocals from the acapella she sang in the S&S DVD. You can definitely hear it in the chorus, especially the part where she sings, "...when your heart beats next to mine."
  14. Yay! Not only did Madonna release the live version of Material Girl, but she also released the RHT version of Living for Love! :)

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    2. wtg1987


      why cant she release the studio versions from the tour ? im so despearte to hear the full HB/LDLHA studio version ? :((

    3. Lucky Star

      Lucky Star

      I'm sure the studio versions will leak. It just boggles my mind how much the live vocals are edited. I went to her Chicago show, and she is not fooling me. We have her mic feed from that show, too. Also, those 3 songs are available on iTunes as part of the pre-order.

    4. rebelheart29
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