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  1. JupiterArgus

    Discord is an app focused on gamers and talk in chat groups. I also made the first Madonna server on discord since november 27th, 2017. Which was already promoted here. This is only for Madonna talk, share audio files, share your collection, etc etc. https://discord.gg/bqTmXef
  2. JupiterArgus

    I think i remember the 2012 rumours, and all the leak gate in 2008. the fake new tracks from 2010-2011 since Broken was realesed. It's probably unreleased, or just lost.
  3. JupiterArgus

    Hmm, all is leaked, as much i know.
  4. JupiterArgus

    There are just 3 songs lost, right? Curtain, Pipeline and Cook and Fuck.
  5. JupiterArgus

    thanks bbs, love you all. <3
  6. JupiterArgus

    What are the names of this guys? specially the last one. Lol
  7. Hi ;-)

    could you upload all demos on mega?


    Best regards


  8. JupiterArgus

    mmm the Virgin Tour: Also meh, just getting more controversy about LAV Who's That Girl Tour: She is a star now, no ones knows who she is, but she is an amazing girl Blond Ambition Tour: She claims herself as a queen, she claims the world as her own. The Girlie Show: She is here to stay, forever and always Drowned World Tour: Now, she is in state of mind, no more provocative form Re-Invention Tour: You can't forget her, if you didn't saw how amazing she is. The Confessions Tour: The virgin hooker is back, and she knows, the world is eating of her hand. Sticky and Sweet Tour: She is back, full of adrenaline. MDNA World Tour: She's the Queen, Lady who? .The Rebel Heart Tour: The only queen, always and forever, Madonna.
  9. JupiterArgus

    Queen of Arguing
  10. JupiterArgus

    I can't choose one TCT 1. She looks amazing there. 2. Every thing was perfect, the costumes, the perfomances, the interludes. RT 1. She literally reinvented her 2. All the concert was amazing, looking stunning and killing the scene. I can't choose one, sorry.
  11. JupiterArgus

    I hope Madonna work again with Shep, his dance mixes are gold.
  12. JupiterArgus

    is a lame, but it's fake. I found it in some of my files, two users asked me for it and i upload it on youtube and a some users say "it's fake" and yup, is fake.
  13. JupiterArgus

    I own this from MDNA Sessions, it counts?
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