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  1. 1. I'd die to hear Ghosttown live once more, which probably won't happen again until 2090... but I will happily bask in the light of whatever Madonna is passionate enough to perform. I think because RH revisited so many old favourites it would be cool to revisit more of the 00's and 10's though. 2. Fan favourites from the new album? Yes please! There's always room for a lovespent moment. This is Madonna!! Anything special or different she comes up with is exciting to me and I don't care about record sales that's her management's job. 3. I haven't listened to champagne rosé or even heard about it tbh. If it's official leakage I should look it up but if it's not I'm content to hear that stuff after I hear the actual new album. As for Candy Shop, that song is different for some fans than it is for others I think... lol. For me Candy Shop will always be the new Candy Shop.
  2. Joab

    Can anyone re-upload? I love Rescue Me too, that throbbing/wash in wash out effect (reminds me of a heartbeat and the pounding surf) was a great pre-curser to Erotica and the house music vibe she perfected on that album, while it also played to her dance roots and showcased Shep Pettibone's talents once more at the same time. Combinations of old and new. Justify My Love was the stronger track, but Rescue Me was an instant classic. My comment on the Pure commercial is that I agree most Madonna fans would love to have more of that footage regardless of how well it matched the track, and it couldn't really be much funnier than the one they cobbled together with Who's That Girl Tour moments that @thelioncourtheart_ mentioned. Here's a link to that >> http://www.mtv.no/artists/161-madonna/musicvideos/131737-rescue-me
  3. I don't have these... I hope links are current.
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