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  1. Den Ukendet Fyr

    1) MedellĂ­n 2) Ciao Bella (promo single) 3) Faz Gosto 4) Crave 5) Batuka (Promo single) 6) God controle 7) I Don't Search I Find
  2. One could say "of course a problem for those who want it to be a problem"... again as someone who followed MJ for about 40 years, went to his concerts and even collected signatures from people to send to him to show support when the child-abuse case(s) first broke in the 90s... I do not see it as a problem....
  3. Nah there is a lot of dead musicians that she did not include in the song...and as someone who used to be a huge MJ fan, and who were a fan of MJ even before I started listening to Madonna I really do not see a problem in her not including him in the song.
  4. Den Ukendet Fyr

    What show did people see... she did not come across as cold and rude to me!
  5. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Ha, ha you are right... but I care more than I thought I would I get so pissed because of the nasty articles and peoples even more nasty commends to them
  6. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Danish trash papers BT and Ekstra Bladet are just as horrible in their reviews as the worst Swedish papers... hate this negativity and need to put people down... https://www.bt.dk/musik/dybt-suk-madonna-virker-faerdig?fbclid=IwAR1qAS6shGfuBSmvO0vIepvlRCG1GO2dhcm8JvBXNFUx_zcqRnbpBYH0t9g https://ekstrabladet.dk/musik/intlalbum/klap-i-afdanket-madonna-er-pinlig/7669151?fbclid=IwAR3sQgnXA_6EmM4oo04rL6rfSVBSi_g6WhNcHQETJI3kLO-lezr2DmSLRIA
  7. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Mine will not get her before my birthday even the shop send an e-mail saying they expect to receive the records from the producer on Monday... and my birthday is Tuesday my typical luck
  8. Den Ukendet Fyr

    medellin: 8/10 dark ballet: 5/10 god control: 7/10 future: 7/10 batuka: 10/10 killers: 8/10 crave: 10/10 crazy: 9/10 come alive: 8/10 extreme occident: 10/10 faz gostoso: 8/10 bitch i'm loca: 8/10 i dont search i find: 10/10 looking for mercy: 10/10 i rise: 9/10 Back the up to the beat: 7/10 ciao bella: 9/10 funana: 9/10 Album as a unity 9/10
  9. Den Ukendet Fyr

    My top 5 for now (in no special order)... but that is bound to change again pretty soon. Looking for mercy Crave MedellĂ­n Extreme Occident I don't search, I find
  10. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Most likely Madonna's team are much more focus on stopping the music they could make money on, and less focused on stopping obscure things they'll never make a cent on anyway. There have been problems with sharing things like this in the future... and no-one really wants the forum or anyone here to get in trouble because of it.
  11. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Ha, ha a lot of people do not own a CD player anymore... I have an external one for the PC I use for ripping and burning music with.... but apart from that I mostly use CDs in the car...
  12. Den Ukendet Fyr

    For now, Looking for Mercy.
  13. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Ended up ordering the box set, turning out to be an amazing album and I really wanted the 7' vinyl of "I rise"
  14. Den Ukendet Fyr

    Much better than I expected. For now I would give it 8/10. IMHO still not better than Rebel Heart, but I really love that album... one of my all time fave Madonna albums.
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