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  1. cant believe this site is shutting down :( Are you on facebook?

  2. roccolino

    To me, the extended mixes sound the same... but the dub/instrumental is a bit different, the drums start a bit differently (less echo) than on any other release.
  3. Yes, somebody made this from the Immaculate Collection version of Holiday.
  4. roccolino

    unfortunately, today's generation can live without a wall calendar, but can't live without instagram - i hope next year we'll get a great one
  5. roccolino

    Right My favourites are still the 80s and 90s
  6. roccolino

    The only missing year was 1998 as I remember
  7. roccolino

    Looking at the last few calendars, i don't think the approval took more than a blink ... the last one i really loved, was the 2005 calendar with the re-invention pics
  8. roccolino

    Brienne of Tarth ! I hope her UB performance is included too in the film
  9. roccolino

    Can you upload Me Against The Music, Sorry, and Give It 2 Me, please?
  10. roccolino

    The extended ending of PDP is horrible... anybody could do a better job ;)
  11. roccolino

    The instrumentals are the same on CD and Vinyl.
  12. 100% agree ! from Darren Hayes Facebook-page: "Madonna. Prince. Michael Jackson. They were the three superstars of my generation. In the 1980's and beyond these three artists were Elvis and The Beatles combined. I know for some people Madonna seemed a strange choice to pay tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards. Not for me. Here's my take on it: Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna transcended race, genre and gender. Like Bowie or Freddie Mercury - they told the teens of their generation it didn't matter where you came from, what you dressed like or who you slept with. Michael Jackson could not get played on MTV because he was black, Madonna was called a bitch and considered too bossy for a woman, Prince was considered too rock for funk and too gay for straight. All three artists broke out of every box people tried to put them in. Prince especially was never sitting still. He was a leader, a revolutionary and a one of a kind. It was emotional for me to see the one surviving artist of that incredible period on stage and acknowledging the brilliance of Prince. Madonna is the last one standing - a relic from a period that may never be repeated again. She understands how much pop music benefited from and still borrows from black artists - and as a woman I thought it was wonderful she simply reminded us of the galaxy shaped hole left in world without Prince. When Stevie Wonder came out and the gospel nature of the DNA of 'Purple Rain' was revealed - I cried a little with sadness and joy. The pure soul and undeniable GENIUS of Stevie Wonder's voice, and Madonna standing there a passenger next to that level of genius spoke volumes. She did not turn it in to a platform for herself, but a thank you from all of us. She just let Stevie Wonder blow us away and for a second it was obvious: that was the level of uniqueness we lost with the passing of Prince. I know the BET awards will feature their own tribute and I hope this features people who were Prince's musical peers - Sheila E. Wendy Melvin Questlove Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Morris Day and The Time Larry Graham Chaka Khan Rosie Gaines Quincy Jones and as many of the wonderful members of The Revolution, NPG and the countless musicians lucky enough to have toured and collaborated with Prince. I hope the BET awards celebrate the FUN and FUNK of the Purple King. But I was touched Madonna acknowledged how incredible an influence Prince was on ALL music."
  13. I wish Kylie would join Madonna on stage in Sydney and sing Can't get you out of my head together
  14. Mer Girl? This show is awesome ... AWESOME!!
  15. of course, we all want everything to be released
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