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  1. Future Lover

    Hell will come to Earth before this happens, sorry. Honestly, Mr Pettibone was left behind in mid 90s, and I think she will never reconnect with him.
  2. Future Lover

    Nah, I don't judge, I own a gajillion releases myself, I just fail to understand. In this particular case, I see people even bought multiple digital formats, which is especially confusing. Or a box set + 2xCD, where one contains the other. Most of all, I want one of your jobs where you can afford all of these formats, lol
  3. Future Lover

    I think someone needs to introduce y'all to Deezloader. I'll have the lossless files in about 11 hours without really needing to purchase anything. I get that you wanna show your support, but I don't understand the need for 20 formats personally. I did purchase the 2xCD since I have all of her albums, but I do feel the grip of collecting becoming even weaker as the years go by, especially with the labels being this desperate. But hey, as longs as there's buyers...
  4. Future Lover

    Funnily, the MusicOMH review only brought it up to 77. I'm glad it's holding out in the seventies!
  5. Future Lover

    "Guy Oseary being useless" shocker.
  6. Future Lover

    Wow, overdramatic much? Albums leak, and Madonna isn't protected from it by some holy spirit, nor is it disrespectful listening to the leak. It's finished material, and 6 days isn't that big of a deal. Things used to leak months before, yet we never heard these whiny cries of her artistic rape. Jesus.
  7. Future Lover

    Yep, what the sellers did is a bit illegal, but I doubt anyone cares. Would you care about being the first to sell a Madonna album worldwide if you're just a store clerk who doesn't care about release dates, and whose job is to let someone know it arrived? Come on now.
  8. Future Lover

    Also, this is... sad and stupid. Chile isn't the UK or the USA. A few copies won't really dent the chart, and it's a small market, I don't think Madonna cares about charting there. No offense to my lovely Chile people <3
  9. Future Lover

    Imagine calling someone a "faggot"... on a Madonna forum. The insanity. The ban button isn't quick enough really.
  10. Future Lover

    In LindenbergBoy's defense (and I don't believe myself doing this), there is a bit that sounds like "Future Lovers", I think it was "I'm gonna tell you about love" or something. They just might be bad with words, since it was definitely not in the intro, but hey, that makes you a useless "insider".
  11. Future Lover

    Like... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get all my tracks for the least amount of money, so yeah. This is the cheapest I've seen it anywhere. And even if I don't, I can return it. Like, where's the drama. You know you can just order a bunch of editions, and get refunds on stuff you don't need. Or even do a bunch of pre-orders, and then cancel like a week before, when it's clear what you want and what you don't. I'm only getting this one edition, I'm sure both other covers will be in the booklet somewhere.
  12. Future Lover

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07QH1FYRX This has 18 tracks, despite the wrong tracklist. Really don't get your confusion, people.
  13. Future Lover

    You are aware that those bonus tracks are available outside of the box set as well? There's the 2CD edition that's like 15 quid.
  14. I would argue we haven't had a good career spanning GH since...well, "The Immaculate Collection", and even that was 15 remixes basically. Saying compilations aren't selling, or that anyone can make a Madonna hits collection on Spotify... both false. Most of Madonna's single edits aren't available anywhere to stream, and you can check my topic on Single Edits to see how many of them are missing exactly. I'd say approx 80%. And compilations are still a chart staple, they sell really well, and yeah, it's probably an older generation, but that's an underrated demographic. So yeah, a well done and well thought of Greatest Hits would be more than welcome. I'm especially opposed to any reworkings, especially with the current state of her voice. We gotta pitch down "Lucky Star" 4 semitones or something!
  15. Future Lover

    @adamsappleplease change your avatar, it's kind of my thing.
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