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  1. robder

    Glad she nailed it - looks like a great performance. However - these aren't "live" vocals. It's an overdub (necessary for frenetic dancing - but still).
  2. robder

    Silicone but yes.
  3. robder

    1. God Control 2. Medellín 3. I Don't Search I Find 4. Ciao Bella 5. Future 6. Looking for Mercy 7. Killers who are partying 8. Dark Ballet 9. Crave 10. Extreme Occident 11. Come alive 12. I Rise 13. Batuka 14. Crazy 15. Back that up to the beat 16. Bitch I'm loca 17. Faz Gostoso 18. Funana
  4. robder

    Wow- tastes clearly vary. Most of your reds (except Funana obvs) are in my top five. I find Crazy a bit underwhelming tbh.
  5. robder

    Playing catch up as I've been on retreat. Album review time and sat here with an extra strong dose of cacao to get me in the listening zone. Side A: Medellin Always felt this was a total masterpiece. I love the concept, segmentation and latin summer vibes. Madame X drinks ayahuasca in the Amazon and rediscovers her innocence - fantastically trite. It's also a collaboration I actually like (despite being extremely skeptical about the prospect in the lead up). For me this is mainly thanks to the Mirwais studio quirks - the subtleties in the voice alterations are what makes this track shine. It's really understated and an unexpected curve ball from our Madge. Plus that deep driving beat after she says "slow down Papi" really gets you in the gut. It's an excellent lead track. 5/5 Dark Ballet Vocoder = urgh. I like this however! It could've been called beautiful game but she wisely took it up a notch and morphed it into some kind of trippy, Brian Eno journey. The 80s synth sound really makes it. Her wake up speech is really evocative too. On the one hand it's a simplistic pop song, on the other, it's quite shamanic. I like the references to the elementals and the pesky, "it's getting late now" - as in 'we're fucked'. A really brilliant track 2 as it makes you wonder where the fuck else this album is going to go. 3.5/5 God Control Honestly? It starts off strange. I don't like the weird lispy vocal style at the start (a bit like when she says rushrushrush on you through her grill on Crave). Again, too much vocal manipulation - overkill in places. But then it happens - and you're like, WOW - I'll get back in my box. I'd come to terms with the fact that modern (post Erotica) Madonna is generally unsuitable for club playlists. Much as I loved Confessions, this was a defining pop record (I wouldn't play CF era tracks at the Ministry of Sound for example). Madge's Sound Factory days are sadly behind her and Shep Pettibone was laundered years ago. I always yearned for her to do a dirty-disco, Roisin Murphy and work with Maurice Fulton or something - and this is a step in that direction. It's not a pop song - whoop (FINALLY). The choir reprise at the end is something else. A genuine return to form and I'm knocked off my perch/pleasantly surprised. Only critique (now we're in a different league) is that it could be even more minimal and stripped back (this is where the remixes will shine). The wake up sentiment is nice, but this part of the vocal could be canned. The rap = really bubblegum and very cool. Bloody hell - really wasn't expecting that. 5/5 Side B: Future Future gets a shit tonne of bad press and I'm annoyed because it's brilliant. I like the apocalyptic mantra that runs through it and Quavo's emphatic, "Nope!" is cute. Madge's ragga vocal delivery ("You ain't woke") is so good. It's a call to arms and will work beautifully live with audience participation. The ska sounding trumpets are really cool/unexpected and much as I loathe Diplo, he really nails the dancehall sound. My only critique is that there's too much vocoder. Madge posted an untampered version on Instagram and the raw vocal is much nicer. Plus I'm a fan of deep dub reggae. The Insta version is slower/sexier and packs more punch. "Don't tell me to stop" section is formulaic fluff and could be binned in favour of more dubby weirdness. This dark song didn't require a melodic bridge. 4/5 Batuka A strong effort. The African choir is lovely and the atmospheric synth lines take it up a notch. A really nice follow up to Future. Howevs - enough with the vocoder now Madge. It really cheapens the mood and dumbs everything down. There's a point when she gets all gospelly and God squad - this would be great with some unfettered Rescue Me growling and praisey vocals in the mix. Instead we get a Cher-bot that sounds like Google Siri. I want to love it as it stands up beautifully - but it's a slight dip in quality for me. PS: I like it. 3/5 Killers who are partying I was all prepped to dislike this one due to the press reviews - but Madge delivers. I'm getting after hours Portuguese Fado vibes at the back of a restaurant. The delivery has a warmth and intimacy that invites you in. I don't find the lyrics at all over simplified, nor do they carry a saviour complex as suggested. This track is kinda ruined by the dreaded vocoder again as it introduces a coldness and distance between Madge and the listener. Suddenly I'm not in a restaurant any more and I'm staring at a bank of keyboards (the romantic bubble burst. Is Madonna even here?) I will say that the combination of wistful Fado and abstract Mirwais drum sounds are a touch of genius. Argh - that vocoder though - could've been a real high point. 3.5/5 Crave A grower. If you'd asked me a few weeks ago, I'd probably have said something different. This is a charmer and makes great album filler. Swae Lee has a gorgeous voice, even if he does feel like he's been ushered into a studio in the outer Hebrides because Madonna was busy promoting her serum. Whilst I get the dangerous narrative of forbidden cravings, the story isn't quite believable enough with this pairing. She claws this one back with her gorgeous melancholic vocals. I like it. Side point: she looks great in the vid. 3.5/5 Side C: Crazy This has the potential to be a grower. For me, the album is coasting at this point. On first listen, it's a pleasant, well produced listen. I'd quite happily hum along whilst doing the laundry, but I'm not hearing wow factor. That said, the verses are well constructed and this is a step above a common-or-garden pop ditty. Can someone set fire to the vocoder now please? 3/5 Come alive Apologies in advance to bring Bobby Gillespie into this (given his recent misogynistic comments), but the "Come Alive!" sentiment made me think of Primal Screams festival anthem "Come...together...as...one!" The repetition here has the potential to build into an orgasmic frenzy of oneness. Madge even went to the expense of drafting in a choir. So why then, does she repeat the Come Alive mantra with all the emotion of someone absent-mindedly peeling potatoes? Album filler and a 'meh'ssed opportunity. 3/5 Extreme Occident Another one I didn't expect to like. The snippets she put out prior to release suggested the vocals would be simplistic to the point of cringeworthy. Contrary to this, they actually have depth. The vocoder can go - but the Portuguese section is nice and the overall production has impact. The only thing I don't like (and this is a personal thing) is the insinuation that far right and far left mean the same thing on the political spectrum. They don't. Far left is a soundbyte generated by the alt-right as an attempt to legitimise their hate mongering. Any reinforcement of this is slightly problematic, as there really isn't much 'far' in the left of today's politics. 3.5/5 Faz Gostoso I'm drinking cheap alco-pops in a shit club in South America wondering why I've travelled to an area so musically rich, only to end up in this terrible nightclub. I can already taste the hangover. Please wake me up from this nightmare - is this a Madonna album? Oh yeah - there's that vocoder again. Nil points. Just not my bag (at all). It might grow on me but it reminds me of everything I dislike about cookie-cutter latin pop. Take me to the real Columbia please! 1/5 Side D: Bitch I'm loca No interest. Taxi! Zzzzz. Just not something I'd ever choose to listen to in this lifetime - or the next. 1/5 I don't search I find Atmospheric, dubby deep house and 4am, Tenaglia-style synth stabs! Sultry sex whispering and vogue finger clicking are back! Aw Madge you're simply spoiling us. This is how to make a 90's throwback smile! I almost daren't say it, but the only thing that lets this track down (as it has oodles of potential!) is the main vocal. The "IIIIIII" is quite jarring as it's been filtered with too much gain (that vocoder again - sigh). It just doesn't blend well enough and the lyrics are too simplistic. 4/5 Looking for Mercy Forgettable. Is it over yet? The production is nice in places. I think she's looking for Mercy (or something). Off to peel potatoes. 2.5/5 I rise Solid. It has legs. I can see all the super fans crying into their rainbow flags at the fan parties. It has an anthemic quality that'll soundtrack Pride well - and it's a nice album closer. Not much to say on it because it's not really my kind of music but hey - it works! 3.5/5 Conclusion I'm delighted. She's almost back! More experimental/club bangers and less filler please. Loving Madame X era! Roll on the Palladium. 4/5
  6. Oh Jeez - late on this bandwagon as I went straight from Ali Pali to a retreat. Catching up on the 'so-called' Norton debacle now. WTF are you lot on about? This was a great interview. She was every bit Madonna. Pretentious super-bitch with a slightly nasal, over enunciated speech. This is always tempered by her inimitable, trademark dry humour...the combination is a winner as it shows her vulnerability and makes for compelling viewing (it's also why she's like marmite). Madge was ridiculously lovable in this interview. I really don't see how this is any different to any other occasion. Why explain the traits of a lifetime away with accusations of 'anxiety'? She's always had a handbag full of quips and her piss taking is a term of endearment. I just hope the Ali Pali interview is streamed in full as it really was hilarious/priceless in places. I'm sure it will sooner or later (ooh perhaps as an extra on the tour dvd if it doesn't surface?).
  7. She was fabulous...here's my pic of the night.x
  8. If it makes you feel better, I'm rarely the lucky few. I think it has to be recorded - you know what she's like. "What's the point in existing if it's not on camera?" She's on very late though - 22h30 advertised. However - Graham Norton show taping at BBC studios will finish at 21h15 at which point, they have to cab it (40 mins) to Ali Pali, freshen up and get going with round two. There's no way she'll be on time. So I predict a 23h00 start - those that aren't familiar with London may want to get transport sorted as there's no night tube. ;)
  9. I got a code...did anyone else?
  10. robder

    I'm amused that you're spending months of energy and time investment being perpetually disappointed, yet pictured all keen with Madame X eyepatch and lip branding.
  11. robder

    A dubby mix thing for clubs is EXACTLY what I want. :)) This 40 something got stuck in the 90s and never left. Rescue Me/Up Down Suite etc are fab for the very reason they don't sound like pop tracks. Not really a pop fan - much as I'm quite enamoured by the MX releases so far. I'm being a good boy and waiting this one out (for now).
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