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  1. Spotlight

    Once and for all, there's no alternative US Remix of Borderline. I think on DjPaulT's UK 12'' the "Glockenspiel intro" was to damaged for restoration. So he searched for a digital source. He could've used the US Remix intro from the German CD single or from Like A Virgin & Other Big Hits. But by mistake, or maybe he couldn't hear the difference, he used the intro from the CD album. Questioned he denied that he tampered with it and let us believe it's a newfound alternative version. If you look at the screenshot I posted earlier you can clearly see that the intro was added from a digital 44kHz source. The rest of the file is in 96kHz. In the meantime his suspicious rip has disappeared from his site.
  2. Spotlight

    DJPaulT added the album intro. Your rip is the normal US Remix. (BTW your turntable plays to fast.)
  3. Spotlight

    Why can DjPaulT not admit that he added the intro? You can clearly see that he added the intro from CD. No high frequencies. It's only 44kHz. The rest of the file is 96kHz. (I boosted the volume to make it better viewable.)
  4. Spotlight

    I think it's an alternative version. That drum beat at 0:29min is only on the Celebration version. The echo on word "mind" is also different and more prominent.
  5. Spotlight

    Maybe the Glockenspiel on his UK 12'' had to much crackle and was not restorable. But then why didn't he use the intro from an US Remix that is available on CD?
  6. Spotlight

    Thanks, but the spectrum looks like it's made from 128kbps mp3. Does the Japan DVD have the same low spectrum or did they use low quality files?
  7. Spotlight

    Easy explanation: mp3, mp4 (iTunes) etc. = lossy format Small files but Music information is deleted forever. Many people may hear the quality loss. Wav = lossless Music CD standard Flac, Ape, etc. = lossless This is compressed Wav. Similar to Zip. (Data compression) HD Wav (HD Flac, HD Ape etc.) = lossless Studio format, higher bitrate and samplerate. You need studio equipment do hear a difference to standard wav. This may be a start to learn more: http://thewelltemperedcomputer.com/Intro/SQ/audio_formats.html
  8. Here, I've uploaded it again.https://mega.nz/#!nZ1k1RpR!BjuR90N4ojmb2h8K_EFUehtKiLBiPuFmO05_1JqMSDYI think all tracks are sounding a bit different because of the mastering and tape speed. Maybe someone finds other differences on the album tracks? The album seems to be fake, but the tracks?It's released by Steve C. Didn't he found the Borderline & Lucky Star tapes/stems in the trash some years ago.1. Material Girl (Dance Remix Instrumental)2. Angel (edited 3:35, even shorter than the one from JP boxset)3. Like A Virgin (TV Instrumental)4. Over And Over5. Love Don't Live Here Anymore6. Into The Groove (Instrumental 4:15)7. Dress You Up (The Casual Instrumental Mix edited 4:32)8. Shoo-Bee-Doo9. Pretender10. Stay
  9. I've checked some of the tracks, they look legit to me. The spectrum is high like it should be for 24/96 files. Can you fake that? For example, the spectrum for Into The Groove (Instrumental) is much higher than from the leaked mp3 file. So I think it isn't made from mp3.What looks suspicious is the odd editing of the tracks.I've uploaded the album here, maybe someone can bring some light to this?http://hugefiles.net/s8quszgxy6tp
  10. What's the point to convert/edit the leaks & some album tracks to 24/96 and upload it as a special album from tape? The album sound quality isn't even great.If you google "Digital copy of the analog 1/4" AGFA tape" (with quotes) you can find a few of his released albums. His Wham!/Careless Whisper tape has unreleased mixes I've never heard.
  11. What's this leaked Like A Virgin (Digital copy of the analog 1/4" AGFA tape)??? It includes Material Girl (Dance Remix Instrumental), Angel (Edit?), Like A Virgin (TV Instrumental), Into the Groove (Instrumental) & Dress You Up (The Casual Instrumental Mix).The person has released such 1/4" AGFA tapes from other artists too.
  12. Spotlight

    This site explains it all.http://thewelltemperedcomputer.com/Intro/Starter.htmAbout HDTracks,Qobuz etc. it's just money making. The human ear can't hear 192kHz, it's impossible.If your "normal" audio equipment (Speakers, soundcard, player, etc.) doesn't support high bitrates/kHz, it will downsample/cut-off the frequencies and you will have even a worser sound quality.To actually "hear" something of the 192kHz/24bit sound you must have special/expensive studio equipment and playing it all through a bit perfect DAC. If you listen through a normal Hifi System, iPhone or PC, 44kHz/16bit CD quality is more than enough."Unfortunately, there is no point to distributing music in 24-bit/192kHz format. Its playback fidelity is slightly inferior to 16/44.1 or 16/48, and it takes up 6 times the space."http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html"True bit perfect playback is sending the audio file unaltered to the audio device.Bit depth, sample rate, number of channels should remain unaltered.This of course requires the hardware to match the properties of the audio source exactly."http://www.thewelltemperedcomputer.com/KB/BitPerfect.htm
  13. Where are these Like A Virgin stems from? Some kind of early version? It's similar like the Holiday stems.
  14. The recently leaked Rebel Heart WAV is my remastered version of the mp3 demo. Someone reconverted it to WAV. I also remastered Wash All Over Me. I released them as Rebel Heart (Avicii Mix) (Remastered) / Wash All Over Me (Avicii Mix) (Remastered). They are in Flac to not lose more quality through re-compression.
  15. Spotlight

    Does anyone know why Oh Father is labeled as Alternate Album Version on Something To Remember? What's the difference compared to the Like A Prayer Album Version?
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