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  1. MrCommotion

    ohhh i need this remix now on spotify
  2. MrCommotion

    Really? Because I related X-Static Process to Crazy from the get go. "Jesus Christ would you look at me?" => "my God look at me now," it seemed to be a continuation of that where in X-Static Process she's in love with this person still, and now she's finally left them.
  3. MrCommotion

    ... that's why they're good lyrics, she's confused, doesn't even know she's fully lost. I believe American Life is the Old Testament and Madame X is the New Testament for her tbh
  4. MrCommotion

    How can you even compare the two? I don't understand.
  5. MrCommotion

    right, Prince did ruin Like a Prayer đź‘€
  6. MrCommotion

    sksksksksks iconic line I'm also v impressed with the album I do agree that Future sounds better to me on the album too
  7. MrCommotion

    Well sir you're in a Madonna forum, sharing your opinions on the new album, but then not sharing them. Everyone's opinions are valid, but we're all free to disagree and criticise. If you're not even gonna say WHY you don't like something, why come to the forum? People who like it have their reasons for liking it, you have your reasons for hating it. Madonna has been releasing albums for so many decades and has explored so many kinds of music that she's amassed so many different kinds of fans. It's okay to say "I hated this" but it's not okay to go around "fan since 1956 and this is the worst thing she's ever done and if you liked it you're not a real fan" which I've seen people do.
  8. MrCommotion

    I think I agree. There's such a slander in professional reviews of American Life. He's usually called "the co-producer of Music and Confessions on a Dance Floor" (which he fully wasn't). I think people in general need to give AL a second chance, it's my favourite Madonna album. I love how Madame X sounds in places vaguely similar to AL, with some callbacks to that. "Life is a circle" would be a callback to Easy Ride, "My God, look at me now" from Crazy calls back to "Jesus Christ would you look at me?" in X-static Process (and the theme of the song basically would be her finally moving on from that person who made her feel lesser than him). Make American Life Great Again!
  9. MrCommotion

    well Linda thanks for arguing for your position providing points and attempting to respond to the people who you disagree with instead of being vague. Barely one you'd say you actually like? Faz Gostoso, God Control, Crave, I Don't Search I Find are highlights of the album, if they aren't my favourites I still actually like them. Had Ray of Light just come out the other day there would be lots of people here complaining about Shanti/Ashtangi and Candy Perfume Girl, saying Ray of Light was uninspired and only made for the radio, begging for her to sing like in Express Yourself and Vogue.
  10. MrCommotion

    I love this album so much. I'm in love with almost every single song. I cried to Looking for Mercy and Come Alive. I needed that haha This is Madonna at her creative peak again. Reflective like she was in Ray of Light, wants to have fun like in the light moments of Erotica and Bedtime Stories. She's never had "a Madonna sound" like Kylie would be to pop-disco or Gaga to autotuned electro pop. This is Madonna creating her own record, looking for new sounds she can add to her catalog. From track 1 to Faz Gostoso you find a different genre in each song, and they all come together to form this new jewel in her crown that is Madame X. I'm so grateful for her trip and stay in Portugal cus it has made her be so inspired and into the music she's doing. I can't count the times I've gay screamed at this album, with MedellĂ­n when it came out, with how sweet Crave sounded, how cool Future sounded, how I Rise featured that intro, and the video for Dark Ballet. Now I've just gay screamed at all the new album tracks almost. God Control was such a mind fuck and I love it so much. Batuka had me mouthing and then singing the words with the say-and-repeat structure. Killers Who Are Partying was holding hands with God Control and they brought me back to American Life which is my favourite Madonna album. Crazy gave me the sequel I didn't know I needed to Erotica's Waiting (one of my favourite album tracks ever from her). Come Alive gave me this moment of lightness and sweetness that I needed, reminded me of Body Shop which was my favourite album track in Rebel Heart, with a hint of maybe the sweetness of Cherish and True Blue on ukelele? Extreme Occident gives me that introspective, American Life's Easy Ride moment I also needed and I like that it's right after the sweetest moment, round and round just like a circle, and life is a circle. Faz Gostoso and Bitch I'm Loca are some of the most fun moment in the album, they feel EARNED because of how serious some other parts of the album are. Faz Gostoso is such a moment of euphoria in the album and it's giving me life right now, fully latin-dancedonna. Bitch I'm Loca comes like a B side to MedellĂ­n, but it could've been a double A-side with Soltera as a B side?, that's how good it is. I Don't Search I Find is this cute moment where she goes back in time to the Rain tapes and remembers the mood she was in when recording Goodbye to Innocence, it could've honestly been a B side to Deeper and Deeper or Bye Bye Baby, and I love that whole Erotica era so much. Looking For Mercy gave me that vulnerable Madonna I love again. In this album Madonna is lost, and when she's lost she delivers her most inspired album since American Life.
  11. MrCommotion

    sis people quoting you does nothing, we have the freedom to respond to you, if you don't want that don't post. you can't expect to say "THIS SONGS SHIT" in a forum where we love it, people are going to defend why they like it just as you said you hate it.
  12. MrCommotion

    log off sweetie and get some new ears or something cus this is better than most of rebel heart so far and i loved that album so that's saying something. we haven't heard a lot of the songs so far either. you wouldn't judge true blue off of jimmy jimmy and love makes the world go round alone.
  13. MrCommotion

    AlanLongoria at the another M forum forum does this once a month this is from earlier this month if im not mistaken https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CJB0DmNS_LpkEZq7SvGzArMGQaV3oaViJH3-m7hPC-M/edit#gid=1522085696
  14. If anything, I'd love it if she crafted a collection of what she thinks it's her best work. We for sure wouldn't be seeing I'll Remember or This Used to Be My Playground but it'd be interesting to know what remixes she'd include, what era she looks back the most fondly to, etc. But if there was to be a full collection, I'd love something like Britney Spears' The Singles Collection. They got every single, some remixes and B sides (including the rare ones) and remastered them. Also included every video in a DVD that came with a special edition. This would be a BIG task and it'd be an expensive product, but some people would pay a lot of money to get a full official Madonna anthology. There would be no use in making a Celebration 2.0 because most of it would be the same compilation, the interesting thing would be to release something that also celebrates all the stuff in between and the stuff that Celebration skipped.
  15. MrCommotion

    Material Girl Rebel Heart Causing a Commotion (lol the reason why this is my username) Oh Father Music MedellĂ­n Over and Over Till Death Do Us Part Iconic Open Your Heart Nobody Knows Me
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