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  1. Ambrose

    What a beautiful film! Showcasing the essence of Madame X with wonderful visuals. Congratulations to the editing team as well, it’s clear there was a lot of material and a lot of work went into this. Dynamic yet balanced, intimate and inspiring. The visuals for this era are amazing - and we probably haven’t even seen everything yet! God Control and Dark Ballet are amazing videos, Medellín and Crave are very good as well, and this documentary a beautiful gift to the fans.
  2. Ambrose

    Saw this on Facebook, made me laugh.
  3. Ambrose

    I’m sure she’ll lip-sync most of Vogue and God Control so I hope they don’t put heavy auto-tune on her mic for American Life and I Rise. The only time we heard her clear voice live this era was Like a Prayer at Eurovision...
  4. Ambrose

    As expected. Madame X is a busy woman.
  5. Ambrose

    I do hope God Control is released as a proper single just so we get some official remixes (and another dance #1) but otherwise there’s little difference whether or not it’s only a video or full single release, it’s unlikely to chart anywhere else.
  6. Ambrose

    The playlist rumored for some time now is Vogue, American Life (huh?), Future (really?) and I Rise.
  7. Ambrose

    Sales are really low, I guess around 200-250k? But not too bad given the average these days.
  8. There’s already a thread for that, no need to go into it again.
  9. Ambrose

    The only way I can see her perform it on tour is if she lip-syncs the whole song.
  10. Ambrose

    I agree it’s sad but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Very few artists her age release single that even chart. Maybe we expected her to forge that path as she has before but this doesn’t take away her legacy. I’m just glad her albums still reach the top 5 of charts worldwide.
  11. Ambrose

    The album will probably fall out of the top 10 next week, if not top 20. The fans all have multiple copies by now and the general public doesn’t care.
  12. Ambrose

    I don’t think either of them are among her worst songs ever but yeah, both are far worse than the rest of the album which is otherwise immaculate.
  13. Ambrose

    1. La Isla Bonita 2. Live to Tell 3. Open Your Heart 4. Papa Don’t Preach 5. True Blue 6. White Heat 7. Where’s the Party 8. Jimmy Jimmy 9. Love Makes the World Go Round
  14. Ambrose

    Sure it would be great to get number one but it’s very good nonetheless losing to a legend like Bruce Springsteen is better than to be beaten by... a TV series soundtrack or something.
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