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  1. Mata_Hari

    I think "Bitch, I'm Madonna" is a pretty enjoyable song to spread a bit of a diva feeling. Her age is the thing that makes most people dislike it - and that it is, honestly, not really a good song at all. But I like it. "Take A Bow" is not really bad but out of all her famous songs its the outright boring one - why this one got such a freakish big hit? "Ciao Bella" because...thats not even a real Madonna song. But I can't say I hate any Madonna song.
  2. Thing is madonna has an enormous wealth. She has absolutely no need to sell a single copy of any future album. She didn't have to since many years. And that's why I am so sure she will not stop. I don't say she's not aiming for success. Everyone does. But she doesn't need it.
  3. So many musicians still put out albums who are way beyond her age. I see absolutely no reason why she should stop at all
  4. Mata_Hari

    Which leg has this outright fantastic La Isla Bonita version you get on YouTube first? I love how energetic and high energy she is!
  5. Mata_Hari

    Well the very sound of power of Goodbye is the thing I love about that track
  6. Mata_Hari

    I like her voice on most of the tracks. Vocal manipulation was always a thing with Madonna so I am not that surprised. It's just "Future" which gives me a weird feeling. I see the intention but it's just a bit too much. I was a bit disappointed that on one of my favorite tracks "Extreme Occident" her voice sounds a bit too thin.. and a real waste is "Come Alive". She sounds outright bored on that track.
  7. Mata_Hari

    From Worst to Best...god thats a tough challenge. 5. Music Underestimated it for a long time but I start to really love it. I also love how she managed to have this Folk-Electronica sound and still got some pretty good bangers. Something that American Life lacks in my opinion. 4. Like A Prayer I have to deal with it again but from my viewing point right now LAP is just a bit dated, altough it may feature some of Ms best lyrics. Anyways it features two incredibly strong songs, including my favorite one of all time so I really can not place it lower on that list. And I definitively see why it was so important for her. 3. True Blue There are songs on albums ranked lower on this list that I prefer over all tracks on this one. But all in all it's just one of her most entertaining and accessible albums, overflowing with 80's classics. Fav Track: La Isla Bonita 2. Confessions on A Dancefloor Kinda like RoL, the unique sound and some really amazing tunes make this record to one of her very best. It's close to perfect. Just Number 2 because Number 1 IS perfection. Fav Track: Hung Up/Sorry 1. Ray of Light That was easy. The sound, the feeling, the atmosphere... it's bigger than big for me. So many strong songs, touchin electronica...just wow. Fav Track: Power of Goodbye (Frozen and Sky Fits Heaven follow closely) Yes I know there are still 10 albums left. But I am really not sure how to rank them because they differ so much in quality and then some of them have emotional bondings for me and some not but ahhhgh! It's a mess with me :D I will try to rank it but without much saying.. 14. Hard Candy 13. American Life 12. Erotica 11. Bedtime Stories 10. Like A Virgin 9. Madonna 8. Rebel Heart 7. MDNA 6. Madame X
  8. Mata_Hari

    Your ranking of Frozen and Power of Goodbye kills me as well 😂 But I appreciate the places of Mer Girl and Sky Fits Heaven ❤️
  9. Mata_Hari

    A groundbreaking album in it's own right. Worst to Best: 9. Jimmy Jimmy 8. Where's The Party 7. Love Makes The World Go Round 6. Liv To Tell 5. White Heat 4. True Blue 3. Open Your Heart 2. Papa Don't Preach 1. La Isla Bonita Was hard to choose the "worse ones" this time.
  10. Mata_Hari

    I personally hope for a really epic and dark version of Dark Ballet. This Song has so much potential, I think a really good live version would be awesome. Extreme Occident would be a suitable intro song.
  11. Mata_Hari

    Have to explain here... I voted for the Virgin tour, because all in all it got the best package of show/performance and vocal quality. The vocals are, typical for early Madonna in my opinion, not her strongest. But the way she performs it, stretching the frontiers between glamour and the deep sarcasm that song always had. Love that. Next comes the Re-Invention Tour. Here the performance is rather simple but her vocals are the strongest out of all the live versions of this song I have listened to up to now. Rebel Heart version got a bit slowly and yeah its not really exciting. But I love the looks and it feels pretty nostalgic to see 2016 Madonna perform this song of the beginning of her career. Blonde ambition yeah... it got the most votes and I see why people like it but it makes rank three at best for me. It's a bit too trashy (although I am pretty sure that was the intention). The second part is really good but the first? I don't know. And Who's That Girl...thats horrendous, sorry. Really, the vocals are not good and its super super trashy but without the glamour Blonde ambition most definitively had.
  12. Mata_Hari

    My second Album I owned and I needed years to see what kind of incredible and truly great artistry it is. Out of all albums I absolutely LOVE the soundscape of ROL. Its unique and somehow tangled together even though the songs are very diverse. Guess u could call it my favorite one in general. Worst to Best: 13. Candy Perfume Girl 12. Little Star 11. Shanti/Ashtangi 10. Swim 9. Nothing Really Matters 8. To Have And Not To Hold 7. Drowned World 6. Skin 5. Mer Girl 4. Ray of Light 3. Sky Fits Heaven 2. Frozen 1. Power of Goodbye I have to add : I dont think any song on this album is really weak.
  13. Mata_Hari

    What's the worst one for ya?
  14. Mata_Hari

    I love how she did it at Blond Ambition. It's near to perfect and so fucking epic. This catholic inscenation is awesome as fuck. Sticky & Sweet...I like the modern vibe it has and the performance is on point but...this Song has a very special kind of epicness and I miss that in this version.
  15. Mata_Hari

    Power of Goodbye Hung Up Isaac LIke A Prayer Iconic Physical Attraction Pretender
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