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  1. o_g_c_x

    Some comments are disgusting
  2. o_g_c_x

    She was flawless
  3. o_g_c_x

    It's a total shame some of the comments and members here...
  4. o_g_c_x

    It' s an opinion but I would like to see you doing the same in your 60s. And by the way the charisma is still there. Only the naysayers can say it is not.
  5. o_g_c_x

    Why she didnt do this for eurovision instead of "that"?
  6. o_g_c_x

    I love I rise
  7. o_g_c_x

  8. o_g_c_x

  9. o_g_c_x

    Do you think there is a pro shot of this?
  10. o_g_c_x

  11. o_g_c_x

    What time will be the performance?
  12. o_g_c_x

    American life
  13. o_g_c_x

    Is not going to be broadcasted right? Hope that someone record it and upload it to yt
  14. o_g_c_x

    I think she was trolling
  15. o_g_c_x

    Rebel Heart
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