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  2. matt221087

    Fuckin hell! Someone that actually agrees that 4 Minutes is a banging tune! It makes me laugh how SOME Madonna fans (Sheep) actually try so hard to force themselves to like this new song. When in reality it’s shit, and that’s not JUST my opinion. And don’t tell me that “she’s past caring about chart position” because she clearly wanted it to be a success, why else would she be getting MTV to push the promotion on it etc. And BULLSHIT does 4 Minutes sound dated! You’ll say 4 Minutes is dated but then go on to say this new pile of shit single is “so original” and “the best thing she’s ever done” Fuck off mate! lol Honestly some “fans” will literally force themselves to like anything she does! If she made a song with the sound of her taking a shit some of you would be going “wow! Best single ever!” Get a fuckin grip, the songs shit and will NEVER EVER come close to the success of 4 Minutes.
  3. RebelHeart

    I mean... time really goes by so slowly for those who wait
  4. ScottyX

    I have my dancing shoes next to the TV.
  5. Steffmad

    Damn all the drives me craaazzzyyyyyy.
  6. That's EST time. 4 pm in NY.
  7. MadonnaLove

    Are you ready? I said are you ready?
  8. deathproof

    The difference is Madonna. I adore Love Spent, but those vocals were phoned in. As were most of the RH songs. Who ever was the vocal engineer on her past 2 albums did a horrible job. And M should have re-recorded the vocals on LFL. I mean, it’s so obvious there 2 different vocal takes in the 2nd verse
  9. MadonnaLove

    I am happy you agree for your own good!
  10. RebelHeart

    And I agree, Hung Up is da best
  11. Steffmad

    It was 4 PM European Time..maybe London Time?. so it arrives soon!!! Exicted 1 2 cha cha cha
  12. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Lol, Mrs. X better include this meme in the Album booklet or the Documentary or something... It has become the mascot of the Madame X era & a symbol of solidarity amongst us fans!
  13. MadonnaLove

    11 pm here... Wow a state of the art site
  14. Simultaneous broadcast from London.
  15. If you check the Forum Calendar, it's adapted to show the exact time for everyone, it depends on the location you provided! For me, coming from Italy, it says 10 pm. Please check if it works!
  16. It's the same time, 4PM ET. In Japan, 26th 5AM.
  17. MadonnaLove

    from which city?
  18. I believe it will be 4pm ET
  19. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    SPOT ON! You easily can tell the difference between tastefully & purposefully vocoded vocals (Die Another Day, Impressive Instant, Nobody’s Perfect) & unnecessarily over-tuned, screechy vocals (Love Spent, Body Shop, I’m a Sinner, even though I do like them as songs.)
  20. MadonnaLove

    what time will it premiere?
  21. Today
  22. notbizzre

    Always some fans drama! Now it's the autotune! I have an idea that the album will be much more complex than the song but in all honesty, Medellin has been her best single since the Confessions era. It's a cool track for me! In terms of being current with times, it is a bomb and beyond!
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