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  2. When I first came here a little before RHT started, in search of a serious spoiler on the setlist, I thought I had found paradise. I don't know many fans, I often had to go to M concerts alone. Soon I was insulted for being happy that Who's that girl was included, treated as an old stupid fan. Many younger fans wanted more songs from the 90s and 00s catalogue. I accept that we have different tastes. But it is all about respect. In this case I understand both positions: the final part of the video with those cell phone images is really bad imo, not much improvement from what we already had, yet I appreciate to have a good quality audio for Beautiful game. Things are not necessarily black or white. Maybe I am old and I find old things better, but I happened to rewatch all the Eighties videos on tv on the 16th and I found them flawless. Can't say the same for recent material. Still I am a stronger fan than I was then and I am incredibly happy for what is coming: the new album, the documentary and the Pat Leonard record. Fans of other artists get more, many others get less. Of course I want more, I want all the demos and special editions and the BAT official release, but I am happy that M is still alive and never stopping! There is no album without at least one song that means everything fir each and everyone of us, so we all agree on one thing: it is just a matter of weeks, we have something to be happy about! I think I'll die another day!
  3. I agree. I won't stand for any bullying of users, people shouldn't feel afraid to post their opinions (as long as they are respectful that is). If someone does feel they're being attacked then they should use the REPORT button, all the moderators will see it and discuss and take action. We actually do that.
  4. I just think fans should be able to voice their opinion here without being rediculed. I am personally very excited about Madonnas new era. I wasnt very thrilled with the BG snippet and somehow felt afraid to say it.
  5. We're definitely looking to start the new era with a clean slate. People can take that as they want. If they wanna stay, they better start actually trying some of that positivity they preach about. I won't maintain a forum where people attack each other constantly in the name of "positivity".
  6. Infinity used to be so much better than m.nation because m.nation was a place for the mean fans and infinity for the polite and nice fans, but to be honest I know alot of people who have stopped coming to infinity because of one certain person I won't name, and gone back to m.nation, please, I hope infinity will continue to have the reputation of the respectful fan's forum were people are allowed to voice their opinions without being bullied.
  7. Bob

    Yes, of course ;) OK, thanks. I have not Instagram, so I didn't seen this video before. This is the reason why few minutes ago I was not able to understand what you were talking about
  8. This is a forum to discuss Madonna's work. People can have any opinion they want as long as it is respectful. If any post goes over the line and is disrespectful it should be reported. Let's behave like adults because what's been happening is extremely embarrassing. Thank you. 

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  10. Fighter

    Who is making what a "dictatorship"? People can post whatever opinion they wanna post about the video. If a post is THAT VILE and PERSONAL then report it so it can be dealt with. But see, I have gotten ZERO reports. (The inappropriate joke was dealt with). Stop complaining about the forum, you either help by actually being positive or you leave, no need for dramas, insults or passive aggressiveness. THIS GOES TO EVERYBODY.
  11. Fighter

    How is disliking the video not respecting other people's enthusiasm? How is disliking the video hating Madonna? This thread lmao
  12. Fighter

    That's not exactly true. This is a forum of discussion to discuss Madonna. If people are more inclined to critique then people have to learn to respect that like adults. Same the other way around.
  13. Can someone upload the another suitcase in another hall tv track in wav please ?
  14. Stop calling people trolls. If you have them on ignore that's where it should end.
  15. AspergerArtist

    The birthday dance with the sn... it's the thing that I'm most afraid of, I can't even spell it out, sends shivers down my spine. This woman is just fearless, is she afraid of anything???? Respect!
  16. Enrico

    Video from yesterday's party in Morrocco!! @Bob @Ryder Isn't it a snake??
  17. Ryder

    @ Enrico We can all agree the most interaction is in the Who's That Girl movie when Murray is returned at Mr Bell's: on top of his roof he created a Brazilian Rainforest filled with animals.
  18. Ryder

    I'm assuming it's the cover of "Iconic"....
  19. Bob

    I don't understand. Watching Madonna dancing with snakes? When? Did I miss something?
  20. AspergerArtist

    Sorry I don't have any pics to include. Bad Girl, cat And there's also CGI I guess Takara commercial, dragon Frozen, doderman and crows Love Profusion, dragon flies, fish
  21. AspergerArtist

    @EyzonmeAh thanks for that. Yeah, I really couldn't find anything either. Didn't know she was invited to the tribute though. Again, thank you.
  22. LivingForLove94

    Baby goat And I've always liked this pic
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