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  2. professormouse

    There's a line in the song The Pet Shop Boys did with Pete Burns, "...I don't care What they say These days everybody's A DJ...."
  3. Papa DP

    With Guy ‘O... probably the most hated creature on the planet by Madonna fans.
  4. Papa DP

    I don’t think that will be released because it was not meant for the public.
  5. Papa DP

    Causing a Commotion maxi single remixes hands down
  6. Today
  7. Awesome choices! Love both of these and only have them on cd.
  8. BringUrLUV

    I've been reading Maternity & Pediatric Nursing by Susan Ricci, Terri Kyle, & Susan Carman for the past 4 months.
  9. Fontainebleau

    In The Forest Out of the mid-wood's twilight Into the meadow's dawn, Ivory limbed and brown-eyed, Flashes my Faun! He skips through the copses singing, And his shadow dances along, And I know not which I should follow, Shadow or song! O Hunter, snare me his shadow! O Nightingale, catch me his strain! Else moonstruck with music and madness I track him in vain! Oscar Wilde
  10. drivebitch

    That's very Mariah.
  11. Bel

    Did you ask him how he knows those things?
  12. To this day remains unreleased. Somebody posted a snipped on instrumental but could've been anything and if I remember well a guy was asking a selling price for an insane amount of money for it like 25K or something like that. Also there was the rumour that it was gonna leak in 2008 or 2012 but another new track off new album did and all went ka-boom! All circumstantial so true or not I don't know..
  13. Yesterday
  14. louis.exe

    By the way the name of my tour would be called: "THE GET UNCONSCIOUS WORLD TOUR"
  15. louis.exe

    Thank you
  16. 'True Blue Super Club Mix' and 'La Isla Bonita Super Mix' are going to be released as the next Record Store Day 2019 exclusives. La Isla Bonita on green vinyl and True Blue on blue vinyl. They will be released on April 13, 2019 (Saturday). More info here: I also made these artworks for them, to have an idea of how they'll look like:
  17. MXM

    Hi everyone! I'm Max, 26 yo from Paris. I've been listening to Madonna since the Music era around 2000. Don't tell me was my favorite song back then. What made me a big fan was the Confession tour: I was fascinated by the concept, the visuals, the music and remixes (Erotica/You thrill me). If I had to choose one song it would be Swim. My top 3 albums: Confessions on a Dance Floor / Ray of Light / Like a Prayer Favorite tour: Confessions Tour Favorite video: Vogue Favorite film: Truth or Dare Favorite album cover: Ray of light (I apologize if my english isn't always correct)
  18. TonyMontana

    Wow finally we know the truth about "Can't you see me mind" ! Thanks a lot !!!!
  19. wtg1987

    I chose DYU - second would have been Angel xx
  20. wtg1987

    Good choices - mine are : Open Your Heart(12" Extended) Rescue Me(Lifeboat Vocal) Keep It Together(12" Remix) Bad Girl(Extended) Get Together(KinkyFunk)
  21. wtg1987

    Was a tough one as its my favourite album of hers but i always go for Open Your Heart first so i chose that one xx
  22. MadonnaLove

    Happy Birthday!
  23. MadonnaLove

    Happy Birthday!
  24. TonyMontana

    It is the same person. That insider on Popjustice is Robster's insider ! I've been talking via private message with the insider on popjustice.
  25. DickTracy

    I like it. Ironic, tasteful and suggestive yet also filthy, an ideal double entendre.
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