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  2. Frank

    I think she looks great and happy, also in this one: I love to see her having some fun time. Fuck the haters and the naysayers.
  3. Frank

    Even in a positive topic like this some people can't contain their vomit. Ugh.
  4. She looks really good!!!.
  5. Today
  6. wtg1987

    I love that film too - of course if beyonce or adele had directed it the critics would have creamed their pants over it :))
  7. milingo83

  8. deathproof

  9. deathproof

    The leaks were responsible for the 5-track December pre-order release. Since the 3 singles came from this pre-order, all of their sales weren't eligible to be reported to SoundScan. This is due to a rule change that became effective on Oct 10th 2014. Since majority of the sales for those singles came from fans who did the pre-order, LFL, Ghost, and BIM never really stood a chance to chart. Had they put out a radio edit/single mix to buy, then there might have been a different outcome.
  10. deathproof

    Why not just call it that? Cause... The album version is Avicii
  11. mikenmark

    I never really understood why she used the moodskeletor sample. It didn't fit the feel of either song. Sent from my H3113 using Tapatalk
  12. Fontainebleau

    Speaking of the RH demos, I thought the S.E.X melody was gorgeous. In my opinion Kanye ruined it.
  13. Fontainebleau

    It seems the older she gets, the less the public appreciates her. Lots of people want her to go away. I think that's what you get for being a trailblazer. I think no matter how good the new album will be, there's little chance it will set the charts on fire. The same goes for the singles. I sincerely hope the new album won't be produced for the charts. I want an album made with integrity and vision, no matter the sound or style (although the 'magic' theme would be awesome).
  14. devilpray

    I love 2010's Madonna, she just seems way happier and less uptight lol. And it's nice that she seems to like her fans a bit nowadays
  15. devilpray

    New choreographers?? THANK GOD. I was expecting this to be POM Pt. 2 but make it spooky-ooky.
  16. devilpray

    The only thing I want from this new album (besides a vinyl release) is decent mixing
  17. Fontainebleau

    I think you're right.
  18. Fontainebleau

    @JasckaI looooooooove that movie!
  19. Future Lover

    Kevin Antunes being a mess, to be honest. Probably just mashed it with the first song found after googling "Rain". Stuart Price would've created a modern update or something, not just copy pasted the straight-outta-80s audio. "Music Inferno" really shits all over it.
  20. RebelMe

    As much as we complain (and love) about the RH Demos, I want to say that, not everyone cares for them, out of the hardcore bubble fans. The majority, I think, of who listens M don’t pay too much attention on demos and stuff like that. The younger generation of fans even more. So... IMO the leaks didn’t affect that much the charts.
  21. Fighter

    all speculation. BIM was one of the most well liked tracks.... I dont think the leaks made that huge of a difference. People forget what a horrible year she had in 2014, the public were not on her side at all.
  22. thefrenchprince92

    haha already got my tickets and meet and greets for opening night!!
  23. Jascka

    Not only the grills but also that shoes. Reminds me of The Witches in minute 10:36: From:
  24. Steffmad

    I still think she needs a "Magic" Hair Cut Black, Shorter, no curls
  25. natalis

    It's a question that I would love to know the answer to, but couldn't find one among the layzay "thx's"...
  26. anaglyphx

    Not saying it was bad, it just jolted me out of the show and distracted me. CGI video with no Madonna plus Annie Lennox felt like I was at a different show. Wish she would release her concepts for her tours in book form or something. Her process and choices are fascinating.
  27. natalis

    Let's see how she manages to dominate the stage this time... I only hope they will force a better setlist, better costumes, better make-up, better choreo, better hair-plugs.... so she won't appear too embarrassing in compare with the mark she set herself in the past.
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