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  3. gafuller

    Rebel Heart has some good sounds. She’s damned if she stays current, she’s damned if she doesn’t. She’s gonna pick in the now producers usually. Going back rob Mirwais was a twist, but I bet he’s doing nothing but devoting his time and energy to her. Something producers since Stuart Price haven’t really done. Orbit tried during MDNA, but even she wasn’t overly invested. But songs like Superstar sound really good in the car. A lot of attention to detail with that one... even if the lyrics aren’t spectacular.
  4. PrinceAli89

    It’s really good, the hosts both sound like super fans who really know their facts
  5. Pachequin25

    Rebel Heart shouldn't be there, I know there are some bad forgettable songs on it but it also has some of her best songs ever imo [emoji41] people say is bad because it flopped but it's 100000 times better than MDNA Enviado desde mi Moto G (5) Plus mediante Tapatalk
  6. Yesterday
  7. azrael

    hahaha this is excellent
  8. Trent

    I've been wanting a Madonna podcast in my life! I look forward to listening to this.
  9. Trent

    Like a Prayer Express Yourself Cherish Promise to Try Dear Jessie Spanish Eyes Till Death Do Us Part Oh Father Keep It Together Love Song Act of Contrition
  10. Trent

    True Blue La Isla Bonita Papa Don't Preach Open Your Heart White Heat Live to Tell Where's the Party Jimmy Jimmy Love Makes the World Go Round
  11. skyfitswim

    ok i understand , but im thinking about that periode , it could have been a smash hit almost every song of true blue
  12. Trent

    Into the Groove Dress You Up Like a Virgin Material Girl Stay Angel Shoo-Be-Doo Love Don't Live Here Anymore Pretender Over and Over
  13. master468

    Here: American Horror Story - Freak Show [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
  14. Trent

    Holiday Lucky Star Borderline Burning Up Physical Attraction Think of Me Everybody I Know It

    He musta been diving for a year now.
  16. It's always been one of my favorites. Such a feel good jam! Wish it would have hit #1.
  17. Andymad

    Me on the first single... Please let it be a gay anthem please let it be a gay anthem please let it be a gay anthem please let it be a gay anthem
  18. lucasciccone

    Since we have no news these days, I leave a meme
  19. madonnaempress

    aww so sweet
  20. The Same Parts

    Will give it a try!
  21. Lucifer's Angel

    to me sounds a bit dated and the melody is quite boring. The lyrics and message are great tho
  22. skyfitswim

    i don't understand why love makes the world go around get so low , it has a good message and emotions . the music is very dancy , i could see a verry good video with it
  23. Régine Filange

    Open Your Heart True Blue Papa Don't Preach La Isla Bonita Live to Tell Where's the Party White Heat Love Makes the World Go Round Jimmy Jimmy
  24. scottyj

    Why do innocent topics turn to fighting... whys it so hard to love one another Like a prayer Promise to try Oh father Cherish Express yourself Til death do us part Spanish eyes Love song Keep it together Dear jessie Act of contrition
  25. skyfitswim

    1. Papa Don’t Preach 2. la isla bonita 3. live to tell 4. Open your Heart 5. Where’s the Party 6. true blue 7. love makes the world go around 8. white heart 9. Jimmy Jimmy
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