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    Article with the rumors we've heard before plus some other tidbits
  3. One reason is .. The one hit wonders need money. Madonna doesnt have to rehash.
  4. I don't count those pointless reissues that are happening for years and adding nothing new. Fans always say Madonna doesn't want to release those stuff yet, because she doesn't want to become nostalgia act. But that's untrue, because Madonna wanted to release a boxset with albums and probably some additional material in 2003. Warner didn't like that idea and released Remixed and Revisited instead. So, what is the problem? Why aren't we getting remastered anniversary reissues with bonus stuff (B-sides, unreleased outtakes, demos)? Or simply a collection of those rarities? Is not working for Warner a problem? Warner and Madonna can't agree about money? A collection of outtakes is something that fans usually buy, so it won't sell a lot. So many artists have done it lately. Grace Jones, Kate Bush... There are so many one hit wonders from the 80s whose albums have been reissued with additional stuff. If one hit wonders and some forgotten pop acts can get that, why a megastar like Madonna can't?
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  6. Madonna may have chosen My Madonna Luvn to edit her new album cover and booklet photos.
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    MADONNA BAR - Friday March 1st. With Special Guest Drag Show by Ma-dani Trani and lots of surprise giveaways from NYC! Tickets:
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    What role has Fox News played in this Trump shutdown?
  11. Papa DP

    I think it’s safe to say most of her fans are over 60 years old... complaining about staying up till one or two am for her concerts to end from late start or opening act.
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  15. luckystar

    Apparently Madonna performing at Eurovison was a rumor for many years. Some fans say Eurovision can't afford her, but I doubt that is true. Even if they can't, then it is Madonna who needs to realize that kind of promo is a big deal. It is her who needs to promote new music. If she won't do it because she wants more money, then I would be disappointed. Especially, if she releases an accessible song and tries to score a hit.
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  19. Fontainebleau

    RIP Carol Channing...
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  21. This is fucking creepy and i really mean it. Thanks god he has blocked me.
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