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  2. fighting spirit

    I guess Lisbon is off for me. Back in cue, waiting time is more than an hour. So not going to pay €1200 for a single ticket...
  3. El hijo de la Pantoja

    I've been waiting for more than an hour and when it's my turn the sit is down. what a load of shit.
  4. fighting spirit

    This is so ridiculous! The site is down...
  5. FofiX

    I couldn't get ticket for €400, €300 or €200 😁they were all sold out at 10.10AM, so I bought a pretty good seat for €125.
  6. adamsapple

    shes such a night owl she has terrible sleeping habits - she seems happier in this interview (FAKE laughs and all) than the last radio interview
  7. adamsapple

    i thought there was a album listening in New York but there is no news or little reviews :(
  8. Krysuk

    I agree and was queuing from the moment they turned on the queue around 930 I knew because isn’t protected like ticketmaster and there wasn’t any pre-registration that the queue would be HUGE I would think there are a lot of bots and automated systems in these queues for the touts, agencies and scalpers Still crossing my fingers Good luck all
  9. Isma

    More than 1 hour for me to buy tickets for Lisbon... There goes all the cheap tickets with my only possibilities to assist the tour
  10. Kieran

    When does the standard public sale start for London? Sale without fan codes etc.
  11. fighting spirit

    OMFG!!! I'm in que for Lisbon - waiting time is 46 minutes
  12. Today
  13. FofiX

    10 min left for Lisbon..
  14. Jet

    Let me know what they say because I think I’d like a proper ticket now 😂
  15. The video did nothing for the song on iTunes :(
  16. Oscar Palazon

    Not today, tomorrow
  17. professormouse

    Which 'them' ?
  18. professormouse

    U know Your actually correct. I understand that some do have difficulty understanding me so these guys explain it a lot better.... !
  19. 4 remixes of "Medellín" by LA95 have been approved and shipped to clubs and will be available soon on streaming platforms: 1 dance remix 1 reggaeton remix 2 instrumental remixes (presumedly the dance and reggaeton remixes) LA95 is a producer and engineer from Canada that has already worked for Madonna before on Rebel Heart.
  20. sba83

    I just had to request a ticket on a 3 day weekend lol I hope it doesn't extend the wait..ugh just want to plan the trip already. Requested a ticket for the Saturday vegas show and will be flying from Hawaii. Flights always fill quickly from here to there which is just adding to the anxiety. I'm gonna be refreshing my bank app all weekend to see if the charge pops up. Thanks for the replies 🤗
  21. Interesting cause Crave has a rapper. Madonna breaking new grounds for them 👑😁
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