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  2. fighting spirit

    OMFG!!! I'm in que for Lisbon - waiting time is 46 minutes
  3. FofiX

    10 min left for Lisbon..
  4. Jet

    Let me know what they say because I think I’d like a proper ticket now 😂
  5. The video did nothing for the song on iTunes :(
  6. Oscar Palazon

    Not today, tomorrow
  7. professormouse

    U know Your actually correct. I understand that some do have difficulty understanding me so these guys explain it a lot better.... !
  8. Today
  9. 4 remixes of "Medellín" by LA95 have been approved and shipped to clubs and will be available soon on streaming platforms: 1 dance remix 1 reggaeton remix 2 instrumental remixes (presumedly the dance and reggaeton remixes) LA95 is a producer and engineer from Canada that has already worked for Madonna before on Rebel Heart.
  10. sba83

    I just had to request a ticket on a 3 day weekend lol I hope it doesn't extend the wait..ugh just want to plan the trip already. Requested a ticket for the Saturday vegas show and will be flying from Hawaii. Flights always fill quickly from here to there which is just adding to the anxiety. I'm gonna be refreshing my bank app all weekend to see if the charge pops up. Thanks for the replies 🤗
  11. Interesting cause Crave has a rapper. Madonna breaking new grounds for them 👑😁
  12. madmadmadgefan

    @Frank @Fighter @Lucifer's Angel @RUADJAI I have no idea how long these links will last, as they are not my uploads. Just sharing the links. Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Semi Final 1 2.5GB Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Semi Final 2 2.4GB Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Final 5GB Found here:
  13. It is Crave is being played on Hot AC stations in NY and Chicago, LA and others
  14. Ryan Walsh

    I completely understand that, everyone who is a fan (or not) has an opinion about how he would like Madonna's new music to be, because people evolve... they will not always be fans of anyone and also our music choices change throughout the years. The same thing happens to Madonna herself and every other artist. I don't blame her for focusing on money and skipping the effort for chart success or artistic success, but die hard fans should not be angry when they see fans stop being hard die ones.
  15. countthesaints

    The rainbow picture disc has shown up on her webstore. US (with a rainbow flag) UK (with a rainbow flag, 13 track standard edition CD and blue glitter deluxe cassette) All proceeds go to the Trevor Project. Europe continues to get the better of the bundles.
  16. That's a big discussion, and I am not a specialist of course, although I have a opinion on that as every1 does. But, not seeing her performing Medellin in Eurovision (doing the dance routine) I thought, ok she is not trying to have a single success.... she is just trying to promote her album. At this point of her career I think she is more interesting in money (as all other arists always are), she is a business woman, I don't think she cares at all about chart success, she could do 1000 shows in a theatre just to make this era financially successful, she cares about her children and all the dark performance with hidden messages in Eurovision was just to provoke the hard die fans to follow her through her tour. Wrong career direction. Right or Wrong, that's my opinion (of course I love 'Medellin' and 'Future' and watched the billboard awards' performance about 50 times).
  17. notbizzre

    Are the Paris emails supppsed to come in today ?
  18. Humanfly

    When I called my debit card issuer they acted like there was nothing they could do proactively and they assured me that If fraud protection picked it up I would get a text to confirm I made the charge. Makes me nervous! Lol
  19. dubbreak

    for the first round of U.S. dates (NY/Chicago/LA), we were supposed to hear by Sunday 5/19 by Noon ET -- but Chicago people started finding out Monday into Tuesday, Los Angeles Tuesday into Wednesday, and then NYC Wednesday into Thursday. And as far as I could tell -- there were no more confirmations after Thursday night or overnight into Friday AM that week. With additional dates now in NY & LA, plus all the other U.S. cities, it's safe to assume the rollout of confirmations will take longer than it did that first week, as there's many more dates to distribute. Good luck! By the way, many people were actually first alerted of their selection when the authorization hit their credit cards. Sometimes HOURS before getting the email confirmation. ***Also, it's probably a good idea to contact your credit card company NOW to give them a heads up that a larger than usual charge may be coming through in the next week. With prices so high, some credit card companies' systems flag these sales as potential fraud and then the orders don't go through -- so it's best to give them advanced notice just in case.
  20. aprilshack

    Def didn’t see that. Have messaged TM customer services to see if I can add it on at a cost.
  21. You do not seem to agree with much of what Madonna do you suggest that she should regain her place at the top of the charts? what should she concretely do to satisfy you and gain the chart-success your fandom seems to depend so desperately on? what kind of music should she release? how should she behave? how should she dress etc? Why do you think Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's new single is hitting the top of the chart almost everywhere while Madonna and Maluma's single is charting quite low? is it in your opinion about the quality of the music? Your only measurement for success is only hitting the top of the charts?
  22. New official remix by DJLW + John Christian <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
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