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  2. Blue Prince

    I'd be interested in watching anything she'd do with him I want him in his 40's
  3. emanon

    If she gets down on her knees for the teacher it can be Like a Prayer...
  4. Blue Prince

    More like LAP. In Erotica she was free. It was a joke anyway about themes and situations that usually excite her.
  5. emanon

    Like a Prayer or Erotica?
  6. Blue Prince

    Leave Madonna in a school with a uniform and a teacher as male authority and she'll start fantasizing all sorts of things again. She'll have the new Like a prayer like album ready in a month.
  7. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Why does everyone hate AL? Haha, I love every single second of it. Plus the Bridge rap part is I-C-O-N-I-C! I would say that American Life is the darker, angrier, “in your face” kind of political song, while History is more of the dancey, optimistic, “let’s all come together” one!
  8. emanon

    finally someone spoke the truth...she must go to school again
  9. emanon

    Not funny at all...she is an unapologetic bitch
  10. Régine Filange

    History is what the American Life song wished to be.
  11. emanon

    This one is priceless...and Bad ah ah ah ah
  12. Today
  13. 12inch

    We are her obedient, yet WILD, boars! We only are obedient to one goddess of the jungle. And she only appears before us once in a blue moon.
  14. madonnagreece

    WHERE'S THE NEW MUSICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC I m officially running out of MDNA in my veins, need a hint of new music asap.
  15. TonyMontana

    Just came across a slow motion clip of the blond wig video. It's amazing, she's so beautiful, and i didn't noticed on the fast video but she's dancing ! It's like a short new music video !
  16. PâtisseriexEnthusiast

    Yup! We love complaining that she’s taking forever, her teasing skills have officially surpassed Chinese water torture & that most of the speculations so far haven’t come true (fall 18 release, january news, etc) But let’s face it: THIS IS FUN! The shock we will all have once we hear the first notes of the new single will wash away all the negativity & fatigue of the past year! And we WILL be laughing about it later, while anticipating her next project... She is the ruthless dominatrix & we are the obedient pigs!! And we love it!
  17. Dark Magic

    So what US In-House Promo's a real then?
  18. scottyj

    I love that we still know nothing. All the debates have gotten us nowhere lol
  19. Dazedmadonna

  20. TonyMontana

    Beautiful stranger & American pie
  21. KaitoXD

    I SWEAR, I have this gut feeling that her music videos are going to be her in different forms: fantasy, reality and supernatural a.k.a. God.
  22. Enrico

    Maybe the hashtag #soon was just a mistake for #moon!
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