Our Mission: This forum was created to be a safe haven for Madonna fans to discuss Madonna, the artist, by expressing subjective opinions about her work without being attacked nor censored. This is the main goal of the forum and we will do everything necessary to protect this. If you do not agree with this ideal then this forum is not for you.

RULE #1: RESPECT. ThIs is the most important thing in a social platform. We’re here to interact with each other. We’re all different and have different opinions, tastes and feelings. Some like to critique more, some like to give praise more. This should not be a problem and there should not be drama when people have different opinions as long as they are respectful. No name calling, no fights. If a user is critiquing something they're not a "naysayer" nor "moaner". If a user is praising something they're not a "sheep" or "blind stan". Period.

Respect for Madonna. It is not disrespectful to dislike something related to her work as an artist. Which is what this forum is dedicated to. However, this is not a place dedicated to discussing her personal life, her children, etc. We won't tolerate disrespect towards her as a human being, nor disrespect to her children. While her image is an important part of her life as an artist, talking about her looks (ie weight and related subjects) is not very respectful. Try to be mindful of what you post and how you post it when it comes to these things. She's a human being, as the rest of us.

About the Infinity Moderation Team. We’re just people doing our best, as a hobby. The members of the team don't gain anything by maintaining this site and dealing with drama or any issues that happen in this forum. We try our best to be impartial. We have done our best to be careful about picking moderators that are good natured and only in it to help the forum and its users. We discuss problems together and try to make decisions as a team. Moderators are here to help, not to rule over others, but respect them when they're doing their job. 

About Other Websites. We do not care nor have beef with other Madonna websites. Please try not to compare or bring up other sites here as being better or worse. 

About the Admins. We sincerely want this place to be a peaceful place full of diversity of opinions and personalities, we try to be impartial but of course no one is infallible. Engage with us in good faith and we will engage the same way.

As you can see there's only one real rule. Respect. We all have to stick by it. Users, Moderators and Admins. I hope this will set the record straight about the values of the forum and what our mindset is going into the new Madonna era and the future. Please cooperate with us by cooperating with each other.