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    Me too. Here's some insider info about the track "Dark Bullet": [Hidden Content]
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    ENTER NOW:'Madame X' Album Giveaway

    View this giveaway 'Madame X' Album Giveaway Welcome to our Madame X Album Giveaway. Enter for a chance to win a version of the album! Remember that you need 100 reputation points. Prizes will be updated later in more detail Good luck to everyone! MadonnaInfinity Admins Submitter Fighter Expiration Date 2 days and 1 hour Submitted 04/26/2019 Category Madame X  
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    Sorry guys for making you wait but we had some technical difficulties!! I will be announcing the winners on this thread. We have 4 prizes and I will reveal from last to first place. 1st Place: Madame X Boxset 2nd Place: Madame X Clear Vinyl 3rd Place: Madame X Black Vinyl 4th Place: Madame X Deluxe Cassette
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    'Madame X' Album Giveaway

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    Welcome to our Madame X Album Giveaway. Enter for a chance to win a version of the album! Remember that you need 100 reputation points. Prizes will be updated later in more detail Good luck to everyone! MadonnaInfinity Admins
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    1st Place Winner: Limited Deluxe Boxset is....... @Spanky1995 Congratulations! We'll send you a message shortly to ask for your details.
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    Ahm, Maluma Ese soy yo It's ahm, Madonna Mamacita That's right Quiere estar soltera Nadie la enamora Porqué esta tan buena Que prefiere estar sola que mal acompañada Ella es así nadie la va a cambiar Es reservada, no da el celular A ningún hombre le piensa copiar Ella anda suelta y no le va a bajar I told you not to waste your time I'm not a girl you’ll drink like wine If you press pause, then I'll retreat I will not grovel at your feet Please don't fall in love with me I would rather be set free I cannot give you my all I will not make myself small For no-one Ain’t nobody – body – body Se pone creativa así luciendo su body Ain’t nobody – body – body Se pone creativa así luciendo su body Quiere estar soltera Nadie la enamora Porqué esta tan buena Que prefiere estar sola que mal acompañada Ella es así nadie la va a cambiar Es reservada, no da el celular A ningún hombre le piensa copiar Ella anda suelta y no le va a bajar Don't you try to rescue me I'm who I will always be And I'd rather be alone Than pretend to make your perfect tone I told you not to waste your time I'm not a girl you’ll drink like wine If you press pause, then I'll retreat I will not grovel at your feet, so Bye, bye, bye Ain’t nobody – body – body Se pone creativa así luciendo su body Ain’t nobody – body – body Se pone creativa así luciendo su body Se mueve pa’ arriba, pa’l centro y pa’ adentro Mueve caderas que me tiene enfermo Tú sabes bien cual es el movimiento Dale pa’ acá, pa’ acá, pa’ acá Entre más te acercas más rico te siento Sube las manos y mueve tu cuerpo Tú sabes bien cual es el movimiento Dale pa' trá, pa' trá, pa' trá And don't you forget it Chao Papi And don't you forget it Chao Papi You're going to regret it Yeah, chao Papi Bye, bye, bye Chao Papi TRACK 10. MAY 17. "Soltera" means "single", by the way ;-) I really wanna hear her sing in spanish A LOT on this one!!!!. U better do it, perra!!!.
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    "Madame X" Infinity Giveaway Winners

    3rd Place Winner: Black Vinyl is....... @RUADJAI Congratulations! We'll send you a message shortly to ask for your details.
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    Can't wait for the DVD
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    "Madame X" Infinity Giveaway Winners

    OK! 4th Place Winner: Limited Deluxe Cassette is....... @rcb4real Congratulations! We'll send you a message shortly to ask for your details.
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    2nd Place Winner: Clear Vinyl is....... @madgefan Congratulations! We'll send you a message shortly to ask for your details.
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    UPDATED: Old madonna.com goodies

    A couple of weeks ago I was using this web archive site that allows us to revisit old versions of sites we know. Of course, I tried to load the old version of madonna.com as I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was a kid (between 2001 and 2003). Unfortunately not all the elements are able to be seen, especially audios and videos, but some are still available like wallpapers and small files. I want to share with you the ones I could manage to download UPDATED!!! As I've got some positive feedback from a lot of fans, I've just added more stuff I've been able to collect from the old site! Now we have: A flash intro from 2001: [Hidden Content] A screensaver: [Hidden Content] Some wallpapers from the GHV2, the English Roses, Re-invention, Confessions, Sticky & Sweet, and MDNA eras: [Hidden Content] Collectible Flash Cards from the GHV2 era, I had completely forgotten about them! [Hidden Content] Icons promoting the American Life and English Roses eras [Hidden Content] Ps. One thing it's been impossible for me to download is the flash intro from the official Re-invention tour website that was launched in 2004. It starts with Madonna's last few verses from The Beast Within like in the original studio demo before it got reworked with added elements! I'm sure you remember it. I hope you enjoy them
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    La Isla Medellín

    I finalized my mashup of La Isla Bonita and Medellín. I hope you guys enjoy it! [Hidden Content]
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    Madonna Haters Are Desperate, Old, Tired, and Oh So Irrelevant. Can’t They Just Retire Already? David Toussaint May 7 https://medium.com/@davidtoussaint_49945/madonna-haters-are-desperate-old-tired-and-oh-so-irrelevant-cant-they-just-retire-already-befb1d32ec05?fbclid=IwAR3KpSMWB-sj3g4hSl1MsMMDUNK9lRMe9nRTQajS5LtayEFEGSjo4RGr6sQ As a diehard Madonna fan since she caked-jumped in her skivvies on the 1984 MTV awards, I’ve known for quite some time that I’m supposed to — expected to — denounce the woman. From the Far Right and their protests in the 80’s and the “musical purist” queers who damned me to hell for loving a non-tragic, puff-piped vocalist, to the general 90’s population who waged jihad on her and anyone who still paid attention to her “Sex” book and “Erotica” sins, and the relentless articles sent to me like Bible versus every time she got bad press (I got a lot of “Old Testament” articles), to the new millennium age of responding to my adoration with tweets and posts so vile it reminded me of the fire and brimstone lectures Grandma used to give me for skipping out on Church. To all of that and more, more, more, there’s a religious fervor among those who are always mad about Madonna, and their refusal to give up is like a snore. It isn’t enough that they try to nail her to her own proverbial cross; they’re determined to convert us believers to their non-Madonna way of life. It’s ironic, more than anything, because, with all their dissecting, analyzing, and endless articles and rants and comments on her irrelevancy — the most surefire way to make an artist stay relevant — they’re clueless about what Madonna fans truly care about; her music. While they’re spending all their energy and words trying to justify their logic, the faithful among us are just having 1, 2, cha cha fun. If Madonna’s albums don’t sell like they used to or her songs don’t get played on the radio or she hasn’t turned a Pepsi ban into a professional victory, her detractors seem to think that will make us loathe her. Yeah, right, we’ll burn her old patchouli-scented CDs because she’s not as Grande as Arianna. If one photo shoot or video or song resembles a previous one, they’ll tell us she’s desperate and think we’ll follow their lead, because, apparently, always evolving Taylor Swift and Beyonce have never looked or sounded even remotely similar twice. What, Madonna’s posing in the same position as she did for the “Confessions” cover? At least Cher got smart and did something new…cover Abba! Yes, Mad-haters, we know much of Madonna’s success has been built around re-invention (a strategy that pretty much every gal who’s proceeded her has followed), and that, after a gazillion albums and videos and photos she sometimes evokes her prior incarnations. We also know that if reinvention were the only key to success, everyone who’s ever switched hair colors would have more top ten hits than Elvis. They’ll vilify Madonna for working with hot, young musicians to stay noticed — because God forbid the biggest selling female singer of all time use her clout to work with the best in the business; she should stick to subway performers or Jermaine Jackson — then remind us she’s calculating. Because I’m fairly certain all those other artists just work their albums and videos and concert tours off the seat of their pants. Finally, they’ll tell us the kicker: Madonna’s old. Why didn’t she just roll over and die like every other respectable artist from the 80's? The nerve! Women say this more often than men, which speaks volumes about the collective consciousness of the “woke” millennial, #metoo-inspired feminist who believes women should have the same rights as men unless they’re pop stars. When cornered, they’ll say it’s not her really age, it’s that she doesn’t act her age. Apparently, Madge forgot to read the handbook. If you’re reading, M., know you’re in good company. Most happy, intelligent, creative types I know also forgot to read their “How to grow old, sad, fat, and de-sexed” guidebooks too. Ah, the good old 1950’s mentality! Let’s bring it back, put women in the kitchen, and Make America Madonna-Free Again (MAMA)! Thing is, we’ve heard it all before and we’re bored…with you. We respect those who don’t care for Madonna’s music or looks or politics or country of residence or current eye patch phase, but who also know how to state their position and move on. You know, like with their lives. I have friends who fit this bill and we actually get along with our differing opinions and have not gone to war. Madonna’s true haters want “GoT”-worthy battle and post just as many updates. They also won’t be happy until they spoil it for the rest of us. They’re the Mormons who invade our homes and don’t give up preaching the true faith until we slam the door shut. And then come back as soon as the devil has once again reared its musical head. Every time I write so much as a nice tweet about Madonna a Lady Gaga fan threatens me, sometimes with death — any huge Madonna follower knows I’m not kidding about this. This is crazy for a couple of reasons, the most obvious being that it’s bat-s*** crazy. Putting that aside, there’s no reason two superstars can’t exist on the same planet at the same time, and there’s no real reason to compare Madge and Gaga except when, because of sound or vision similarities, the latter has encouraged us to. “Reductive” didn’t hit viral mode until a year after every reporter, fan of both stars, and mashup begged for a comment. Thing is, they’ve both moved on. You can too. There’s an entire planet in trouble with your name on it! Of course, no article about Madonna haters would be complete without mentioning the self-described “fans” who berate her on a daily basis then profess she’ll always be their queen. (In regards to Madonna, “but I love her to death” is the new “bless her heart.”) They never like anything she does, even if it’s the lighting in the far right corner of the sixth frame of her new video, and they’ll wax sentimental over her “Ray of Light Days.” When “RoL” came out, they were waxing sentimental over her “fun, 80’s, dance days.” Ask 1,000 of these fans what they’d like her to do and you’ll get 1,000 different answers. Yesterday, they wanted smaller venues; today they’re mad that smaller venues mean harder-to-get tickets. Can’t she do anything right…for me? The kicker is that a good 90 percent of these people will tell you they’re “music industry insiders” and have secret information on the behind-the-scenes plagued-music-wars Madonna’s fighting on a daily basis and how it can be fixed. Apparently, however, they’re not quite “inside” enough to guide Madonna themselves. How is it that, with all their clout, she doesn’t converse with them on Snapchat? Call this group whatever you wish but I simply go with “irritating AF.” As Madonna gets set to release “Madame X” on June 14, there’s something everyone who’s already plotting the criticisms and hit pieces and general steam-spewing-out-their-ears tweet storms needs to know: Like the Queen herself, we’re not going anywhere. Her music makes us laugh and cry and dance and sing get up and do our thing. If that sounded a little clichéd, it’s because it’s still a little true. Yes, we criticize, we compare and contrast, we’re still baffled over the “Hard Candy” cover art. But we do it with lovable glee. Because we’re invested in this miraculous, three-decade pop star who, more than anything, hooks like a glove. The other day, after getting up and walking my newly-blind dog, then sitting in a dentist chair for six hours because, after four months, they still can’t get my teeth fixed correctly, talking to my mother with dementia, talking to my friend with cancer, walking four miles on three hours sleep to get rid of this brand-new stomach bulge, putting ice on my thrown-out back, then getting an email that said a job I desperately needed had been postponed, I tuned out everything else and blared Madonna’s new single on the headphones. In fewer than four minutes time I’d lost myself in a wonderful world of music that sounded like multi-colored tulips in a garden of Willy Wonka pure-imagination pop. To put it simply, I rose.
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    Madonna | I Rise | May 3

    Do you guys like Madonna for Madonna or just Hung Up and Into the Groove?
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    I Got Signed By A Record Label

    Hello everyone. I thought I’d share some news from my life with you. There’s been a lot happening in my little corner and I haven’t participated in much discussion lately as it’s been keeping me busier than usual, and in a lot of ways, made me think and feel differently about a lot of things. Some of you may know; I’m autistic and live quite openly with it as it’s not something I can easily hide. I’m also an artist. I’ve just had my 7th solo exhibition here in London. From 1999 to fairly recently I remixed quite a lot. I go way back to the Audiogalaxy, Napster, MIRC and WinMx days. In 2014 I was remixing for a new unofficial Madonna project called Gift of Love and one of the tracks is a collaboration with Dubtronic. But life snowballed in the way that life tends to do and I’m yet to find the “right time” to put all online. In late December last year I started writing songs and came up with 19 instrumental demos. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the songs as I’m not a singer. All I do is play keyboards. But I kept working on the songs and by January I had 17 songs I wanted to move forward with. The instrumentals just weren’t working though. A lot of my friends are guitarists and bassists for bands here in London, but it’s really difficult to explain what it was I was looking for. So, in February I started learning to play and began exercising and training my non-singing voice. One of the songs I was excited about was Witchcraft. I played it to a musician friend of mine and he hooked me up with his record label. By March I had 13 tracks for an album to release and a recording contract with an indie label. We shot the video and premiered it at the launch for my Spellbound exhibition in April. Two weeks from today my 1st single comes out, with another one following in July and the album on August 16th. I ended up playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, flute, violin, xylophone, tambourine and keyboards and singing on all 13 songs I wrote and produced. Maybe it’s my autistic brain, but I get the feeling I should be more excited than I am. I am happy, but I’m always planning ahead. In a short space of time I’ve had to learn how to storyboard music videos, write shooting scripts, direct and manage a basic working knowledge of various instruments to get what I wanted. But I’ve also had to admit that mastering my tracks on my own is too complex and I’ve been getting a lot of support with that to meet tight deadlines, months ahead of the release date. As for the songs themselves, it feels like it’s the most naked I’ve ever been. Writing about things I’ve experienced, or long to experience; it’s different from painting, especially since you have to sing it. There’s no masking, no hiding and no pretending. I’ve never been very good at that. I’ve become adept to letting people know what I’m thinking with my paintings, but I’ve somehow held onto my feelings. But with music, I find I can let them go with my voice, my words and my melodies. Despite me being here, pop music is not something that gets my attention. I’ve always liked The Smiths, Siouxsie, The Cure, Nico, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division. Lately listening to a lot of MM, NIN, Perfect Circle, Rammstein and Emigrate. I like guitars, whether its acoustic guitar, bass lines or power chords on an electric guitar. Drones with a violin bow or dark, gloomy, shoegaze chords. I’ve become wildly passionate about fretting and am grateful for the pain in my fingers. This new experience has definitely killed any interest I have in remixing other people’s songs and has taught me to respect the artist’s original intentions for the song as I’m not really keen on my own songs being remixed, having spent the past 4 months getting them to where I want them. So, that’s what I wanted to share with you. There aren’t that many discussions where I can easily insert myself, so sometimes I start my own. Witchcraft will be out Friday May 17th on streaming platforms. Kindest wishes, P.
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    if Madonna did what everybody did she wouldnt be who/where she is today - I assume you knew that when you registered to this forum
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    BREAKING NEWS: Nuno Xico (director) found homeless and threatened with death by mysterious 60 years old woman
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    I'm loving the Portugal influence on the songs so far... *sarcasm off*
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    OMG thank you so much im just running around my living room loony ❌❌❌
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    If MadonnaInfinity wore a red dress...
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    Overall it was lovely, I hope she goes bigger for Eurovision... hopefully Gaultier will come up with a great outfit. Anyways when she radiates happiness its hard to nitpick. Everything went well and we can sleep. Also use the ignore button
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    What people need to understand is that: IT’S NOT IN MADONNA’S HANDS ANYMORE! It doesn’t matter if she releases the next Like A Prayer or the next Jimmy Jimmy. It’s not about quality & you know it. It’s not about the songwriting, the genre nor the radio-friendly potential of the song either... Living For Love, Ghosttown, GGW, Masterpiece, Miles Away, Jump, Get Together: all deserved to be bigger hits & be classified as classics. So let her follow her instinct & release whatever makes HER happy (& the majority of the fanbase, if you haven’t noticed). Medellin is a summertime anthem, it cheers everyone up & even non-fans found themselves loving it more & more. Otherwise, just wait for the rest of the album. She’s already giving us a completely different tune this week: I Rise.
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    The only person stealing from Madonna fans... is Madonna.
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    I was right, where's my prize?

    Pay up bitches. I got you the exclusive, and softened the blow for many of you so you could prepare yourself for today. Hope I helped! I'll be keeping an eye for European stuff.
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    OMG This song is amazing omg. My favorite so far im shook
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    Re-edited as the Set Me Free Remix is the one that starts with same intro as the video and heres the clip of the Sphinx I got given [Hidden Content] and for penetration we're having that with price tickets if those are indeed real and true.
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    Oh dear lord... the meltdowns over a chart position. For those in despair, ask yourself: would the song be any different if it had gone to number 1? No, so either you like it or you don't, and that's all that matters. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I work for Universal Pictures, and a colleague who had previously worked for Warner Records said it was common practise to buy up all the stock of a new single/album release, to ensure a higher week 1 chart position and - prepare yourselves - that included Madonna's records too. Sorry to break anyone's heart, but all her chart success up until now wasn't purely down to 'great artistry' and being under 40. Now, I don't know if this is true of streaming numbers, but we should all know by now that Facebook and Twitter users can be bought, so why would anyone believe that streaming and YouTube numbers are actually organic too? Of course they're not! Don't be naive. It's all Marketing done to establish taste cultures that drive the industry forward - you tell people something's popular, they start to believe it, and it become self-fulfilling. I said it in earlier post and I'll stress it again - the singles chart, as it exists today, as it has always been, serves a particular age demographic. When you were a teenager were you buying new music from any artist 5 years shy of their pension? No? Probably not. So why is anyone surprised or care if Madonna doesn't appeal to that age group now? Madonna is 60 years old. There's nothing wrong with being 60, but there's also nothing wrong with young people having an affinity to artists closer to their own age and experience. So in conclusion, if you don't like the song - don't listen to it. Many won't. Who cares. But if you do like it, then enjoy this moment - relax, grab a cocktail, crank up Medellin and chill...
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    How dare you insult people for just expressing their opinion? We have a brain and are entitled to express our views which may be different than yours!
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    I really don't understand why everyone is bitching about this. I thought it was great! Yes, same old Like A Prayer, and Quavo has the personality of a spoon, but I thought it was really good. The visuals were amazing! Bravo M!
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    'Future' Release on 5/17/2019

    Taking Swae Lee out would remove so much of the texture. So glad Madonna fans have no influence on the music.
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    I'm overwhelmed with happiness with this era. I just cannot find the words to express how grateful i am, how everything is beyond amazing, the music, the visuals, how she looks so stunning... it's good surprise after good surprise. Thank you Madonna. All my life, you're the best, the queen of pop, for ever. Nothing and no one will ever come close to her.
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    Crave is IT. THIS is what Madonna in 2019 has to sound like. I'm so in love with this song/era. We are so spoiled. 30+ years into her career and she keeps delivering. It's not that she gets it, she IS it. Sorry lol I'm so excited about this album.
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    I find it really sad that some fans are SO distracted by streaming numbers, chart positions and competition with younger artists, that they can't see the bigger picture: 1) Madonna is really passionate & proud of her new project. She is 100% dedicated, ambitious & has re-invented her sound & image after a LOOOOONG TIME. She looks fucking happy & full of life at the age of 60, has more drive than 99.9% of her colleagues, old & young, even though she could easily announce her retirement after 40 years in the business, buy an island in the middle of nowhere & just enjoy motherhood & her riches. Do not take anything she does for granted... 2) Medellín has been critically acclaimed by music critics, loved by majority of fans and has also attracted NEW FANS, thanks to the genre-experimentation & collaboration with Maluma, fans who could potentially become full time Madonna supporters & discover / buy her catalog from now on. 3) IF YOU CARE ABOUT CHARTS, KNOW YOUR TERRITORY! Madonna hasn't had a truly successful SINGLE since 4 minutes (don't even bother mentioning GMAYL, no one remembers that except us, it's not an M classic, period.). Where Madonna actually has a chance of being no.1 at would be the ALBUM CHARTS, the TOUR CHARTS, the PHYSICAL SALES CHARTS. So focus on those if you really need to, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT STREAMING POSITIONS, it's just not meant to be. QUALITY & PURE SALES >>> CHEAP STREAMS & DESPERATE REPLAYS 4) Don't forget to actually enjoy & indulge in the Madame X era, the new songs, the new performances, interviews, tour dates, show appearances, music videos and everything else that will follow... We all know how unpredictable & ironic life is, so let's appreciate & respect what we are given, because it could be the last thing she gets to give us...
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    I think if we focus on how much it sells or how high it goes to on Billboard and all of those things we're not gonna be focusing on her art.
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    Rather be hated than ignored. It was with these words that Madonna responded to a umpteenth controversy in an old interview. Well, well done. Everyone is talking about her today, the people, the newspapers and all the news sites and her fucking fans first of course. Even the Israeli Prime Minister has something to say about it. Whether it's for her false notes or the controversy with the Palestinian flag, she is in the spotlight and once again creates controversy. So I just want to show her my respect and say bravo and well played bitch. Once again you have won. One again you piss off everyone. So talented! Who said she was over? Long live the queen!!
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    Let's be honest, the performance was very weak. She was tremendously nervous, terribly out of tune and cast as a dummy. She "doesn't like to repeat herself", so what the hell she decided to replicate EXACTLY the MET performance plus MDNA Tour intro but in a worse way? Furthermore, does she know she's just lost the chance to promote her new album in front of 200 millions people all around the globe? She should have sung Madellin, for Christ's sake, we are about to enter the summer and that song is perfect. The Eurovision is a moment to celebrate happiness, nobody was in the mood to understand her political, criptical but let's say very basic message. I got it of 'course 'cause I'm a fan (it was very obvious that the flags on dancers' back were added later) but do you really think it was the best choice? You're going to one of the few occasions where Europe seems very compact and cheerfull and you try to let people feel sorry about what's happening? I know everything is terrible, of course, but do you really think european people didn't know about it? Everybody during the show shared words of compassion and love so her message wasn't that "bad ass" as someone said. I know she really care about this things but in my opinion she was really out-of-context. I fear she doesn't believe in herself anymore, she's still trying to get attention by running after young american rappers that are so different from her. It seems we are stuck in the Rebel Heart era with the same music, messages, themes (Joan of Arc again, really? It was a beautiful concept that she never used in a proper way). Where's Madame X? Where's the magical and liberating vibe we tasted in Medellin? I'm very disappointed right now. I feel sorry for her 'cause she has always been a perfectionist, but from MDNA it seems she can't get back right on the track. Was the "Wake Up" message also for her? I hope so. And please stop with all the nonsense about "negative comments" or "haters fans" in the forum and try to face the facts. If a great amount of the comments right now are negative, maybe is because something is not going really well. We are that critical only because we cared about her very much! It's not that hard to understand...
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    I am so proud to be a fan of such a wonderful human
  44. 12 points
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    I don't mind AT ALL if she uses elements from the LAP MET 2018 performance. U wanna know why? Because all that we got from that "private" event was the not-so-good edited video from her YouTube channel, which i'm really glad we got tho, don't get me wrong, because until we got that one, all we had were fanmade montages so the official one was way better, specially for the audio. But THIS TIME, it's gonna be different because we'll get what it's gonna be broadcasted, u know what i mean? So people won't complain on the editing of the video, or that it uses Instagram fan footage, etc etc etc PLUS, don't forget we're getting TWO BRAND NEW FINAL SONGS, unlike "Beautiful Game", which wasn't a final version i guess. So to say it's gonna be a MET 2018 2.0 is, uhm, reductive. BRING IT ON.
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    I don't understand the "fans" running to the leaks after what happened with Rebel Heart
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    vogue magazine ?

    [Hidden Content]
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    Madame X Tour May 6 Announcement

    Madame Xpensive
  49. 12 points

    Madame X Tour May 6 Announcement

    It's not being negative. A huge percentage of us can't afford a 1.000 € ticket, or more. Even if i have it i'm not spending a thousand in a Madonna show. I'd rather eat and pay my bills.
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    Just woke up and im so happy. Shes happy, relaxed, the performance was very unpretentious and the technology was used in a very humorous way when it couldve been something just to 'show off' or seem cool. It puts a smile on your face. I love it 💖💖💖
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