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    What's next... ?

    I just want a good album that feels like a complete thought rather than just a random collection of songs. That's all. I don't really care about a tour. If she gives us a truly good album and then decides to not tour, I will be COMPLETELY okay with that.
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    The New Album - 2019!!

    Your image has been reported multiple times. Do not post any images that symbolizes hate.
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    What's next... ?

    Funny that if you take COADF out of the equation, it's been one big damage cycle since American Life lol. I wonder how Rebel Heart era would have been had the leaks not happened. The potential was there to fix the mess left behind by HC and MDNA, but it seems that as soon as the songs appeared online, the project lost its compass. Even the final re-inventions that some tracks ended up getting felt forced and didn't make sense if compared to the quality that the demos had (e.g, the title track, Wash All Over Me, Graffiti Heart). But, answering the question, I think that Rebel Heart was a mix of true artistic vision (lyrically, it was a departure from Spanish Lesson, Incredible, GMAYL, Girl Gone Wild, Superstar (The Bitch's songs are more statements than silly songs)) and damage control (having the hot producers of the moment working on it; Diplo and Avicii). And the new album seems to follow the same path, even if the producers this time aren't A-list(ish) worldwide (in terms of popularity, not quality). But, for her career's sake, there most be something in the music, lyrics and image that separates this new album from RH, MDNA and HC. Of course that Interscope/Livenation will do nothing again to promote it, but the question here is not exactly its comercial sucess; but its identity. Erotica was unequal to Like A Prayer. Evita was poles apart from Dita. Ray Of Light, Music, American Life and Confessions all were different from each other. And that's what Madonna means for the grand public. But, just like her first three albums, the last three ones all feel like just one (I'm including RH as the final chapter of the hot mess cuz its disorganization was on a par with the other two). In my opinion, this new one should/must be an unique era on its own. Not exactly bigger than the ones before (if it happens, great), but better. Everything associated with them should be left behind (Candy Shop, Minaj, grills, etc.). Madonna can do whatever she wants (as she will, of course), but, for real, that chain must be broken; it's past its time and it didn't do her any good. Her brand needs desperately something new. And now.
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    I can see the setlist now Music Ray of Light [Insert New Song] La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer Vogue Like a Virgin Human Nature Candy Shop [Insert New Song] Holiday
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    Original Miles Away Video?

    Never heard of this either. She was already on tour by the time Miles Away was released as a third single so if anything, the montage video was done simply as the fact she probably didn't have the availability to film something. The most I remember hearing about the song was it was used in Japanese television show called "Change." Though, I wouldn't put it past her to film something while on tour. Didn't we get "Turn Up The Radio?"
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    What's next... ?

    I hope that we will get a more focused and cohesive album from her, preferably with introspective and/or political lyrics. I am also interested in her idea of creating more intimate shows instead of huge world tours. Maybe this album will mark the beginning of a new chapter in Madonna's career.
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    Short behind the scenes look at EABF tour
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    What's next... ?

    A new album, three/four singles if we are lucky. Some well shot videos similar to how she was going with the Rebel Heart campaign, traditional promo and a promo tour/eventually tour after she concludes the album promotion. I would definitely love some magazine spreads and another in-depth interview along the lines of Howard Stern again. That was one of her best!
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    The New Album - 2019!!

    I'd KILL for another tight, cohesive album like "Music." Short and sweet.
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    A news coming from The Sun? Must be legit
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    Kylie Minogue - (KM15 on the way)

    There could be a golden re-release or maybe the original album alongside say 8 new songs as a bonus disc and some remixes maybe. Im thinking maybe 8 of the more dance pop tracks including the Sigala collab or it could be a brand new album. I'm unsure.
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    The New Album - 2019!!

    Of course we have! There is a big group of fans here who wish she relied more on musicians (a bass player is missing!!) and real vocals. We can't hear her backup singers and miss the beautiful harmonies of Niki and Donna. We wonder what Mont Pittman plays during Take a bow which is basically the original instrumental. You can read the RHT thread! We have been discussing this fir months! I don't think her voice can improve much, but with less dance maybe she will sing more. MDNA was the most difficult and the less sung. But I hope she hires a new musical director for better choices and better arrangements.
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    I made a game, want to play?

    Actually I was going for ‘HeartBreakCity’, but you’re also right!
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    Madonna's Lesbian Love Letter

    Anyone in the US willing to dial the number written in the letter?
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    My favorite producer has to be William Orbit because he's the only one that has made me want to listen to his independent work. The man has created several records in the last 3 decades with a specially distinctive brand and signature sound... and not only that, he's got this ackward charming personality that must have attracted Madonna from the very beginning. I cannot explain it further but they both are a perfect combination and it's been proved in their different collaborations.
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    Madonna's Lesbian Love Letter

    Like autographs? It's exactly the same thing. Stop acting all high and mighty. Madonna fans would buy her garbage if given the chance.
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    Here I am with Chase, my three year old Belgian Malinois. He's a working dog, trained to give emotional support. The other photo is from this morning, haven't shaved yet, or even taken my Ritalin.
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    Predict Beautiful Game's Peak!

    I no longer care about the peak as streaming has ruined the chart system. Buying the record speaks volumes no pun intended. It has a memory in it or at least for me and buying the record shows your support and that it holds something dear to you. Anyone can stream a song over and over.
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    Hunny the lips are flowin!!
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    We are such a beautiful Family!!!.
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    The New Album - 2019!!

    I'm here for a Nicki Minaj featuring and a Candy Shop re-recording.
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    The New Album - 2019!!

    If it leaks, it won't be a "on sale" the next day that will save it. Downloads will be all over the place. In my opinion, the right thing to do is to stay away from any kinda of Internet connection. Just produce it like in the 80s and 90s, with people on studio. If the tracks need to move around to be heard/worked, do it in hard disks and plug it to a disconnected computer. That's the lesson that should have been learned from Rebel Heart. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
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