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    Happy belated 5th anniversary to our forum. [June 9] I forgot. Thank you guys for being a part of this forum and constantly helping us by contributing in any way you can, with files, information, or keeping the peace. It is very appreciated. đŸ€—đŸ’‹
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    "Dark Ballet" theme now available!
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    Sorry I haven't been here as often as I'd like, but wanted to say that Madame X is a triumph and HOLY FUCK I still can't play anything else! We are truly lucky to live in the Madonna era.
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    We need god control #GodControlNow
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    I think some people are confused. This may be our community but you're also a guest in my house. We can all debate, disagree all day and even get a little heated and that's fine, but if you're going to be a toxic person, you're not entitled to staying. Find somewhere else.
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    Hey guys, I know I may not know a lot of you and was gone for a while. Was dealing with a lot of personal demons and being assaulted by my recent ex (in many ways, physically, sexually emotionally) and have been trying to adjust to living a normal life again. I'm not a big fan of religion or anything in particular but I like coming here to see us excited about new Madonna music, videos, discussing even if we tend to disagree. I remember butting heads with Liam and before he left, he gave me advice about possibly getting help. This isn't a pity post but I just wanted to let you guys know I'm glad to find a place and be among great Madonna fans that even on the worst day of my recovery, it makes me feel good seeing you all get excited and enjoy tracks, rumours, news, photoshoots.
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    Love that Mix..MedellĂ­n (feat. Maluma) [Sak Noel Remix]. sounds Cool!!
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    I'm sorry that I had some heated comments. Sometimes I can, sometimes can't really avoid it...I'm very passionate about "my things". Sometimes I can be a jerk. Other times I can be who I like to be. This is who I'm. Then, in some of those times comes the guilty feeling...I wish I was perfect, but I'm not, and I guess I will never be. Sorry, seems to be the hardest word sometimes...but when you are honest to yourself, even if the tears fall...you will feel better. Have a great Madame X era everyone! P.s- I'm a sinner and did what most don't admit they did, but I will redeem my sin. Madame X is the record I never hoped for and it's great! P.s.2- I needed to do this
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    I became a Madonna fan in 2001 when I found a copy of “The Immaculate Collection” in my grandma’s house and fell in love with all the songs, especially “Rescue Me”.
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    I got the Book edition of Madame X and the CD sounds AMAZING! Ahhhhhhh I can't believe how this album refuses to let me listen to anything else
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    Now what...

    Now what...
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    I love funana, the sound and the lyrics.. but why not michael jackson was mentioned?
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    Welcome back

    Welcome back
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    Coming back with different accounts to troll and insult is lowwww, you're not harming us, you're just acting like a clown. Have some dignity please. 😱
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    Madame x vinyl is out on chile!!! and theres some videos snipets on instagram!
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    Dark Ballet is AMAZING. Holy shit.

    Dark Ballet is AMAZING. Holy shit.
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    Love the new theme !

    Love the new theme !
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