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    The Tag Police is back! BAT Dallas

    The Tag Police is back! BAT Dallas
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    Can't believe it's taken me all these years to finally get all four of these :)
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    Dear Everyone: Hopefully we can move on from @$$gate soon, for now all we can do is try to be as tolerant and as respectful as possible. Even if we dont like what we read or see. (including respecting M as a person).... if you cant find it in yourself to respect others then this isnt the community for you.
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    Happy (late lol) Holidays! I've been really busy but I'll never leave I swear! I hope you all had a great start this new year!
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    Wishing everyone's new year's resolution(2019) comes true. To the madonna infinity forum
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    The family that plays together stays together. Happy New Year ;)
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    G House

    Happy new year my bitches!

    Happy new year my bitches!
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    merry christmas to people who celebrate it ❤️️ and have a great day 😬
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    Frozen Remix was uploaded to her channel.
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    I never thought any other B-roll clips would surface and the fact that the ROL B-roll snippets came out from Tag Police gives me some sort of hope (a Ray Of Light if you will huehuehuehuehuehue) that some more footage will leak.
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    pure joy

    pure joy
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    Oh u r here too ny1 Im Rebel Bitch
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    I can't believe @Fighter was forced to close the Stonewall thread. What's the point of being a Madonna fan if we don't listen to her? "Share what you know with someone you don’t agree with! Try it! Get outside of your comfort zone! Let’s close up the distance between one human being and another. Are you ready to do that?"
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    Hoping everyone on madonna infinity have a wonderful new years. and all there dreams come true. in 2019.
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    Maybe I can Answer your Xmas photo request :O I'm finally Back!
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    k yall want christmas, i got you.
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    Christamas is right here ladies and gents, wich means this is the right call for a gesture of kindness and generosity. Our hearts are full of hope for a ROL demo assembly sharing! For all the rest, be happy during these holidays and get preared for an amazing new year! Love you all
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    Isn't there an HQ version of Love Won't Wait? All the ones I've found sound like they were recorded through a telephone. In 1957. From Tokyo to Lisbon. Underwater.
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    a work in progress...

    a work in progress...
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