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    "I Don't Search I Find" SPOILER: [Hidden Content]
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    The drag queen video is for: [Hidden Content]
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    THIS IS...... [Hidden Content]
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    This guy has posted snippets of all 13 tracks on his Instagram stories. I haven't listened and don't intend to. So spoilers ahead .. [Hidden Content]
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    'Dark Ballet' Release on 6/7/2019

    Didn't a review [guessing Lucy O') said Mercy was the least interesting track in her opinion but Batuka intrigues me as curious to know what part David was involved in..... Ok likings and preferences are personal but heres a score off a forum published few hours ago... [Hidden Content]
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    Is on the web already [Hidden Content]
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    For those interested, Apple Retail is promoting Madame X! These screensavers are on every demo device on the sales floor in every Apple Store. Check it out! [Hidden Content]
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    So I can see the thirst is very strong here, I made a little DJ minimix about 30 minutes to calm down u hoes and hopefully tide u over until Friday [Hidden Content] It's like buenos aires meets tribal drums, holiday sounds better with trap 2019, some girls can do 2step garage, ghosttown story meets up down suite meets the sphinx in a dream, frozen love spent fantasy type shit. I've been playing with mashups again hope u dig.
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    i recored it as well with an intro of madonna thats cool... BBC INTERVIEW JUNE13TH WITH JO WHILLY ( exttended ) [Hidden Content]
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    FANS OF MADONNA WHEN... releases a new album: DISAPPOINTED releases a new single- DISAPPOINTED goes on Tour: DISAPPOINTED is trying to make the world a better place: DISAPPOINTED Takes a break from music: DISAPPOINTED
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    This is what I expect from Madonna at this point in her career. You did the pop thing, the massive hit, the anthem, you got people's attention...now go be experimental and do what you want to do. Without having to meet anyone's expectations of what a Madonna track should sound like. This is brilliant!!!! Thank you Madonna and Mirwais. Her best stuff has always come out of her work wirh Mirwais... in my opinion.
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    I will be doing this: listen to one of her albums per day until the 14th!
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    For anyone who hasn't seen inside the limited edition Blue cassette release. I opened a copy to actually play it. No need to worry guys the cassette is actually printed on, you just can't see it when it's sealed 🙏🏻😊💙
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    This will probably be the last Madame X album thread 🤙, it's been a long journey with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages, drama, excitement and shenanigans, but the album is finally here. Beginning with New Zealand, the album is available on all platforms on June 14 at 00:00 hours. If you ask for illegal links you will get a warning / banned. I also don't wanna see any talk about insiders or useless back and forths about insiders. Nobody cares. Enjoy the album.
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    Standard edition, love the disc.
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    Madame X Reviews

    I've been reading reviews of Bruce Springsteen's new album (they're all positive - good for him, he's a brilliant artist). I've read 4 so far and not one of them focuses on his age or how many years it's been since he had a top 10 hit (25 in both UK and US). They just focus on the music. Funny that.
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    This is a POSITIVE thread for fans of Madame X who are excited about all things concerning Madame X. Debbie Downers, kindly leave this thread alone. No off topics, please. Keep all discussion on previous albums in their respective threads such as the ERA threads. Madame X fans, enjoy the countdown and celebrate the release! View Countdown @ https://yourcountdown.to/madame-x-1559003307 https://yourcountdown.to/madame-x-1559003307#.XOyB428rsIc.facebook
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    I was able to fix Batuka. Here is a before and after clip of how I fixed the outro. It is a short clip of the end of the track to demonstrate the correction. The clip starts right near the part where the glitch is (at about :3 seconds in). The fixed outro starts at :18 seconds. [Hidden Content]
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    It was Great! She was chatting for an hour taking questions from the audience. She sang a few lines of miles away acapella to a guy on the balcony and talked about the tour; Madame X tour Definitely NOT acoustic or unplugged, she said she ”will be very much plugged!” And sounded disgusted at being unplugged. It’s not a staged musical It will be a full Madonna show in an intimate setting with chat Give it 2 me not in the set list (in reply to a girl who wanted info and kept saying Give it to me!) Some guy shouted “Get your tits out” “I already have!” She quipped The Bad Girl Book is part inspiration She gave a guy Butterfly dance lessons, signed a guys tattoos, inspected some Madame X tattoos, and was in really great form. I think it was about an hour, and I will never forget it. Truly one off, and even though I was literally in the back row!
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    Madame X is #1 in 54 countries on iTunes! https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/madonna.html
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    @LindebergBoythis is not a forum dedicated to you. Everyone please just stop turning the attention to these 'insiders'. Its annoying to everyone else. Focus on M and the album. Thats what this forum is for.
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    If I'm being honest I haven't liked a single Tracy Young remix of Madonna ever.
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    Here mega.co.nz/hkBuy5MadameXi0in4Daysxox
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    It's not uncommon for things to be sold in advance, it happens. Stop being jealous of other people and being rude, at least they shared pictures with you.
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    UPDATED June 3: Old madonna.com goodies

    A couple of weeks ago I was using this web archive site that allows us to revisit old versions of sites we know. Of course, I tried to load the old version of madonna.com as I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was a kid (between 2001 and 2003). Unfortunately not all the elements are able to be seen, especially audios and videos, but some are still available like wallpapers and small files. I want to share with you the ones I could manage to download UPDATED JUNE 3!!! As I've got some positive feedback from a lot of fans, I've just added more stuff I've been able to collect from the old site! Now we have: A flash intro from 2001: [Hidden Content] A screensaver: [Hidden Content] Some wallpapers from the GHV2, the English Roses, Re-invention, Confessions, Sticky & Sweet, and MDNA eras: [Hidden Content] Collectible Flash Cards from the GHV2 era, I had completely forgotten about them! [Hidden Content] Icons promoting the American Life and English Roses eras [Hidden Content] NEW Nobody Knows Me flash intro from 2004: [Hidden Content] NEW The re-Invention Tour flash intro from the official site [Hidden Content] NEW The Confessions Tour animated banners from the official 2006 site [Hidden Content] I hope you enjoy them
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    Man I’m showing my age but I miss the days of getting the bus into town, buying a new release, reading the booklet and lyrics on the way back home thinking, that song is probably a ballad, that one is probably a thumping dance track. There’s no real surprise anymore!
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    Madame X Reviews

    https://www.thewaymagazine.it/leisure/madonna-recensione-di-madame-x-e-lalbum-del-coraggio/ Madame X is described as "the album of boldness". The album is better than what has transpired through the singles so far. It is rich of up-tempo songs and it features innumerable live instruments on almost all tracks: piano, strings, acoustic guitars. Medellin is the tracks with the least vocoder/autotune-affected vocals. Dark Ballet is described in details and called a masterpiece. They mention the video. God Control: "absolute musical frenzy", "Madonna is possessed by the musical genius of Prince", it starts with a gospel choir and piano and then becomes a 70's disco anthem. It reminds the journalist of Deeper and deeper, but the structure is more articulated. It ends with countless voices saying "Wake up" as the song fades. Madonna doesn't sing the lyrics in a clear manner. Batuka: "a tribal marching rhythm accompanies the Batukadeiras choir, singing over an unusual electronic instrumental. It ends with a gypsy-sounding string solo" Future is looked upon favourably, but it isn't strong choice to represent the album. Killers: fado music mixed with electronic music. Same lyrics we know, lots of singing in Portuguese. Sings about being an outcast in the world. The journalist would have preferred live percussions to the ones present in the song. Crave is judged better-written than Medellín and would deserve more appreciation than it has received, according to the journalist. Crazy: more pop-sounding but rich in ethnic influences. It has an extremely catchy refrain. It starts with harmonics, then it becomes reggae and features lots of strings. She says "ti amo" and "immerges herself in the Latin world more than ever before" Come alive: the journalist doesn't like this song. Madonna converses with many different Madonnas, changing vocal effects. Faz Gostoso: great-sounding. Bit nostalgic and it ends in a Brasilian carnival-sounding celebration. The author praises the inclusion of these many world music influences coming from a white American woman in her 37th year of career. Extreme Occident: “I went to the far right, far left, I tried to recover, my center of gravity. I guess I’m lost, I had to pay the cost”. When she gets to the part where she sings about the girl who moved to the Far east from the Midwest, it becomes Bollywood-sounding. Bitch I'm Loca: Maluma acts all macho and flirty and Madonna answers in a sensual way. “Do you want me to play with it?” viene risposto “you can put it inside”. The journalist doesn't feel this song was necessary or that its inclusion is justified in the album. I don't search I find: "the Vogue of the present" is described as having weak lyrics. Looking for mercy: the journalist thinks that it should have been included in the standard edition. Madonna sings with a warm voice over string and a theatrical atmosphere that reminds of an Adele song. “I need to survive, looking for mercy, looking for somebody to teach me love”. I rise: not a worthy album closer, the only line they liked being "there's nothing you can do to me that hasn't been done" They explicitly say that they don't want to mention her age, but praise the sound and experimentation coming from an artist that's in her 37th year since her debut. "A boldness that many of the popstars that walk in her footprints can only dream of"
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    'Dark Ballet' Release on 6/7/2019

    Anybody who thinks Rebel Heart or MDNA had better production than these tracks is fucking deaf. That is all.
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    Madame X Reviews

    Ever since she emerged from New York in the early 1980s, Madonna’s moderate abilities in music, singing and dancing have been more than made up for in searing ambition, an ability to work with the right people at the right time and a brittle form of bravery, with outer toughness masking inner frailty. Now comes probably her boldest, certainly her strangest, album yet. Madame X veers between pop, Latin and clubby dance music, jumps from the personal to the political and is bound together by an exotic, breezy mood that feels strangely intimate, as if she is revealing a hitherto hidden part of her soul. She isn’t really, of course, but she does a good job of pretending she is. Dark Ballet, recorded with the French producer Mirwais, throws all of these qualities into one three-part experimental epic. Over piano-led, minor-key pop, Madonna variously tells us that she can dress like a boy or a girl as she wishes, castigates the world for being obsessed with fame and concludes by saying that some unnamed people, at a guess Donald Trump and his team, are naive to think that we aren’t aware of their crimes. At one point she says something indecipherable in a half robot, half Disney princess voice. It is quite a trip. Then there is Killers Who Are Partying, on which Madonna goes the full Bono as she identifies with Africa, poor people, exploited children and pretty much everyone else who isn’t a rich, old, golf-playing white man. “I’ll be poor, if the poor are humiliated,” she claims over a touch of Portuguese fado, and although you suspect that she isn’t really about to give up her life as the most successful female pop star yet and wander the Earth as a penniless ascetic, the sentiment is there. “I’ll be Islam if Islam is hated,” she continues. “I’ll be Israel if they’re incarcerated.” World peace through song may be a naive endeavour, as John Lennon found out five decades ago, but this flash of idealism at a time of rising global division is welcome nonetheless. There are straightforward pop songs, such as the country-leaning Crave and the English/Portuguese Crazy, but the most captivating moments push the boat out. The Latin-tinged Batuka has a wayward quality reminiscent of Brazil’s late-1960s tropicalia movement and features the unequivocally Trump-bashing line “Get that old man and put him in jail”. It wouldn’t be a Madonna album with a bit of overt sexuality and Faz Gostoso (“make it tasty”) pours the sauce over a samba rhythm, while on I Don’t Search I Find she reconnects with her core audience via the medium of high-energy, pumping house music. Finally comes I Rise, an empowerment anthem with a sample of the now-famous speech by the Parkland shooting survivor Emma González.
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    looking for mercy is one of the best songs of the album as a ballade , just like masterpiece from mdna and messiah from rebel heart they fits together. the vocals are true madonna And the music is magic
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    rescue me deeper and deeper i dont search i find candy shop
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    I was up until 3am listening to this masterpiece of an album. Fucking amazing journey she took me on. I am in awe... I love Madame X!
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    Madame X is a robot.
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    Please don't be so overdramatic. Chill and take a valium and a drink or two… or maybe three in our case.
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    The booklet :
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    Girl, not everything is a conspiracy. Albums usually leak either when they are shipped to stores, sent to be reviewed or someone manages to hack into an online music platform/computer or get an advance copy. Most of the time its early sales and reviewers that allow it to leak.
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    Finnaly i get my collection , still waiting for the blond cd and the pin
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    Madame X is officially #1 on iTunes world wide ❤️❤️❤️
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    Omg my limited boxset arrived. My boyfriend just sent a pic 😍
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    The New Album Saga: Part IV - Madame X

    You sure are fun at parties
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    Thank god this forum wasn't around when Ray Of Light/Music/American Life were released. Can you imagine the reactions to songs like Impressive Instant, Mer Girl, Paradise, Nobody Knows Me etc? MESS/WEIRD/NOT CATCHY/BORING. My God. Thank you Madonna for always doing your thing and not listening to your "fans" that clearly still don't get you and your work. People, go and listen to Hung Up.
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    Madame X Tour Workshops

    Henny, u know i can!!!: [Hidden Content]
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