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    UPDATED: Old madonna.com goodies

    A couple of weeks ago I was using this web archive site that allows us to revisit old versions of sites we know. Of course, I tried to load the old version of madonna.com as I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was a kid (between 2001 and 2003). Unfortunately not all the elements are able to be seen, especially audios and videos, but some are still available like wallpapers and small files. I want to share with you the ones I could manage to download UPDATED!!! As I've got some positive feedback from a lot of fans, I've just added more stuff I've been able to collect from the old site! Now we have: A flash intro from 2001: [Hidden Content] A screensaver: [Hidden Content] Some wallpapers from the GHV2, the English Roses, Re-invention, Confessions, Sticky & Sweet, and MDNA eras: [Hidden Content] Collectible Flash Cards from the GHV2 era, I had completely forgotten about them! [Hidden Content] Icons promoting the American Life and English Roses eras [Hidden Content] Ps. One thing it's been impossible for me to download is the flash intro from the official Re-invention tour website that was launched in 2004. It starts with Madonna's last few verses from The Beast Within like in the original studio demo before it got reworked with added elements! I'm sure you remember it. I hope you enjoy them
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    This was me back in the early 90s with my M collection. Started collecting around 85, now in my late 40's and nothing has changed!
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    Madonna on 4k Releases?

    I’m still waiting for Madonna to get to 720p......
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