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  1. Fighter

    Like a Prayer Til Death Do us Part Pray for Spanish Eyes Express Yourself Oh Father Keep It Together Love Song Act of Contrition Dear Jessie Promise To Try Cherish PS stop calling each other trolls.
  2. Fighter

    Once I realised I never really follow what the winners do but check on other queens much more I stopped caring about who wins. The truth is that the “robbed” queens get a lot of love so they are winners in a way.
  3. Fighter

    I think if they had intended to do a double crowning from the beginning they would've filmed it on set instead of splicing together 2 separate crownings and having Rupaul doing a bad voiceover. I think they did double-crownings before like on Season 6 with Bianca and Adore so they could've easily done it here. They really need to wait a few years before the next All Stars cos the format is dead. Thankfully we are getting Drag Race UK soon!, so I think they plan that on replacing All Stars.
  4. Fighter

    This episode was incredibly shitty 1) I fell asleep in the first half an hour cos it was so boring 2) that musical number is one of the worst things Ive ever seen and my eyes are scarred. Maybe I was asleep when they said they would do a shit looking corny ass musical number with season 3 judy jetson hooker outfits but they were being ironic? what happened. 3) I didnt expect Monet to be Top 2 I thought it would be Monique and Trinity, I loved learning Monique’s backstory in this episode, I thought it finally completed her. 4) Trinity definitely lost that lipsync. It was basically the same performance that lost her the crown in Season 9. 5) That double crowning felt so forced but it was alright I suppose. It just feels like they did their best to throw everyone a bone since they, once again, couldnt crown the real winner. At least its less of a shitshow than AS3. But its not a gag nor was it really deserved. It was a consolation prize for the fandom. 6) honestly ill be surprised if all star rules are still used in AS5, someone like Naomi eliminating someone like Manila was what they wanted in theory but we see that its only “fun” for a second and then its just awkward
  5. Fighter

    I had a point when I got frustrated but nowadays Im more and more excited, the prospect of a new Madonna album coming up feels RIGHT. Im glad I also paid attention to other things instead of following every rumour and tease cos it can make me really impatient...
  6. Fighter

    oh you mean Rebel Wilson, I had no idea what you meant lol
  7. The acoustic production of Devil Pray wasnt even that good imo. They put the album production to make it more exciting and contemporary maybe but I dont think they found a way to elevate it musically to its full potential. Its a good melody and good lyrics tho.
  8. glad Devil Pray wasnt released also lol. The production was not up to par for it being a single. I didnt know about this tbh.
  9. Fighter

    Omg did they read my post the other day? lol Finally someone is cleaning up her messy Youtube. Thank you to her team 💗 Hope they also take care of the thumbnails to make her videos more tempting to watch and her channel prettier.
  10. Fighter

    yes we had a thread about it somewhere here, I really wanna see it.
  11. Fighter

    where did that air anyway? crazy that we only have that one copy
  12. Fighter

    The first music video may be the most important thing cos that will be what forms people’s first impression. Unless several things come out at the same time that contextualize the album influences better. Who knows what the first single will be like tho.... might not even touch on african influences.
  13. Fighter

    I dont think the portugal influence will be a problem but the african stuff may be because of the west’s history with Africa. Hopefully she’ll touch on it with nuance so it comes across as more than just using it as aesthetic (worst case scenario). It has to come across in the work that shes relating to it respectfully and deeply and with sense, so it doesnt come across as exploitation. Also including people from the culture in a positive light is a good start. It will be interesting to see.
  14. Fighter

    Madonna has used tons of other cultures up to the RHT without being labeled as a racist, so Im not sure what you mean by that.
  15. Fighter

    Usually I dont want to ban anyone unless they clearly cross a line. It’s great to have diversity of opinions even if sometimes we dont like what we read. We dont ban people willy nilly or because we dont like them, or even for a personal altercation. Using the ignore feature if necessary is a good idea. People dont have a notion that the staff works hard day to day with all the situations that happen, and some people act very entitled, especially people who demand peace while attacking or insulting others. Either people should be helpful or go away if they dont want a community. Its simple.