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  1. Fighter

  2. Fighter

    its ok dont worry!!
  3. Fighter

    Closed cos theres a similar recent thread. And also Enrico stole my question... the audacity....
  4. Fighter

    I enjoyed banning you again, that's all I'm gonna say.
  5. Fighter

    If people are counting down to when someone will be legal then that means they're already looking at minors as sexually attractive. Of all things out there to sexualize, people are looking at minors? This reminds me when Madonna fans were making sexual comments about Rocco on Madonna's instagram account from the time he was 13. To be making comments like that on the very first day of his legality just shows creeps just couldn't help themselves. Liam asked members to keep this thread respectful and I just knew someone had to come up with some way to ruin it. It was inevitable. The banned user made a thread about his nudes leaking which is just the worst type of edgy useless trolling. There's absolutely nothing respectful about making sexual comments on someone's 18th birthday.
  6. Fighter

    His posts and his thread have been removed and he's been banned permanently. Not remotely ok to make sexual jokes about someone who JUST turned 18. Creep.
  7. Why can't we just get the album when it's done?. Why do we have to have all this bs before it. The speculation, the "insiders", the accusations between members. So pointless. Is this hype? Cos I don't want any of it.
  8. Not really I wouldn't like that in principle? why recycle when you can do new things.
  9. Multimedia should be tagged properly. Mixdowns from stems are fan "edits" and should be tagged that way. Filtered instrumentals are obviously fanmade. People who mistag repeatedly from now on may get posting restrictions.

  10. are you guys joking about this ig account with those clips...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. stefo


      yep, they sound particularly fake this time

    3. Dazedmadonna


      A monkey on FL studio 6 could do better

    4. RobertoFer42


      i'm sorry, but i think not all the people on the forum are an expert level god in audio or video or any info about madonna! not all the fans including Me, no necessarily needs to know all about fakes and real info or media!:sad:


  11. Fighter

    Happy Birthday
  12. It's not really worth responding that way tbh
  13. Fighter

    This is pretty funny tho, everyone is gonna see a gorgeous picture of a woman living her best life and not giving 2 shits and then the caption just makes it very ironic.
  14. Fighter

    I love that darker blonde on her, but yes its the lighting ...
  15. Sorry guys, seems it's available to buy/stream?