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  1. Fighter

    all speculation. BIM was one of the most well liked tracks.... I dont think the leaks made that huge of a difference. People forget what a horrible year she had in 2014, the public were not on her side at all.
  2. Fighter

    why not? how does it affect you?
  3. Fighter

    hope it includes a diss track to her own stans, YES QUEEN SLAY US
  4. Fighter

    i think shes joking about making a hip hop mixtape. probably in response to her lovely stans.
  5. Fighter

    no offence but I can't decipher your posts.
  6. Fighter

    I wouldnt mind synthpop and electropop but at the same time, so blasé.
  7. Fighter

    Cant believe people waste time splitting hairs on which songs are cheesier than others. Theyre meant to be FUN songs, its not intellectual music. I really hope Im like her and dont lose my sense of humour with age.
  8. Fighter

    yeah what you mean is pop music in general, and sure it's true. You must hate Madonna's latest albums.
  9. Fighter

    Shes not embarrased, Im not embarrased, if to you it is embarrasing then its a you problem not hers. also a lot of people thought hung up and give it 2 me were embarrasing trash and she was too old for that. its their problem, not hers.
  10. Fighter

    Causing A Commotion is political and intellectual. If only she could reach that kind of artistry again.
  11. Fighter

    She wasnt really going for ROL 2 with Music which I appreciate. Music and AL are much more minimalistic than the super layered ROL. It wouldve been boring to do the same thing again. Same with COADF and HC, no matter how much some of us wish the follow up to Confessions had been a bit more inspired. RH is a good album but the quality is kinda thinly spread out along so many tracks, she shouldve focused on making less songs better. But its contemporary and it has aged just fine so far.
  12. Fighter

    As if Music is an intellectual song. Lord help me.
  13. Fighter

    Just because something is repetitive or beat driven doesn't mean it's less musical or inventive. I'll give you that it can be less traditionally melodic for sure, if that's your preference then that's your preference. Electronic music can also be less melodic and more beat driven. That's the way music has evolved over time.