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  1. Fighter

    No more childish insults like "hater". If you can't discuss respectfully then don't discuss.
  2. Fighter

    an irrelevant meme is hardly important to pop culture and she doesnt need to spend her time looking at memes tbh if she did know about it which i doubt, it doesnt make her a spiteful troll, just a human like the rest of us. honestly the whole thing is irrelevant, only annoying gaga and madonna fans care at this point about the ancient and stale fued.
  3. Fighter

    i never heard of this gaga meme its supposed to be referencing and im 99% sure Madonna doesnt know either, It was probably an oops moment, shes had a few in there... im sure she has no interest in talking about or referencing gaga. and please comparing this fake feud with bette and joan.... both were legends so its completely different.
  4. Fighter

    This is the new album thread, if we already told people to quit having a rude, childish back and forth about an OFF TOPIC subject they cant agree on, then it doesnt matter if someone brings back the discussion, you are at fault as well for continuing it when you know what we said. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. We are not going to allow it to go on so this is the last time we say something without taking action.
  5. Fighter

    id rather have the same tracklisting with different covers, packaging and stuff. tbh the different tracklists are one of the main reasons rh didnt feel like an album. it put me off buying several copies and to this day i dont have all versions. its just silly not to have the title track on the album.
  6. Fighter

    exactly, such an useless back and forth for what.... and yes we can add people to an ignore list in the settings. mute people you dont like and thats it...
  7. Fighter

    decisive of what
  8. Fighter

    if shes gonna bring back inferior leaked demos then its not encouraging so I hope that's not the case
  9. Fighter

    i hope she picks good songs
  10. Fighter

    Latrice, Manila and Valentina for Top 3 and a triple crown wouldn't be so bad either. Can't wait for them to do the best and then have all my hopes CRUSHED.
  11. Fighter

    Damn I cackled "I think it will shock fans, although I don’t think they’ll be as disappointed. We always try to do something fresh and interesting, and sometimes it turns out in a way that you don’t really expect. I love Trixie [Mattel]. She’s a real superstar, but I really didn’t count on the other girls who came back being so vindictive [and voting against Shangela]." - Rupaul
  12. Fighter

    All Stars 4 Cast: Which white queen do you guys think will win?
  13. i wish shed approach it in a not so obvious way, in a more meaningful and nuanced way, but if this snippet is from her album then it doesnt surprise me.
  14. Fighter

    Sounds good, sounds like the album some people wanted in 2014 We R Superstars would fit with this.
  15. Fighter

    i was gonna make the joke about her barely arriving to hd but someone did it first