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  1. Matty

    I'm not being bitchy but I don't think it's Madonna she's a bit bigger than that now unless it's an old picture
  2. Matty

    What about a Blond Ambition Theme please?
  3. The tit isn’t offensive it’s the lips and just a really bad photo she looks horrendous
  4. There is also a shot from rehearsals in devil pray the camera focuses on one of the dances and you can see a level section of seats empty they are red seats
  5. It's missing slumber party and do you wanna come over?
  6. Wish I was going to the #Erotica25 party in London :( Erotic Erotic put your hands all over my body, Happy Birthday Dita x

    1. wtg1987


      what party is that then ? i live in London but not heard of this ?

    2. Matty


      at GAY bar its been arranged by tribe there are prizes to be won and Madonna constant.


  7. Matty

    Has anyone done an audio edit of Unapologetic bitch the end really annoys me
  8. Deep down in the depths of my Rebel Heart <)

  9. Matty

    Confessions Tour I'm Going to Tell You A Secret Who's That Girl Fim & Tour BAT Girlie Show Drowned World Would love all those I would be in HD Heaven oh and also Celebration
  10. Matty

    I'm waiting for my Japanese blu-ray to arrive it was shipped yesterday and needs to come to the UK
  11. Matty

    I think the picture and sound on the Bluray are amazing the bass especially is fab
  12. My Hard drive died lost all my music files aaaarghhh

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Matty


      it was my external HD :(

    3. RUADJAI
    4. 8-tee's


      Invest in a Blu-Ray burner. Get some 25GB/50GB Blank discsand back up all data to that. I do this monthly for all my media; audio files, pictures, videos etc.