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    That's a whole lot of speculation.
  2. AspergerArtist

    I know, right? Like saying being anti-hitler or anti-racism is passe...
  3. AspergerArtist

    @LikeAMelodyI really love what you wrote. Expresses how I feel as well.
  4. AspergerArtist

    Hmmm...Citzen Kane or Fast and Furious, let me think....
  5. AspergerArtist

    I think the "atmosphere" might have been similar during the Erotica sessions. The, um, "smokey" atmosphere 😉
  6. AspergerArtist

    Let It Will Be
  7. AspergerArtist

    The Power of Goodbye? "Your heart is not open"
  8. AspergerArtist

    I love the nod to the Borderline video with the can of spray paint.
  9. AspergerArtist

    It always used to be Rain so I could pretend to be in the video!
  10. AspergerArtist

    Ain't No Big Deal lol 😂
  11. AspergerArtist

    @KarmaI guess it's your turn now!
  12. AspergerArtist

    Try again, it's not JML 🙃
  13. AspergerArtist

    Nice guess, sadly it's not Gambler.
  14. AspergerArtist

    Who can guess the song? 🤗
  15. AspergerArtist

    The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lines You'd Like To Hear
  16. AspergerArtist

    @KarmaBingo 😊 your turn!
  17. AspergerArtist

    @Lucifer's AngelSuch a good guess but not quite. I'll give a clue. It's an unreleased song.
  18. AspergerArtist

    @TonyMontanaSorry, but it's not Express Yourself 🙃
  19. AspergerArtist

    Thanks @LikeAMelody😊 was an awesome hint! OK, here we go!
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  21. AspergerArtist

    The swimming pool scenes were for the 3 Pepsi commercials shot by Joe Pytka. Not for the actual music video. Some footage is briefly seen in the LAP press kit video which also contained other footage from the 1 released Pepsi commercial.
  22. AspergerArtist

    Hard candy album
  23. AspergerArtist

    It's just B-roll footage. In the final version it's all edited together. An example would be Vogue. It features multiple angles, shots, scenes etc. They're edited together for the finished version. It's not an alternative video, just not finished.
  24. AspergerArtist

    My sentiments exactly.
  25. AspergerArtist

    How about we create a new section of the forum where we analyse, criticise and objectify fellow forum memberson THEIR instagram posts and other pictures they post of themselves here? Since we're a society that obsesses over other people's looks, lives and choices, how would it feel to have it done to each other? Get off the damn topic of what another person looks like, I don't understand this kind of mentality and it so toxic to keep encountering it here. Really sick of the same tired comments, zoomed in close-ups and general crap that clogs up these pages.