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    Like A Prayer (Immaculate Collection Mix) Justify My Love (The Beast Within Mix) Fever (Deep South Mix) Rescue Me (Titanic Vocal) Deeper And Deeper (David's Klub Mix) Frozen (Meltdown Mix) The Power of Goodbye (Fabien's Good God Mix) Nothing Really Matters (Kruder & Dorfmeister Dub) Drowned World (Sasha & Bt Ashram Bucklodge Mix) Causing A Commotion (Silver Screen Mix) Vogue (12" Mix) Erotica (WO Dub) Music (Deep Dish Mix) Don't Tell Me (Calderone Sensory Mix) What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Mix) American Pie (JB's Mix) Secret (Jrs Single Edit) Bedtime Story (Orbital Mix) I Want You (Orchestral Version) Those would be my choices. I didn't really like the remixes that came after the Music album. I think Who's That Girl could've had much better remixes, but kudos to them for trying something new.
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    In order: 1. Oh Father 2. La Isla Bonita 3. Who's That Girl 4. Ray of Light 5. Music 6. Hung Up 7. Rebel Heart Demo 8. The Power of Goodbye Demo 9. Don't Tell Me 10. Frozen 11. Rescue Me 12. Supernatural 13. The Beast Within 14. What Can You Lose 15. Burning Up 16. Pretender 17. Gambler 18. Dress You Up 19. Like A Prayer Live BA 20. Like a Virgin Live BA 20 is never enough!
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    Kinda like Madonna Share Hub and mirc back in the day?
  4. She's so beautiful in that video.
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    I remember her being on the National Lottery to do Frozen back in early 1998. It was so random at the time, like what was this global mysterious icon doing on our lottery show?! 🤗
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    Wasn't it Veronica though? And US based at the time. Esther was much later.
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    @Bitch I'm MadonnaCorrect! Your turn!
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    American Life Music Die Another Day Although KNM, Skin and Impressive Instant follow the same thread for me. As would Gambler, Burning Up and White Heat.
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    @LikeAMelodyCherish is correct. You're half way there. Which other song mentions these characters?
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    @Joan of MarcKind of close, here's a hint, who are the characters? 🤗
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    Let's make this more challenging! Wonder if someone can name BOTH SONGS here!?
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    Dear Jessie! It's the Love Parade in Berlin!
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    @Joan of MarcLike A Virgin?
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    @FontainebleauSwish, killed a fish! You got it 😁 your turn again!
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    Here we go again 😀
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    @FontainebleauFalling Free?
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    Sadly not, but thanks for guessing 😊
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    @FontainebleauYay, you got it! Your turn!
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    @Régine FilangeSorry, try again 😔 give you clue, it's actually a remix!
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  24. Totally agree @R.E.S.C.U.E_MEIt's pre and post DWT. Confessions was just beautiful to expereince in person. So refreshing, so much light in comparison to the darkness of DWT as well. I really loved seeing it, and it's filmed beautifully for the home release as well. Every moment was to be relished, although I have never liked Future Lovers as a song or cared much for Like It Or Not. S&S was very energetic, I saw both legs of the tour, but it lacked the beauty. Aesthetically it just didn't do anything for me. I went back for the second leg to see Frozen after getting a pair of tickets for £30 so I took my young neice so she could see what a real living legend was like in concert. She loved it and had never seen anything like it before. Obivously, she hadn't seen the previous tours in person, just youtube clips.
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    Hello everyone! I was wondering if there were any other people on the spectrum here. I haven't met many fans, although I've been a fan since 1983, I was just a toddler watching Solid Gold with my family and there she was with Holiday. After that I remember Material Girl, La Isla Bonita and Who's That Girl. Then came Like a Prayer and I was nuts over it. I'm always interested in her music, although I don't like it everything and go through long periods of not listening to her. I enjoy music production, but I'm an artist full time. I like to understand how certain songs are constructed in the studio and lean more towards tracks like Oh Father, To Have And Not To Hold and I Deserve It, feeling that when the BPMs are slower there's more space and time to create richer melodies. I also have synesthesia, so music and art go hand in hand (seeing what I hear and hearing what I see). Having ADHD as well means I can get super focused when reworking her songs like Little Girl and Love Tried To Welcome Me, but can't keep my attention on most other things around me. I have a full time carer who helps manage my day to day activities and exhibitions. We're very much like Sheldon and Leonard in BBT. To be honest, mostly my autism and ADHD, along with a few other things, means I have a challenging behaviour and complex needs. Madonna's music is sometimes an escape from that. Mostly it's art though, and I give public talks at autism shows and conferences on Art as a Coping Mechanism. I just wondered if there any other autistics around that experience Madonna's music in different ways. And even if not, I don't mind sharing this about myself. A big part of my work is about putting myself out there and being visible as an autistic person, but even after being part of online fan communities since 2001, I still struggle to connect, but lately have been making more of an effort to take part in discussions as a way to do that. Would be great to hear from anyone!