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  1. ayhamonline

    Any got these too??
  2. ayhamonline

    Thanks Frank... from where??? We need the others too also the promo videos not from Instagram tho!
  3. ayhamonline

    Not my opinion... ask a surgeon... it’s easy... when I say facts it’s coz I know it... & it’s not funny... unfortunately her doctor is making her look like a joke & time will tell... this is her doctor... see yourself https://www.instagram.com/drpauljarrodfrank
  4. ayhamonline

    time wont do this...… you're saying she's been great for 57 years & then suddenly her body decided to look like this????? no no no.... 1 she's been careless about fitness & working out the past two years... 2 she did a plastic surgery for hips + ass.... these are FACTS.
  5. ayhamonline

    I'm so sad what happened to her body??? what she did?? her hips are surely done..... nothing wrong with her.... why she did her hip/ass??? just look at this pic not so old
  6. ayhamonline

    Sad sad... why she can’t continue?? Maybe expensive?? Or she’s not into fitness anymore??
  7. Anyone know exactly what happened to Hard Candy Fitness Clubs??? Even Truth Or Dare & Material Girl?
  8. ayhamonline

    But who is he??? What kind of work?? 🤔
  9. ayhamonline

    Which pics??? I don’t think so...
  10. ayhamonline

    So today I checked M’s following list on instagram & saw this guy... don’t know if someone knows him??? & he’s in Morocco now!! 😒😒 https://www.instagram.com/samuelsaba
  11. Before anything I’m so proud of MADONNA & her achievements in Malawi, every time I see her pictures in the hospital I remember that we her “FANS” are part of it!! Can you believe it?? Let’s go back to the topic... in the past few years to be exact 2015 up to now M has been changed & no I’m not talking about the way she look or something I’m talking about her personality, the way she act, her moves, her interests, her energy, her passion... the fierceness she had... the strong, powerful & FIT MADONNA... I’m just afraid of her future as a performer/singer... I’m a huge fan since 2001 & to see her like this makes me sad... she’s just 59?!?! I didn’t imagine that one day I’ll see her like this... careless & lazy in both her “shape & creation”... Guys this topic/discussion is just my thoughts/questions in my mind, sharing it with you to know what you think?? Maybe I’m acting extra or something... maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I’m right? Wanna know your opinions... it’s ok to disagree. P.S. please no need to write hatful words just because you don’t agree with me! Let’s keep the conversation respectful & professional. Xx
  12. ayhamonline

    WTF is going on with her face??? Very bad makeup/eyebrows.... so disappointed.... she looks so so so uncomfortable..
  13. Btw I’m a huge fan & I care that’s why I feel bad for her, I never imagined one day I’ll witness her with this shape it’s not about being fat or something it’s about someone like M with the love for fitness & healthy lifestyle to become like this... why?
  14. OMG she looks terrible.... her body her dress her moves her hair.. everything so fucking bad... I’m so sad she’s getting out of shape, I blame her lame fitness trainer I miss Nichole aka her best trainer to date, moving from NY was her biggest mistake ever!!!! She needs to get her old healthy habits back ASAP! You can see she’s bored all the time & without energy what happened to her? 😔