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  1. xavier

    Look at her looks,styles,videos. Listen to her interviews and hear that mind. And that attitude! ❤️❤️
  2. xavier

    Looks horrible
  3. xavier

    Back at ya🖕🏻
  4. xavier

    Was awful. She couldn’t act. The camera was doing most of the work. The writing was horrible and I didt care about any of the characters by the end of the film. And this is shallow ( no pun intended) but Gaga was just plain ugly in the film! So unattractive. Hard to believe anyone would fall in love or make her a star. She had no star power. And no this is not her bodyguard.
  5. xavier

    The movie was stupid and she couldn’t act in it. She had no chemistry whatsoever with cooper. Terrible film. I agree with the Globes subbing.
  6. Those ideas wouldn’t necessarily work now due to ageism,etc. And he has made her the biggest selling touring artist (female) of all time. That said he’s a nice person and I have worked with him for M in the past and will in the future. Point Is during the MDNA era M wasent doing a few things I (fans) felt she should be doing. Guy and I spoke by phone and private message. He told me he agreeded with my points and he spoke with M and made her do these things (she didn’t want to do it initially) but I told him she should and he agreed. It’s M not wanting to do things, Guy tries to tell her but she’s stubborn. Not all him’s fault. And on a personal note he’s been kind and good to me maybe because I freelance for him and M. But he’s given me tickets to all M shows and as many nights I want ( not bragging just saying) so he’s not all bad. 😎
  7. No. It’s a different game now with ageism and the way the industry works. No matter who manages her at this point it wouldn’t matter.
  8. Was joking. Was referring to her doing stand up comedy. But don’t think it’s real.
  9. The ass padding is part of her comedy act. Lol
  10. xavier

    True we were at MMad together. Gave him a tid bit or two in the day.
  11. xavier

    And will be worth the wait. What’s the rush anyway. M knows what’s she wants and when. Not our choice. Only hers.
  12. xavier

    Beat Goes On is amazing. Voices is cool but nothing special. And Miles Away is glorious.
  13. xavier

    DOnt pretend u know me and who I am. You know maluma. Get over yourself. Not offended by your simple mind.
  14. xavier

    Um ok then you must dislike most men on the planet.