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  1. xavier

    Lol M let’s andy run around giving info away, before she even can confirm anything. #mess
  2. xavier

    She needs to release a single asap.
  3. xavier

    Another horrible film making money off of Madonna’s name. 👎🏻
  4. xavier

    And I’ll say she ready and been ready to release. But she and her team have to stragize, it’s all about timing.
  5. xavier

    She just can’t release it. It has to be planned around other artists releases, if say Ariana has a song holding down the iTunes and Spotify for example positions she wouldt release it at that point. Has to be others are starting to fall or no big name has a song climbing the charts.
  6. Love Mert & Marcus with M. Wish they would release unseen footage from this and other shoots.
  7. xavier

    It’s only smoking
  8. xavier

    Love Never Love A Stranger demo
  9. xavier

    So is the shooting of the video complete or are they still working on it
  10. xavier

    As long as she looks slim and with normal size cheeks (face & butt) I’m good! Bring on the politics! 😎
  11. xavier

    In the video she is dancing with guys so
  12. xavier

    Makes sense, then the poster should say that.
  13. xavier

    Please stop sending me unnecessary links and playing games
  14. xavier

    Then it wouldn’t make sense. The video is a visual interpretation of a song!