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  1. luckystar908

    Sorry I used the wrong term for gMKVExtract, you do not install it because it's portable. Just unzip the content somewhere on your computer, and launch the .exe. Where it says "MKVToolNix directory", you need to indicate the path where you installed ToolNix, so gMKV will be able to process the files. And there you can extract the MKV gMKV demuxes (i.e extracts the files), ToolNix remuxes (compiles the files). Here it works for you because the MKV contain MPEG-2, but it depends of course on what format is inside.
  2. luckystar908

    They are mkv files containing MPEG-2 video streams. You can demux with gMKVExtract and remux with ImagoMPEG-Muxer, if you still want an MPEG or VOB as final file.
  3. luckystar908

    Honestly, just do it yourself, it takes less than 2 minutes to extract. It's much more convenient than asking for re-uploads for such big files
  4. luckystar908

    You need to install MKVToolNix on your computer: Then install gMKVExtractGUI (found on the same page, it's a portable tool). Then load MKVToolNix in gKMV: And now you load the MKV file and demux it to separate the MPEG2 video and audio streams. There you have the original files I did it to convert back to VOB because some mkv files do not work on my TV.
  5. luckystar908

    It did start, she's just singing over it. It's playback. The audience greeting with vocoder started in Barcelona, 2nd night.
  6. luckystar908

    Now this is intriguing... We need to find which show it's from ! The vocals are more or less the same so it has to be close to the Detroit show, if not the 25th...
  7. luckystar908

    The promotional video for 'Holiday' uses the audio from the 25th show, strangely... different mix and vocals:
  8. luckystar908

    6. Edit and 16. Video Version are identical. It's indeed the version that appears on the CD Single Collection. 4. Edit (3:58) (It's That Girl Cassette) (Edit of New Mix) is nearly the same as 6. Edit except that it has a few more echoes and audio effects. Technically closer to the New Mix thanks to those effects. 5. Remix Edit/Edit (Radio Version) is the same as 4., isn't it? I've never heard of one more mix.
  9. luckystar908

    Please do share
  10. luckystar908

    It must be somewhere as we got an instrumental version of it in digital form...
  11. luckystar908

    I second that request, I'm sure there must be something.
  12. luckystar908

    This and also the intro is not structured the same, if you compare both versions. Don't know where they took those versions from.
  13. luckystar908

    Didn't know that the Celebration version was actually unique, that makes two with Lucky Star! DJPaul answered this on his blog: I do agree that the intro sounds edited and cannot be an original mix. Sadly I won't keep his rip this time.
  14. luckystar908

    Thank you for opening my eyes on those. I'm not easily fooled by fakes but didn't notice this time... Great to have those discussions
  15. luckystar908

    Really? Hmm that is a strange one... I don't know what to think. As Liquid Love corresponds to the description made on that Discogs entry and is the exact same timing, I would have assumed it comes from that and is the real deal, same for Run which is supposed to be different from the 2 existing leaks. The one shared I believe is the one called "Original version". I also have another one for Mysore Style, notice the different intro and outro from the 'Rough' one: Now if you tell me that it's fake as well, then how's it made? Multitracks all over again? Audio montages with pellas?