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    collecting memorabilia (mainly rare photos whenever i can afford them which lately isn't much)of my 2 role models(madonna 1990-forever marilyn monroe 1961-1962.
    Love the soap opera young & the restless, &
    the tv series P O S E

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  1. blondebombshell

    I can't believe it i watch retro tv. and it said METV remembers Charlotte Rae.And just now heard Charlotte Rae died I still remember her from Different Strokes & Facts Of life. R.I.P April 22, 1926-August 5, 2018
  2. thanks ever so much @Steffmad
  3. blondebombshell

    I wish we had dvd's back then. I used to record them on VHS. But yes i would literally stay in my room watching it. I remember MTV would have one performance of who's that girl tour. I think it was Causing a Commotion. and then they played one of blond ambition. for the life of me can't remember which one. i think it was this one.
  4. blondebombshell

  5. blondebombshell

    this song was always played on the dance floor with a bunch of mixing it with madonna. Gosh how i miss those days. Back then i couldn't wait to be older now i would be so grateful to be 22 again.
  6. blondebombshell

    watching old youtube videos of Madonna on her special day
  7. blondebombshell

    thanks ever so much for sharing these gem's. I want UHQ of these outtakes. love them so much. one of my other favorite photo shoot. I think the reason i love outtakes. There spontaneous and untouched.
  8. blondebombshell

    thanks so much
  9. blondebombshell

    Aretha R.I.P i just thought of these songs also. She had a amazing voice.
  10. blondebombshell

    i know this is showing my age. But i really wish that mtv was like it used to be in the 90's doing a celebration for madonna. Also i'm so sad Aretha Franklin died. But i was hoping at least one tv channel showing madonna's videos all day to show how much appreciation she deserves & how much we love her. IMO I hope this comes out right.
  11. Happy Birthday to the one and only queen of pop. We all love you. 

  12. blondebombshell

    Rip Aretha Franklin March 25, 1942-August 16 2018
  13. blondebombshell

    this is so amazing in full size also loving the new song. (Beautiful Game)
  14. blondebombshell

    Rip Aretha Franklin March 25, 1942-August 16 2018 R.I.P George Micheal June 25, 1963-December 25, 2016