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  1. blondebombshell

    that sounds like a great idea. I guess cause i'm older i remember when going to the theatre & popcorn & pop was so much cheaper. Let me know when you see it? @Andymad or anyone sees it i really don't think this is a spoiler. I hope jamie lee curtis doesn't die in this one.
  2. blondebombshell

    Does anyone else do this. I haven't since i was younger. But if i liked a movie alot i would stay in the cinema and wait for them to play for next showing. without having to pay. I bet they don't do that anymore.
  3. blondebombshell

    I love this one. sometimes i set and wonder how many outtakes there are of her in the 90's wouldn't we all just love to see them. I don't know why i love outtakes so much more then the finished product.
  4. Happy Birthday Lourdes i don't know where the time is going. I love lourdes 's eyebrows.
  5. blondebombshell

    i just found this on mimi's instagram. Its really sad. But at least now there is also a suicide hotline for trans people.
  6. blondebombshell

    tv one marathon of Good Times today
  7. blondebombshell

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Hoping you get everything you want on your birthday C
  8. blondebombshell

    Welcome @Régine Filange
  9. blondebombshell

    Its just my opinion not everyone has the same opinion. I hope this comes out right. She's so much about selling Mdna skin care. And making such beautiful commercial's all i meant was she's giving so much to Mdna skin care. I'm just hoping she does the same with the album. i'm sorry i offended you.
  10. blondebombshell

    I'm just hoping she puts everything (heart and soul) into this album. And she's going to have to stop trying to sell MDNA skin care to do that. She looks so beautiful in all of those ads. Hoping she makes music videos like that.
  11. blondebombshell

    I think she is extremely talented. I love her music. We all grew up with her. I think its just a jealous person that would say she's not talented I might be wrong though
  12. 2 months away til christmas all i want is a b-roll of Secret or Express yourself. pretty please:pray:

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    2. Andymad


      Hopefully EY multitrack will come... 

    3. wtg1987


      EY b-roll would be a dream but like BloodRayne says - its never been used - bad Girl b-roll is my most wanted but then dan o rama never used any of that in his remix videos to my memory - just the shot through her keyhole when she runs to the stairs i think 

    4. BloodRayne


      @wtg1987He actually used unedited shots of Madonna smoking from the instrumental break of the song before the third bridge in the Music montages. There's also a one-minute clip of a cut scene from the music video that leaked of Madonna in the back of a cab.

  13. blondebombshell

    2 of my favorites with madge
  14. blondebombshell

  15. blondebombshell