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  1. BringUrLUV

    Not only that, I'm thinking M wanted to wrap up the final mixes before Thanksgiving, and LD is leaving for the holiday after wrapping up her M14 work.
  2. BringUrLUV

    Honey he directed the movie
  3. BringUrLUV

    Right now that you mention it, I think Jonas ended up directing the Lisbon show, either on film or video. Am i making this up?
  4. BringUrLUV

    Maybe she just paid him or they settled it, maybe it was an error. I don't think it was ever very acrimonious, if so. But yeah maybe fake news
  5. BringUrLUV

    Hamish Hamilton filmed the show. Its sitting somewhere I assume. He had sued her I believe for non-payment for it or something.
  6. BringUrLUV

    Isn't surgery for Cholosteatoma to improve hearing though? Good luck to you I'm sorry you're dealign with this!
  7. BringUrLUV

    Kylie Minogue

    Especially these days with streaming like mentioned above, Greatest Hits collections need to be like Immaculate Collection with songs slightly remixed so the fans have something different to buy other than tracks they already have. Madonna did it first.
  8. BringUrLUV

    And you keep it going with 3 long ass paragraphs.
  9. BringUrLUV

    He's been in London during the past couple months at the same time as M & its been assumed he's been continuing work on M14.
  10. BringUrLUV

    Do you mean DIVISIVE?
  11. A Gambler/Revolver/Gang Bang/She's Not Me medley on the next tour would be amazing. If anyone important is listening :Madonna007:

    1. girlgonewild


      nah we need candy shop on loop 

    2. poserdemadonna


      I want her to open the next tour with Jimmy Jimmy (12" Extended Remix without fade)

  12. BringUrLUV

    Yes, of course not a final tracklist but definitely all the songs that've made it to the final mixing phase I'd say.
  13. BringUrLUV

    The 16th space is empty but has checks marked off. So that one is a wild card.
  14. BringUrLUV

    I was about to post the same! What we heard & saw of beautiful game was like a "dark ballet". I'm hoping we're not getting a lot of vocoded vocals though
  15. BringUrLUV

    I like the clips!! Really hoping that's the sound!!!!!