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  1. BringUrLUV

    I think she went to London to do some album-related work. Maybe album photo shoot or video shoot. Or maybe its just that David has a soccer match. Maybe all 3?
  2. BringUrLUV

    That doesn't negate my point & you're really not helping yourself look intelligent here. Let's not take up any more of the thread with this, thanks.
  3. BringUrLUV

    Not if they were, say, 18 in 1983/84/85, etc
  4. BringUrLUV

    Just cuz Madonna may be performing at Eurovision doesn't mean she's debuting the lead single performance like some are assuming . Who knows what single off the album she'll be doing, maybe the second single? Maybe the first single but after its been out for a month or so? Maybe she hasn't even decided what song to do. -You still have the Grammys (2/10/19) & Brit Awards (2/20/19) which may be a long shot as they're only weeks away. -I Heart Radio Awards are in March -Billboard Music Awards are in May -Are there not music & variety shows she can do that air all the time in the US & Europe? She's given hints on IG she's been rehearsing for something. Video? Performance? who knows.
  5. BringUrLUV

    Those are Barbra Streisand & Cher fans. The early Madonna fans who were teenagers in the 80's are only just starting to get into their 50's. 90's teenagers like myself are only just getting into our 40's.
  6. BringUrLUV

    The thing with the artist not owing anything to fans argument. Some are saying Madonna, being an artist & deserving such respect & not "owing anything to fans", but she couldn't be an artist in the way she has been without fans buying her records, concert tickets, & by all of us responding to all of her artistic efforts, talents & hard work with our support. Those hundreds of millions of dollars she has in the bank & all the power she holds is all from us directly or indirectly through our various means of support for her. She DOES say thank you all the time to her fans, not on every social media post or public appearance, if she did, that'd be boring & lose meaning. Fans who demand & expect her to make the music that THEY want her to make in the way they want her to make it, on the schedule they want her to make it, are not respecting the artist. If she has made music that you have appreciated, then appreciate the fact that she IS AN ARTIST and let her make the musical statement SHE wants to make. She does respond by giving fans what they want with many albums, but with some albums, those are the albums SHE wanted to make. Sometimes the receptions are better than others. Whatever. It just adds to the texture of her legacy. American Life was not well-received by fans for the most part, yet a lot of newer, younger M fans state that album is their favorite now, so time tells a different story with the "flops", but that's another discussion. Also, the fact that she puts her money toward projects like schools in Malawi, etc, isn't a thank you so much as a putting the money she makes toward shining light in the darker places of the world & lifting people up. I know she didn't use all of her own money but she definitely used some and brought in money from other sources, using her hard-earned power for good. Another point: yes, I've spent ALOT of money on Madonna in my life, but what I've gotten back from her & her songs, work, energy, wisdom, is my life has been made better. Finding strength through her as a gay teen in the 90's when I felt so marginalized & outcast in many ways by not fitting in to the world & expectations my family & society had for me. SHE empowered me through all of it & I LOVE HER FOR IT. Make the music you want to make & I'm here to accept it & enjoy it however I may.
  7. BringUrLUV

    The one w/ Drew & Courtney is fake
  8. BringUrLUV

    she was 31 but who's counting?
  9. BringUrLUV

    Nicki's new BF is a convicted murderer so no big loss. Lets not even talk about her brother
  10. BringUrLUV

    Cher is only doing hers now
  11. BringUrLUV

    Cuz she keeps using the word DISCO GOD. But she may just be using the term loosely.
  12. BringUrLUV

    Leak that song already its been 83 years
  13. BringUrLUV

    I'm hearing from my sources that an album release date of April 12 is coming up on certain online record stores. And by sources I mean twitter
  14. BringUrLUV

    I think its the WORST thing about that song, doesn't fit AT ALL, MIA's fit so much better. Nicki on IDGAF is PERFECT tho, but that's me.
  15. BringUrLUV

    Because you like a lot of the more recent stuff (post 2005), I'd say listen to Confessions On A Dancefloor. Then try the Like a Prayer album cuz you'll feel closer to God . My experience in getting into older music that I've just been causal about is to just find an album you can get into & soak it in for a few weeks/couple months/however long you need, then find a track that grabs you from elsewhere in the discography--maybe its the next chronological album maybe its just another one of the more celebrated albums--but then delve into that album. Her debut album is a fucking classic if you ask me but I didn't get into it until i was a fan for like 15 years. But take your time & enjoy the journey. I've been getting into Fleetwood Mac & Queen myself lately after being a VERY casual listener for years & I'm turning 42 this month (and I've been a Madonna fan since I was 12 so OMFG I've been Madonna fan for 30 years this year!!!!). There's ALWAYS music to get into no matter what age you are if you truly love music. As for Madonna though, Erotica you should def give another shot at some point. And from the songs you say you like, I'd say you'd might be inclined toward Bedtime Stories. ALSO, when you listen to a Madonna album, WATCH THE VIDEOS from that album. That may help you "get it" more, but I'm a visual person & I'm sure plenty of fans may disagree. Happy Listening!