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  1. BringUrLUV

    Kylie Minogue

    When is this New York City track getting released? Also, she's got the Sigala track coming out by the end of the month too. Can't wait to hear it!
  2. BringUrLUV

    She said she was "still working on", she didn't say "still recording", which could mean just finishing up, mixing, picking mixes, editing & mastering, getting the visuals ready, etc. Or it could mean still recording, but I really hope she's almost done here. Its almost October. I don't see her sitting on a finished album as some think she is. Too much chance for leaks & whatnot. She's gonna release it when its done & not wait I don't think. Unless she's really confident her tracks are locked up safe.
  3. BringUrLUV

    Right. So she's still working on her record. I hope its post production shit or she came up with a fabulous new late addition. *Ok let me practice patience* I think we're in for a treat & its great thats she's taking her time
  4. BringUrLUV

    Mirwais didn't work on Like It Or Not. You guys are so right, I'm embarrassed & stand corrected.
  5. BringUrLUV

    They really only got political on one album out of the three they worked on together. Specifically, they got political on one song, American Life. Edit: this bitch had a brain fart. blame the weed.
  6. BringUrLUV

    WTF is going on with this album????? I'm impatient.
  7. BringUrLUV

    This is correct. I bought the CD the day it came out & it is right side up. When the second printings went out a couple months later, it was upside down (so of course I had to buy that one too lol)
  8. BringUrLUV

    She had a lot of songs for RH cuz they did writing camps
  9. BringUrLUV

    What was the entire photoshoot that was done for the album & in the liner? It had costumes & everything.
  10. BringUrLUV

    Streaming initially, but I always get the CD, with the vinyl eventually.
  11. THanks so much! I was tired of that shitty sounding version going around & i don't have a turntable to play my vinyl of it
  12. BringUrLUV

    I hope the album has Madonna playing cowbell in it. She hasn't played the cowbell since the first album and I think its WAY overdue. Music. Magic. Mirwais. Cowbell
  13. BringUrLUV

    Its the exact concept. You can't much more "inspired" than that.
  14. BringUrLUV

    Time doesn't give you a big booty like she has now. Also, if its something that makes her happy, along with the augmented lips, then so be it. She's being who SHE wants to be.
  15. BringUrLUV

    She looks good.