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  1. BringUrLUV

    He's just reporting what everyone would want to know from his friend who was there. And the fact that the friend is not a fan should say enough.
  2. BringUrLUV

    I love it, a nice little treat for the fans & an excuse to get some previously unavailable tracks & remixes on streaming. Stop judging it like its a proper release and enjoy it.
  3. BringUrLUV

    Hey You Auto-Tune Baby Ring My Bell In This Life SEX Mer Girl Push Pretender I Know It Superstar Nobody's Perfect Spanish Lesson Love Makes The World Go Round Some Girls Candy Perfume Girl
  4. BringUrLUV

    The positive note is the absence of a strong drum beat opens pretty much all of the tracks up to being remixed
  5. BringUrLUV

    Kylie Minogue

    Did Kylie get rid of the G catwalk for the Australian tour?
  6. BringUrLUV

    I like some songs, but I agree, many of the arrangements are messy or boring. Also, where's Come With Us? Starlight? Off & On?
  7. BringUrLUV

    Its pretty confirmed she's performing at the Pride Island Pier Dance Gay Pride sunday. A reliable IRL source told me.
  8. BringUrLUV

    Andy was referencing his tattoos & there's nothing more to it. He's hashtagged that phrase here & there for a few years. Once in a post with Lana Del Ray. Ya'll are cuckoo today.
  9. BringUrLUV

    Well you're informed. Where did you hear this?
  10. BringUrLUV

    Where are you getting that the video is inspired by Scarface?
  11. BringUrLUV

    It says Grace is part of the "first phase" of talent to be announced.
  12. BringUrLUV

    Maybe we'll be shocked & it'll have LAP & HP as extras.
  13. BringUrLUV

    Live To Tell Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Papa Don't Preach True Blue Where's The Party White Heat Jimmy Jimmy Love Makes The World Go Round (trite & cheesy even for its time)
  14. BringUrLUV

    I think Hard Candy sounded dated by a couple years when it was released. And supposedly she wanted to work with PSB on the album but Warner's made her go in an R&B direction, so if that's true Timbaland/JT & Pharrell weren't her first choice in either collaborators nor direction.
  15. Heres the confusion @professormouse. We were not talking about ITC here. It was about a 2004 song with MJ, britney, etc.