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  1. bdsiegel

    For me, there are three trilogies in her catalog that stand out. These don't constitute my favorite or her biggest or best songs, but they go together and are sonically connected. I listen to them together often, and would work (or have already worked) together well on stage: 1. Holiday 2. Get Together 3. Celebration 1. Vogue 2. Deeper and Deeper 3. Holy Water 1. Borderline 2. True Blue 3. Dear Jessie
  2. Like a Prayer Ray of Light Confessions on a Dancefloor
  3. bdsiegel

    Iconic True Blue Deeper and Deeper Like a Virgin Material Girl
  4. bdsiegel

    In no particular order: I Know It Cherish Spanish Eyes Rescue Me Nothing Really Matters
  5. bdsiegel

    Is anyone else surprised that neither Messiah nor Addicted have been discussed or rumored?
  6. bdsiegel

    lemme see!
  7. bdsiegel

    Nothing Really Matters Rescue Me Take a Bow Bad Girl Physical Attraction
  8. bdsiegel

    please, thank you