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  1. blondtour

    ??? Really ???
  2. blondtour

    Or it could just be time for her hair to be highlighted again.
  3. blondtour

    Love it.
  4. blondtour

    She’s a touring artist not a recording artist. Sooooo with the way radio and the industry are now? No hit happening any time soon. Sorry just business.
  5. blondtour

  6. blondtour

    All the things she is doing professionally and y’all are still talking about these old ass tours that literally no one thinks about anymore. Is it not good enough she just milked the rebel heart tour for 3 years? What about her skin care line y’all shitted on? She’s done countless promo recently and all anyone can say is “she’s fatâ€. Fun times fans.
  7. blondtour

    Can we shut this topic down once and for all??! PLEASE.
  8. blondtour

    I’ve always liked it. Tongue in cheek. Very M. Similar to other styles she had done before.
  9. blondtour

    What’s the rarest item you got?
  10. blondtour

    Just saying ... there are pages here about how "we can't afford". Think positive and find a way if you want it. Manifest it yo ..... you all had no problem buying a DVD we have had for a year allready for a tour that ended, how long ago?!? If you really wanted you would find a way to get it.
  11. blondtour

    You sound like a bunch of losers.... save $100 a week for 10 weeks, then you can buy it. I'm sure most of you waste over $100 a week on absolutely nothing. Save your pennies ladies....
  12. blondtour

    How dirty is your skin that you're buying new face wash every month? It's 4 oz ! I spend more then $1,000 on her concert for a single ticket: the show is only 2 hours. So in comparison.... since when is it cheap to be a madonna fan? Haha you've been listening to Katy perry for too long. We are on a different level.
  13. blondtour

    It's not expensive. It's the same as any high end skin care line. I love it.