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  1. Celebration

    It's on the European edition of Secret, so it's not unreleased. A cool little song
  2. Celebration

    The original version of Justify My Love was considered too racy for MTV, so Madonna released the video on a special VHS-single. I have it myself. Very cool. When it was time to release the tragedy called Celebration, they decided to censor JML and Erotica. In JML they put a black bar across a womans chest for a few seconds, to hide her nipples. That's all. Erotica has already been covered by Scottyj and Jackie.
  3. Celebration

    Just one small detail: The version of Into The Groove that's on Crazy For You '91 is NOT the unmixed one. It's the You Can Dance remix, but they fade it. Right after you hear the horns from Where's The Party. I just listened to my 12" to make sure, and the horns are there... Apart from that: Wonderful job you've done. As always.
  4. Celebration

    Great news. I love this album.
  5. Mom gave me the LP True Blue Christmas 1986. The first maxi-single I bought was Papa Don't Preach, and I was very disappointed that the extended version didn't have the same ending as the video version The first 7" single was Causing A Commotion The first LP I bought myself was Like A Virgin. I'd seen an edited version of The Virgin Tour on TV and was just blown away. The very first CD I bought was You Can Dance, and the first cassette I bought was also You Can Dance, for the dubs. First cd-single... This Used To Be My Playground or Erotica.
  6. Celebration

    Yes, Slam from Blond Ambition Tour ends this horrid tv special from '93 (I think ) with this brilliant song. I've searched everywhere, and I can't find it. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about this recording? Was it ever released? And if so, where can I find it?
  7. Celebration

    I just saw the picture on Twitter, and was just in awe of how beautiful she looks in that short black hair. Classy, classic and elegant. Lovely. Wonderful. I can't stop smiling.
  8. Celebration

    Causing A Commotion, Nothing Really Matters and Love Profusion.
  9. Celebration

    I think it is. See the mole on her back. You can see it in the video Justify My Love too. A couple of inches below her bra-line. @3.46
  10. Celebration

    100%. That was a fun test. They pulled out less known songs.
  11. Celebration

    Over And Over is my song. Never give up.
  12. Celebration

    WOW! The diference is like night and day! Thanks.
  13. Celebration

    Express Yourself. That disc is sooo gorgeous!
  14. Celebration

    Your wish has already been granted in one of the songs. Shep Pettibone remixed Where's The Party for You Can Dance back in 1987. A fantastic floorfiller!
  15. What a wonderful debut! I remember the first time I listened to it. I thought it was one of the best records ever! And I still do!