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  1. Celebration

    Causing A Commotion, Nothing Really Matters and Love Profusion.
  2. Celebration

    I think it is. See the mole on her back. You can see it in the video Justify My Love too. A couple of inches below her bra-line. @3.46
  3. Celebration

    100%. That was a fun test. They pulled out less known songs.
  4. Celebration

    Over And Over is my song. Never give up.
  5. Celebration

    WOW! The diference is like night and day! Thanks.
  6. Celebration

    Express Yourself. That disc is sooo gorgeous!
  7. Celebration

    Your wish has already been granted in one of the songs. Shep Pettibone remixed Where's The Party for You Can Dance back in 1987. A fantastic floorfiller!
  8. What a wonderful debut! I remember the first time I listened to it. I thought it was one of the best records ever! And I still do!
  9. Celebration

    Why not release GHV2 on vinyl? Or the soundtrack for Evita? Those albums were never released on vinyl, so that would actually make some sence. And people would welcome the releases and buy them.
  10. Celebration

    I have a few. Nothing Really Matters, Bedtime Story, Express Yourself, What It Feels Like For A Girl, La Isla Bonita, Love Profusion... And of course Dress You Up from The Virgin Tour and the rehearsal video for Vogue from 1990.
  11. According to madonnatribe, Madonna's back ctalogue was being remixed in 5.1 surround! It was confirmed by a represantive from Warner Canada. If I know Madonna right, she listened to the mixes and said NO, and that was that. So there are probably surround mixes in the famous vault. Pity really that it didn't happen. Ray Of Light would be perfect in surround. Causing A Commotion is mixed in surround on the Who's That Girl dvd, but are there any other? Celebration is, as we all know, not a real surround mix. They just spread out the music over all the speakers. Anyway. That's what I want. Maybe for a future deluxe release? Surround mixes can be so wonderful. Just listen to some of them on Michael Jackson's dvd HIStory. Or Depeche Mode's Violator. It elevates the music...
  12. Celebration

    For some strange reason, the clip that Guy posted on his Youtube is silent, so here's an alternate footage of that powerful moment in Stockholm 2015 when 40.000 people joined Madonna in a moment of silence for the victims in Paris.
  13. Celebration

    I'd love to see Dolly Parton's Backwoods Barbie on pink vinyl, and all of Roxette's albums on vinyl. Or at least Room Service. That album is wicked! Maybe an RSD box with Madonna, containing her Interscope singles on 12". (hey, a guy can dream, can't he? )
  14. I love Record Store Day and don't mind standing in the cold for an hour to get this year's releases with Madonna. I'm totally fine with the records. You Can Dance on Red vinyl! Cool.
  15. Celebration

    Oh my God! That was so powerful! 40.000 people, and not a sound for a minute. You could have heard a pin drop. Beautiful. Respectful. Dignified.