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  1. DickTracy

    Wasn't there some rumor shenanigans about some sort of drag/crossdressing angle to Secret?
  2. DickTracy

    Right? My mind was blown when 4 Minutes came on the radio last year at work and the millennial kale shake girl knew all the words.
  3. DickTracy

    To me, the ‘dorky’ part of Devil Pray is a consequence of someone’s decision to take guitar driven folksy stuff and turn it into a mid tempo pop song. Kinda like Set The Right demo it’s so laid back and passionate but the released version is all beeps and bleeps, which is cool too i guess but the lyrics suit the acoustic setting imho. Voices too. She blew my mind with Gone it was almost all I ever wanted in one song. I could literally write for hours on end about the huge void in my life that is an acoustic, mature, almost adult contemporary Madonna album that features the best musicians and guitarists in the industry including or produced by Joe Henry. It just blows my mind she hasn’t done it yet. I will say again that JH replied once to me on Facebook that he is “ready whenever the Queen is ready”. I guess she isn’t ready cuz I’m sure she sees JH a few times every year or so due to the fam connection. He is like a talent magnet.
  4. DickTracy

    I'd like another song titled Freedom and Forbidden Love. For the 20s.
  5. DickTracy

    I wonder if she likes this comparison because the moth does what it wants to do without considering the consequences.
  6. Less than a week until MNEK live show in NYC

  7. DickTracy

    Best Night would have been a game changer. And she should've put Nicki or Drake on the remix, clean up that messy champagne caviar mess.
  8. DickTracy

    I was so with you until the album version of Wash All Over Me
  9. DickTracy

    Ray of Light had "world music influences"? LOL she did a whole song in another language on that album "Shanti/Ashtangi", even the silly Bollywoodesque high-pitched Om Shanti section. She did a song featuring the same word in several languages "Sorry". She did a song titled "Spanish Lesson". She has released songs featuring heavy usage of French and Spanish, also re-recorded two hits for Spanish language only. She gets bragging rights, in my opinion, because she has always been of and for the world in general. The public knows her "Queen of Reinvention" persona more than any of her sub-personas. If people give her shit with this new record, they will need to add an extra row at her concerts so they can all have several seats.
  10. After a long roadtrip with some great speakers, I now have a strong love for Aaron Lacrate's remix of Miles Away. This thing bumps!


  11. DickTracy

    I wanna post that I typed in Mfdonna (misspelled her name) by mistake on my iPhone and for some reason a post with a big “60 years old” and picture came up... is that some sorta internet algorithm ageism nonsense or what
  12. DickTracy

    Look at this love for Inside Out. Maybe her peeps will see this and we can get a tour version. 😻