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  1. I think she is referring to literal family fun and games on her birthday tbh.
  2. Strings sound great, Stones sounds like crap/not Mirwais, very basic sounding. Enough to make this fan happy tho thanx for sharing.
  3. DickTracy

    drowning in an ocean of looooooooooooooooooooooooveeeee....
  4. DickTracy

    I will rock I'm So Stupid over anything from MDNA and even Rebel Heart any day, gawd I love that track its like a punch to the face.
  5. If they do, I hope it is not like that miserable Macy Gray "duet" Leave Me Lonely from her last album. AG is pretty and likable but she is not a great singer nor performer IMHO.
  6. Lol remember Best Night Part 2 wasn't that made for Drake?
  7. For those into Diplo, Madonna apparently makes a cameo in his new short docu: https://hypebeast.com/2018/7/diplo-florida-to-california-documentary-justin-bieber-madonna
  8. DickTracy

    Secret (Some Bizarre Mix) remixed by Bizarre Inc., a bit of a change from the more NYC oriented remixes of the 90s. Apparently one of these guys is now part of Chicken Lips and Emperor Machine which is kinda cool. Frozen (Stereo MCs Mix) Stereo MCs had a string of hits including Connected and Step It Up, a strange collaboration but a funky remix indeed. I love The Head's vocals, its sad he didn't drop a verse but super funny that his only bit on this remix is when he says Madonna. Keep It Together (45 King Mix) Mark the 45 King was huge in hip hop with The 900 Number and production for Flavor Unit, Queen Latifah, alot of the late 80s/mid 90s NYC NJ rappers. Rain (Remix) completely reimagined backing track, more emphasis on one of the spoken segments. Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Mix) love the weird freestyle/breakbeat vibe of this along with Micronauts remix of Hollywood I always loved David's Love Dub mix of Deeper and Deeper, the way it stops and sort of melts amidst the organ.
  9. Speaking of Cyndi's techno mixes.... Cyndi-holics, did Prince Quick Mix provide just one remix of "You Don't Know" (the "Amped Up Pass")? Anyone have this as lossless/HD file? I have a terrible CDR rip from the 90s, been hoping to upgrade. I can only find evidence of the one mix on discogs, thought there were others by PQM. A strange combination, those two.
  10. Is this entire photoshoot available in color? Its one of my all-time favorites. Sidebar: LOVE "Beach I'm Madonna"
  11. He still claims, in the video, that the vocal is a re-recording of a friend of a friend that happened to sound like Madonna...? He says there was an original, unreleased version with her voice message.
  12. DickTracy

    Been on an MJ Cole desire lately