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  1. this is so funny and ironic. i like it.
  2. NowRadiate

    Say You Love Me is such a classic. Loved it from the first listen.
  3. NowRadiate

    Thank you babes.
  4. NowRadiate

    ew. sorry.
  5. NowRadiate

    i couldn't care less about demos. buying these items, asking for them, creating a demand - what does that say about you, about society? and then the judgement on top of it. my point is: being nosey with private stuff is not really "better" in any way. (also, how do you compare listening to demos with judging someone over their desire or hitting on somebody. beyond me.)
  6. NowRadiate

    buying these items although they were never meant to be public. don't know what to think about that. #judgemental
  7. i love it how the term "concept album" is brought up. essentially, any of her albums is a concept album. they all follow a concept/vision.
  8. NEVER heard of this before...
  9. NowRadiate

    The new song is good! Looking forward to what Orbit came up with for them.
  10. I agree, she had lots of personas who did not necessarily have a name. and i agree, breathless was definitely one of them.
  11. NowRadiate

    Will have to agree with this one. Especially true for Love Spent.
  12. NowRadiate

    sad! he produced a lot of great music.
  13. NowRadiate

    It's nice that he likes her but... he is so not funny...a bore.