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  1. NowRadiate

    She sold the house, apparently. David might not be doing the soccer thing there after all.
  2. NowRadiate

    And how do MTribe mods know?
  3. NowRadiate

    Eurovision has become better and better performance-wise. And it’s one of the campest things out there.
  4. NowRadiate

    There are some choices that she has made that I definitely don’t like but all in all, she doesn’t have to answer fans and pretend to succumb to their wishes. Especially as an artist. Fans don’t “own” their artist. At all.
  5. NowRadiate

    I agree with your post but this phrase caught my attention. That’s exactly what I was getting at. Everybody in our capitalist society is taught what you write there and is supposed to abide by it. It makes one think that any and all trade or service is subject to a “master and slave” dynamic and the duty to be diplomatic and “kiss the hand that feeds you”; a mindset very much alike the oppression in all sorts of organizations, church, cults, dictatorships etc. Art is different. Art is about self-expression and connection with the audience on many various levels, with no power play involved. Genuine thank yous are sweet but once they become a rule or duty, it’s about confinement. Real artists need to be free. Madonna is one of them, a free-thinker for the most part, and she had her struggles with it.
  6. NowRadiate

    Your dear begs to differ. Darling should ask himself/herself if saying “I fund you, thank me (bitch)” is a more polite attitude. Far from understanding artists.
  7. NowRadiate

    This is the attitude I don't understand. An artist is not your butcher around the corner, and neither does she owe her fans anything. Fans voluntarily buy and add funds to her account, as you put it. Nobody forces them to do so. She doesn't have to thank anyone.
  8. NowRadiate

    Maybe it was subversive to post the picture. Something like “You want me to be your brainless doll? I will give you the doll. In a picture.” It could be read in an ironic way?
  9. NowRadiate

    As much as I would love the same to happen, I think she and her team are too scared of an American Life part 2 syndrome happening again. I expect Madonna to be more indirect, general, vague, not so easy to interpret, as she also said in one of the interviews since Rebel Heart?
  10. NowRadiate

    Which mystique? In the age of Instagram/ Leaking demos and outtakes /internet ?
  11. NowRadiate

    Wouldn’t count on it.
  12. NowRadiate

    With the Patchouli scent, like the original.
  13. NowRadiate

    Best unreleased: the upcoming album.
  14. NowRadiate

  15. NowRadiate

    Oh the longing... ❤️