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  1. feehgarcia

    I'll try to! lol If this bitch don't record/release the residency I give up!!!!! lol There's NO EXCUSE this time.
  2. feehgarcia

    Citi Pre-Sale started! But a friend told me this is the same map they used for Britney;s DOMINATION shows... They did not updated the stage layout yet OR Janet will use Britney's stage?
  3. feehgarcia

    tell me about it.. I'm from Brazil, I bought tickets for 2 shows, flights, hotels.... Was ready to go and she cancelled. My financial life never recovered LOL I'll probably need a loan to fly to Vegas, but I can't miss this :/ Talk about Meet & Greet tickets already started... read somewhere they will cost U$1200 I'm screwed.
  4. feehgarcia

    YAAAAAAAAAS Getting a loan tomorrow! LOL I can't miss this.
  5. feehgarcia

    I LOVE those b-rolls <3 wish Janet had things like this leaked too :/
  6. feehgarcia

  7. and that was a short version... she performs more songs on the normal tour setlist (Runaway, DRM, I Get Lonely, All Nite...) but they had to cut some for the festival.
  8. Yes... Beyonce got her career from Janet and Tina Turner.
  9. feehgarcia

    That was ICONIC. I missed Rhythm Nation and All For You on the medley, but she was ON FIRE <3
  10. MY BODY IS READY! Come Through JJ! READY MORE: http://janetbr.com/english/made-now-janets-new-single-coming-friday/ –––– VIDEO SHOOT http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/made-for-now-music-video-2018/ SINGLE PROMO SHOOT http://www.janetbr.com/gallery/portfolio/made-for-now-promo-shoot-2018/
  11. feehgarcia

    THank u, guys! It means a lot
  12. Hey y'all! My name is Felipe and I'm a graphic designer from Brazil. I'm a newbie here but I want to share this with you. In the past weeks I found myself once again inspired by Madonna's music. It's been awhile since I felt something like that, than I decided to let it flow and this project was born. This book was 100% made by me: I reimagine all the visuals, typography and the concept behind "Rebel Heart". This is my vision of how the Rebel Heart Tour book could be like. Hope u like it! =P FULL PROJECT + PDF: www.behance.net/feehgarcia