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  1. Yes!!! I use the app and it's perfect because a lot of the time you can scan a barcode with your phone and it'll bring you straight to the release so you can see how much it goes for, if you need it, if it's supposed to have a picture sleeve, etc...
  2. brank000

    All of these vocals are in the album version. They layer different vocals on top of each other in album version to make the vocals sound stronger (kind of like how she sings over her album vocals on tour) and in this they didn't do that that's why it sounds different.
  3. the 4:48 version isn't the European one, it's the original album version that appeared on all of the first editions of the album (Canada and USA included). That said - when are we gonna get this version on CD?
  4. That's great! Thank you so much.
  5. I think the general consensus will continue to be that it's fake until someone shares their version with the roar. In my real life I have not yet come across anyone that has the roar on their copy of the CD or cassette.
  6. They are two different songs. Can't You See My Mind is a ballad.
  7. brank000

    It really depends on what you mean by release date. Singapore radio started playing it the last week of January in 1998 and then radio stations in europe started playing it a little after.
  8. brank000

    That was fun to watch. The Sooner or Later part always makes me laugh.