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  1. I don' know any of those people. But I was wondering... do they own the actual CD or just the files that's on the cd?
  2. Frozen reminds a lot the sounds of 'meltdown mix' and has alternate lyrics on the second verse. Since it's all pre-Orbit it doesn't have the electronic sounds we are all familiar with. A lot of percussions (conga drums?) Nothing Really Matters is upbeat from the beginning. It's like a stripped down version. The one we have on the album is much better in my opinion. Sky Fits Heaven has the same structure as well but again it's stripped down with less electronic sounds (kind of a more lounge version). Skin is exactly like Patrick Leonard's description. It's in fact very interesting but again the final version we have is unbeatable (one of my fave tracks from the album along with To Have And Not To Hold). Has to be is the one song from the CD that is a big revelation to me. But it's all a matter of taste. I do have a close friend that has the tracks. I made some search after I read this thread and I came across the older one where the original CD was for sale from Madonna Mania Memorabilia. I am NOT the owner of that store (I am the owner of the other Madonna store that's on eBay, so maybe some of the members here have bought collectibles from me) but I can 1000% guarantee you that he was selling the original CD that came straight from the company. I honestly don't know if there are more than one CDs out there (the people claiming to have it at Discogs have the actual CD or just the files?). The same goes for the Sex Book prototype that is for sale. It really is a prototype and not made in China as someone has suggested in the same thread (I do own that one but it's not for sale). The reason I'm telling you all this is because people making assumptions about a lot of stuff (it's natural) being fake. With all this technology everyone can create a fake item and try to pass it as original, promo etc. You see what's going on around. But the ROL demos & Sex book are the real deal. I was also recently informed by another collector that a Full Erotica album exists as an in-house picture disc and was given to very few Maverick people (extremely low quantities). I've never seen it myself, I never knew anything about it and I believe it can be true since the source has no reason to lie. I doubt we'll ever see one for sale ever and if we do... well, it will be for tens of thousands... As for the ROL demos, if it was me I would probably trade them with the unreleased tracks from Vision Quest, Desperately Seeking Susan, True Blue & Like A Prayer (if they actually exist in someone's collection) so I doubt people would just leak them since they are very valuable.
  3. As far as I can remember 'Be Careful' has similar instruments with the one we all know but completely different lyrics on the verses while 'Be Careful with my heart, you could break it' part is the chorus. Also, 'You'll Stay' is the 'Like A Flower' early version. I know I liked it much much better than Like A Flower, but that is a matter of taste. And 'Like A Flower you'll grow' words are never heard. The chorus was completely different. 'Never Love A Stranger' has very very similar instrumentation to 'Take A Bow' and Babyface is singing backing vocals (again in the style of TAB). 'I'll Be Gone' has nothing to do with 'Gone'. It's very Bedtime Stories r&b style with Babyface providing the backing vocals as well.
  4. @sbrombolessioHas to be (1/2) has additional lyrics and the whole song is only Piano, Stand Bass & light strings (synthesized?). It's like a cabaret song reminding the style of a stripped 'Something To Remember'. I have listened to the song and it's really beautiful. PS: I was just reading an older thread about the ROL Demo Assembly CD and people were implying this was fake. It wasn't. The CD is 100% legit (I DO NOT own the cd myself). I hope I was able to help with the description of Has To be. Surprisingly enough no leaks of the CD, not even for the 20th anniversary (!)
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